Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 5/20/08

This week starts out with the decision on who to send over to the Blue team. Corey wants Jen gone so she can take charge of the Red Team. Jen says she doesn't trust Corey's opinion. In the end, though, she decided to move over anyway, claiming that the red team is safe, and she's not a safe chef, so she wants to show her chops and make them win. We'll see how that goes.

The Challenge is all about using what you have. They have 20 items to make 4 dishes, using only item only once. The Red Team quickly divides things up and writing everything down to be sure they are doing well. The Blue Team (and Jen) are not nearly as good.

Then Matt cut off the tip of his finger. According to Christina, he took off a good half inch of his finger. ick. The women take over his dish and then Ramsey brings up the good point of "where'd the finger go?" Um... in the pancetta? (All together now - ewwwwwwwwwwwwww). The matter is dropped, and then Matt returned! That's more than I would have expected from him.

The Blue kitchen is not communicating at all, and people are using the same ingredients, which is against the rules. Come plating time, Louross didn't get the veal on the plate, and then Jen told him to lie and say he rendered the veal in the sauce. Ugh.

Both Christina's stuffed snapper and Petrozza's crab with onion souffle go over well, and he calls it a draw. Matt left the liver in his quail, and Jen wins that round with hers.

Corey's lemon chicken with artichokes is called plain. Bobby made a walnut encrusted buffalo mozzerella chicken with a balsalmic glaze and Ramsey says it's horrendous, and Corey wins that round.

Rosann's veal is not that great, and Louross' snapper is good, but where's the veal? He at least owns up to not having all the ingredients. Jen says that the surf and turf was his idea, which it wasn't.

I am glad that he didn't lie, but I was upset that he didn't use the veal. It was right there.

The Red team wins, and they get an interview with In Touch Magazine. Matt is way too excited about an interview with a kind of woman-centric magazine. Oh well. The girls clean up really nice, and Matt still looks like a schmo.

The Blue team has to do laundry all day. Jen is pissy and is blaming Louross. I wonder what she thinks would have happened if he had lied and Chef had realized it (because he would have)? That would have been just as bad, or worse. Probably worse.

Dinner service is on, and Jen is really annoying and bickering with Louross. The Red team is feeling copacetic. Matt is seeming happy and contented. Jen claims that the Blue team is bonded and working together as a team, but ... I didn't see it.

This dinner service is going to include secret food critics. The critics will be comparing the two kitchen's dishes. Very cool. Corey and Christina sends out their appetizers very quickly, and the critics seem to like them a lot. The blue teams scallops are slower, but also go over well. Matt's fillets are no good, all different sizes. Ramsey tells him off about that, and he says "Let's wake up, guys, especially me!"

Over in the Blue Kitchen, Jen tells Petrozza not to cut the steak because there is three minutes left before he's going to be plating it, and Ramsey says he deserves to lose for that. Petrozza claimed that he "couldn't help himself" from cutting into it. Boo, Petrozza.

Christina tries to serve half burned salmon, and then has issues getting new salmon out. Ramsey tells he to "shut up, from the bottom of my heart." He then calls her a lazy cow. The critics don't love it. Louross' salmon is next and it gets better reviews from the critics.

The Red tema is behind, and Rosann is not communicating, and burning veggies. She's running out of her veggies. Chef Ramsey is bashing his head into the wall.

The Blue team is rolling now, and Petrozza calls them "Super Blue."

Matt is trying to serve raw beef, and he loses it. His good attitude and good cooking didn't last long at all. He burns it next, and that is the last straw for Ramsey, who shuts down their kitchen with a fire burning on the stove. Ugh.

The Blue gets to finish, and Jen did a little dance of joy. She squealed.

To me, it's either Matt or Rosann going this week. During judgement, Matt put on his sad muppet face, and Corey is chosen as the best of team, before Ramsey tells them to piss off. Corey chooses Matt and Rosann, and Ramsey wants Christina in there, too. Corey said that she "never wanted to work with Rosann during service ever again." He put her back in line first, then kicked her out. He likes to play mind games, that Ramsey.

I probably would have booted Rosann, too.

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