Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amazing Race - 10.5.08

Phil reminds viewers that the teams landed in Salvador, Brazil last time.

Hey, more fun, Sarah and Terence had a meltdown again at the pit stop. These two are newly dating, and I really get a super creepy vibe from Terence. He's really controlling and doesn't want Sarah to talk to anyone else? What is that all about? That sounds like a disfunctional relationship from the get go.

The teams have to fly to Fortaleza, Brazil, 640 miles away. They have to fly there, then travel by taxi to a small town and find their next clue.

Nick and Starr are first to the airport, followed by Ken and Tina. Next come the happy couple Terence and Sarah, and Terence pouts about getting hit in the head by the hatchback of the cab. He flipped out at Sarah because she didn't see the cut, and then, in the cab, made her not only clean it off ("I want my head to be clean.") but blow on it before putting a band aid on. Seriously? I'm at a loss for words.

Mark and Bill are off next, with much less drama. After them, I lost track of what the order was after that.

As the teams get to the airport, they search desperately for flights. Ken and Tina, Nick and Starr, and Terence and Sarah appear poised to get on a first flight, but then Tina did some schmoozing at the airport and the airline skipped to a larger plane. Since the plane is bigger, all of teams got on the first flight. Tina made sure that everyone knew that she was responsible for the larger plane. That's annoying, and possibly not true. Marisa and Brooke give out candy for helpful and cute boys. Tina then cut in line after not waiting at all, because she is so sure it is her doing that got the bigger plane. Terence got pissy about it, of course. What I find hilarious is that they are fighting about the order they are getting on the same plane.

In the end, Terence and Sarah got out of the plane and into a cab first. Hilariously, Ken and Tina and Nick and Starr are last to get cabs.

Once they get to the little town, they have to take Dune Buggies to the Barraca D Manuel, where a vendor will give them their next clue. They don't have to drive the dune buggy themselves, so they just have to enjoy it.

Stephanie and Anthony have the first "wow, we aren't so bad off ourselves" epiphany, when faces with the poverty in Brazil. Marisa and Brooke simply enjoy the cute boys on the beach.


Beach It - travel by dune buggy to a beach, choose a two man crew, and get a traditional Brazilian boat into the water by a traditional method using logs and a lot of muscle.

Docket - travel by dune buggy to a shipyard, and search for a specific container by serial code number.

Kelly and Christy and Dallas and Toni choose Beach It. Mark and Bill go to Docket, because they are self-professed geeks. Nick and Starr go for Beach It, and Marisa and Brooke start to shun heavy work and go for Docket, but then decide to go for Beach It when they see the boats - or possibly cute boys who could be their crew. Not sure which. Ken and Tina Beach It, and Andrew and Dan and Aja and Ty follow suit.

Mark and Bill handily locate their serial number in the computer, and head out to grab their clue in the shipyard. They quote Yoda, and I love them a little. It took them a while to find their container, but they found it and were off.

Terence yells at Sarah in the Beach It challenge because she is tired, and he blames her exhaustion on the fact that she did pushups in the morning. The Frat Boys are ridiculous and try jumping on the boat instead of actually doing the work. That didn't last long.

Terence and Sarah, tragically, finish the Detour first. The next step in the leg is to travel by designated taxi to Parque dr Vaquejada. Nick and Starr get the next one. Terence and Sarah, happily, headed off in the wrong direction for the taxis. Christy and Kelly throught they needed a container from the boat, because they got confused about the other detour, and they spent some time digging at the beach. Meanwhile, others went right along. Tina balked at crossing a swampy area and bitched at Ken a little.

Searching for taxis in the wrong place, Terence suggested stopping for ice cream. Man, he is a moron. Other teams in taxis are passing them, and Tina wanted Ken to stop to help them, but Ken refused. Dallas and Toni took pity on them and told them where to get the taxi.

Creepiness ensued when Terence started complaining about the taxi's location, and Sarah asked him to give her something she could control, and he said "Your love for me?" He gives me the heebies.

The Frat boys came in next, and Kelly and Christy finally gave up their digging and went on to the taxis. The Blondes narrowly edged out Stephanie and Anthony, who got last place in this detour. Terence and Sarah managed to get into a taxi finally right before Stephanie and Anthony.

The taxis waited while the teams got their next clue.

Roadblock: In Plain Sight

One team member must search on a 600 foot wall of writing for the name of their next destination, Cidade Da Crianca. They must supply the correct name to a painter, who will give them their clue.

Mark and Bill were very clever, writing down all the names of places on the wall, and brought that right to the painter. Tina caught onto this technique. I'm surprised she didn't try to pass the idea off as her own.

Mark and Bill finished first, and they have to go to the Pit Stop, at Cidade Da Crianca. Because she piggybacked on Mark and Bill's idea, Ken and Tina got their clue second.

Kelly and Christy didn't have their taxi wait, and they have another mishap in clue reading.

Ken and Tina take first in this leg, and win an offroad vehicle each. Mark and Bill take second.

Even more creepiness before Sarah did the Roadblock, Terence (aka Mr. Sensitivo, according to Sarah) insisted on a kind of creepy kiss before letting her go. Though Christy and Kelly got their clue next, they seemingly had no way of getting to the pit stop because they let their taxi go. Many of the teams made the challenge much harder than it needed to be, looking for color coding and secret clues. Nick offered to help Sarah (according to her), and then left her, and she declared him to be her enemy.

Annoyingly, Terence and Sarah took third place at the pit stop. Aja and Ty came in fourth, with Dallas and Toni coming in fifth. Terence and Sarah declare their love for Dallas and Toni for helping them.

Nick promised to help Frat Boy, and then took off and did not help him. Christy and Kelly finally figured out that their taxi was right next door the whole time. and the Blonde despaired of thinking, horribly mangling the Spanish and finally getting the clue.

Nick and Starr came in sixth, followed by Kelly and Christy, then the Frat Boys, followed by Marisa and Brooke, leaving Stephanie and Anthony to be eliminated. We hardly knew ye.

Still really disliking Ken and Tina, and seriously, I sense Future Stalker in Terence. *shudder*


Anonymous said...

My DVR only recorded half the show, so thank you!!! for the detailed analysis. Terence is a freak, definitely stalker material. Run, Sarah, run!

Ed said...

I watched for a bit; tuned in to hear Kelly and Christy, in unison, say that they need to read the clues. Then I watched them let their cab drive away. Hmm.