Thursday, May 8, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites - Week 12

Will this week be another blind side? Will Amanda rock it out this week and win Immunity? Please?

Amanda wastes no time in making sure that Cirie knows that she didn't have the Idol when she said she didn't have it.

In the morning, Natalie and Erik discuss the wisdom of getting rid of Amanda. Erik is sure there is another Hidden Immunity Idol. I don't think there will be another one placed because it has been played. I think it was a one time thing. I am really hoping to see a final 3 of Amanda, Parvati, and Erik. At least one of the fans should make it to the final 3. That said, I really think the Hidden Idol is out of play, and a trip to Exile now is going to be nothing but loneliness. I could be wrong. Time will tell.

Amanda, Cirie, and Parvati discuss how much they trust each other, and how Amanda needs to get Erik back on their side. She does this by telling him that she would bring him with her if she wins a reward that has a tag-along, and she wastes no time in talking strategy with him, half complimenting him here and there, and she might have gotten somewhere. We'll see.

Reward Challenge

It's a "How well do you know the past seasons" challenge, with food and rest and pampering as reward. And, I'm wrong. There is in fact another HII. Yipes!

On which season did a castaway have a pet snake? The answer is Pearl Islands, and the snake was Rupert's Balboa. I'd forgotten about that

On which season did a shark bite a survivor, and the survivor bit it back? That was on All-Stars, and it was Richard. I'd also forgotten about that.

On which season did a tribe member ask another member to pee on them? That was Marquesas, and it was my fellow Vermonter Kathy who did the peeing. (I sold her an omelette pan!! That is my brush with quasi-celebrity)

During which season did someone fall in the fire?
That would be Australia, and it was Mike. That was tragic.

During which season were the castaways first separated into four tribes? The answer is Exile Island, and Erik (superfan) won the Reward. I am not surprised.

He decided to send Parvati to Exile, and it seeems that Amanda's flattery worked. She's going with him on the Reward, and Natalie feels sunk.

Natalie is mad. She discusses her anger with Cirie. Cirie says "You should not feed and rest up the person you hope to beat at the next immunity challenge," and then she giggles in her confessional about seeing Natalie squirm.

Natalie says "If it looks like a rat, and smells like a rat..." and Cirie finishes the phrase with "Give it cheese!" Then the helicopter holding Erik and Amanda zooms overhead, and Natalie practically spits.

Erik says that he brought Amanda partially because he really likes Amanda, and he wanted to relax, and if he had brought Natalie, he doesn't think anything like relaxation would have happened. They certainly do get to relax! Erik is practically in rapture over his massage, and Amanda is shown getting a lovely flower-filled foot bath. Nice.

Erik says, during their meal, that it is time for him to step up, be an "ice cream man instead of an ice cream boy." That's quotable.

On Exile, Parvati is feeling really safe, and is just going to relax, and look for the idol if she feels like it. Because she feels so safe, I have a feeling that a change might be coming. Being all safe feeling usually spells doom.

Amanda and Erik return, and try to downplay their reward. Natalie starts hacking at things with the machete. Later, Natalie walks right up to Cirie and Erik while they are talking about strategy, and he doesn't keep his voice down at all. Whatever happened to scheming in the bushes? Seriously. Natalie is even more angry now. She's practically breathing fire.

Cirie wastes no time in bringing the conversation up with both Amanda and Natalie. Erik had better win Immunity, or he is so out. Does he not think that telling everyone what they want to hear is going to get back to them? Amanda calls him on it, and he admits it was not smart.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is all about puzzle solving and navigation. Since I can get lost if you spin me around real quick, this would be a bad challenge for me. They have to dig according to coordinates, and then solve puzzles with the pieces buried there. Erik and Parvati are the first digging, then everyone else gets theirs. Erik solves his first puzzle first, then Cirie. Natalie lags behind the others getting her first bag up. Erik is the first to dig up his second bag, solves the puzzle readily, and continues on to his third group of coordinates. He's got a huge lead, and Parvati isn't even trying. Erik wins Immunity, and he is safe. That's lucky for him, because his strategy needs some work.

So what's going to happen now? I really hope that Amanda pleads her case with him to stay. Although, I don't think they have the numbers to vote her out. Cirie and Parvati are ostentiably with Amanda, so Natalie and Erik are both in trouble. I hope that it's Natalie gone. She's got some good quotes, but that's about it.

Back at camp, the girls are scheming about how they might be able to get rid of Erik. Cirie comes up with the genius plan. "I wonder if he would give the necklace to Nat?" They talk about it, and Natalie says "Who would believe that? I feel stupider just talking about it." Still, they decide to give it a try. Parvati says "Ozzy, Jason, and Erik. He deserves to be in that group."

At first, he is totally against giving up the necklace. Natalie says it's all for the jury votes. He decides to talk to Cirie, and she says it's all about him being trustworthy. Cirie brings up to Amanda that she and Parvati have to slam him at Tribal, and that it would push him into the so-called alliance with Nat and Cirie. Erik wants to know why they can't vote for Parvati in case she has the HII and gives it to Amanda. Cirie tells Natalie that she will do anything she can to get him to give up that necklace, and pull the "Ultimate Jedi Mind Trick."

Let's see if it worked.

Tribal Council

Right off, Parvati and Amanda slam into him, so that part of the plan is in play. Erik is feeling totally attacked, with good reason. The way he is talking, the wheedling may have worked. He talks all about how he needs to make a show of faith and wants to redeem himself.

AND IT WORKED. Natalie is given the necklace, the jury practically falls over, Eliza's eyes popping out of her head. When Erik goes up to vote, Parvati gives Natalie a little kiss. This is insane. Parvati, casting her vote for Erik, says, "You're Crazy. You will Officially go down as the dumbest survivor in history." This is so insane. Three weeks in a row, complete blindsides. I can't believe he fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

As the votes are read, Erik looks chastened, and when Erik is voted off, James raised his hands and said "I have ended my reign as the dumbest survivor ever." ha ha. Jeff says, "I think that is what as known as a life lesson." Ice cream scooper boy is still a boy, his attempt at manhood completely snuffed out at it's first lick of flame.

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