Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No more Moonlight, But the Mother will have another season to be met...

Oh, I am about to cry here. Moonlight is canceled. Can't a sci-fi show stay safe on a Friday night at 9 PM on network television? Dark Angel (which jumped the shark horrendously with the "I can't touch my boyfriend or I'll die" storyline), Firefly (though it was resurrected in a fabulous movie), Threshold. . . and now Moonlight.

At least Doctor Who is on BBC/sci-fi.

Wiping my tears. I'll get by. Somehow.

On a happy note, How I Met Your Mother was finally picked up. That cheers me somewhat. Now, please, no more Brittney Spears, m'kay?

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JenFen said...

I am really happy that How I met your Mother got renewed. I am however, VERY upset that ABC canceled October Road. I know it was not very well liked by many - fine. I just wish they would have told them beforehand so they could have given us a series finale and tied up the whole "Who is Sam's father" storyline. Sigh!