Thursday, October 23, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.23.08

Post-Tribal, Fang headed back and Ace bragged in confessional about having Sugar in his pocket and needing a Benedict Arnold to get things moving in his way. The next morning, Matty said he dreams every night about food, his dog, and his girlfriend. In that order? I don't know. He is looking for a "legitimate, logical, reasonable plan" to hop on board with. Ding ding ding ding ding. Cut to a chat between Matty and Ace. Matty wants to have Ken in his corner, and Ace wants Sugar. Ace claims that he will swear on his mother's life, and Matty swore on his girlfriend. Ugh. Ace claimed that his mother is his best friend, and Matty is feeling romantic and says his girl is his everything and his driving force.

Who will break the pact first, do you think?

Over at Kota, Bob is concerned that Dan is eating a whole lot more than anyone else. Even if they have a lot of food, this is not ok. Corinne is also not happy about the disparity in rations. Strife amongst the tribe o' plenty.

Fang is not doing so well on food. They have very little rice left. About 6 day's worth left. Ken said he was concerned about rationing from day one, when people were spilling it and leaving it uneaten. Meanwhile, Ace makes a play for the Idol. Ace told Sugar that he is 90% sure that she has the idol, and he managed to convince her to give him the idol "for safe keeping." She says in confessional, "He may be a snake, but he's my snake." Ace in confessional is feeling pretty sure of himself, and is interrupted by a passing elephant in the water behind him. Cool.

Time for a Reward Challenge.

Each tribe will be tethered to a 20-foot long 200 lb snake. They have to chase the other tribe's snake. People can drop out if needed. They have to catch one member of the other tribe. The reward is pastry and coffee - a coffee press so they can keep making coffee as long as they have grounds presumably.

And they are off! Corinne sits out.

I am really hoping that Fang wins. They need the food. I don't see it happening, though. Sugar and Kenny drop out, followed by Susie on Kota's side. Olympian Crystal is showing some strength, but only shortly before dropping out. It's down to Matty and Ace, versus the foursome of men on Kota - Bob, Randy, Marcus, and Charlie. They tried valiantly, but it wasn't even a close match. Bob stayed in the whole time and deserves some admiration for that. Fang begged for some samples and they were denied. Sugar is sent back to the Sugar Shack. She is not so happy about it this time because she is feeling guilty about all the food she has available to her while her tribe is starving.

Crystal called Randy a troll who was just mean and ugly under the bridge, because he was mocking her disappointment at losing constantly. No sweet happiness at any merge reunification there. Charlie has a plan of equal division of the pastries so that Dan doesn't eat more than his share. Randy thinks that Dan is getting on everyone's nerves and observes that he needs to slowly distance himself from Dan in order to last for longer. He tries to goad Dan into eating more than his share of pastry, but is unsucessful.

Back at Fang, there is more discontent because people are hungry and sad. Crystal is not doing well with losing, and Kelly says "personally, I think her personality just sucks." Crystal goes out in search of Kelly in the woods and tells her not to take her tears as a sign of weakness. In confessional, Kelly says she absolutely sees it as a sign of weakness, especially crying in front of the other tribe.

At Kota, there is a big turtle in their fishing net. Everyone is excited about the delicacy of delicious turtle. I feel a little badly for the turtle, because they are cute, but I don't blame them for noshing on it. I would too in their situation.

Time for an Immunity Challenge, with a starving Fang vs a well-fed Kota... I'm not feeling optimistic for Fang.

Each tribe will be split into pairs, who will be connected by ropes. The first pair needs to crawl under a cargo net, race into the jungle, and get a pair of flagpole pieces. The second pair will do the same with an added obstacle. The third pair adds anothe obstacle. The first tribe to get their flag pole together correctly and raise their flag wins immunity.

First pair for Fang is Sugar and Kelly. For Kota, it's Bob and Randy. Kelly and Sugar are off to a very good start. Bob catches Kota up when he is faster than Sugar at untying a knot. Sugar and Kelly get back really slowly, letting Corinne and Charlie get a really good head start against Ace and Crystal. Kota gets their pole pieces quickly, and then they have a lot of making up to do to catch up. In the end, they almost make it up. Dan and Marcus head out for Kota, and Matty and Kenny race to catch Fang up. Matty and Kenny are lightening fast and it's head to head. They take the lead and Ken makes short work of the knot and they are off. It's a tight race, with Fang taking the lead by a small margin going into the final crawl. Now it's a matter of getting the flagpole puzzle together. Ace takes charge in Fang, pushing everyone else aside, and Kota works together nicely, which is a better plan, and Ace loses the challenge for Fang. Kota wins, after a good fight.

I really dislike Ace.

Probst warns the defeated Fang that if they continue to play like individuals instead of like a tribe, they will continue to lose. Wise words, Probst, wise words. In confessional, Crystal calls Ace a tyrant. Got that? Randy = Troll, Ace = Tyrant.

Ace is out to get Kelly out. Matty wants to flush the idol out. Ace assures him that the idol won't be a problem.

Crystal has other plans. She wants to blindside Sugar. Matty doesn't agree, and Crystal says she wants Ace out of the game, and he says there is no way they will win challenges without him. Crystal brings up the very valid point that they haven't won with him. True enough. Crystal tries to get Ken to blindside Ace. Ken brings it up to Matty, who says there is no way that is going to be his vote. Ken went to talk with Sugar. Sugar tells Ken that she gave the idol to Ace, and he is flabbergasted. Sugar went and took the Idol back (without asking) upon Ken's very good advice to always keep the idol with her.

This could be an exciting Tribal. Will they off Ace?

Probst welcomes Fang back to the familiar Tribal Council, and Matty says the tribe is cursed. Kelly says that their problem is lack of teamwork. Crystal said that she felt pushed aside by Ace in the flag assembly. Ace says that they didn't come together as a group, and he actually takes some of the blame (though he didn't sound sincere). Kelly calls Crystal out for crying, and Crystal got very defensive about it, saying that she wouldn't understand because she came from a winning tribe. Kelly tries to say that Ace also said that he saw weakness in Crystal, and he claims that he said no such thing. Kelly says that she can't believe a word Ace says, and he snaps back that he would be surprised if she understood a word he says. Ouch. Even Sugar looked surprised at that attitude.

Votes go towards Kelly, although she voted for Crystal, and Ace survives another week. Hopefully they get him out soon. I don't see Crystal as any prize, but at least she's not flat out annoying. Probst says that this was the first Tribal he saw passion in, and hopes that is what they have been missing.

Next time, both tribes are voting people out. Lots of names were thrown around in the previews. Who knows what will happen?

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Ed said...

As odd as it sounds, I would almost bet on Matt breaking the pact with Ace first. Don’t get me wrong, after the immunity challenge Ace lost a lot of cool points with me. I guess my reasoning is that Ace needs Matt more than Matt needs Ace.

Besides befriending Ace, here's the mistake Sugar's making; she should have four idols in her pocket. I'd be willing to bet that they've replaced the one that she found, and if she found that one, they’d replace it as well.

Crystal is dead-on as far as her opinion of Randy. I don’t like that cat. There’s something to be said for wining graciously. I cannot stand a bad winner. /rant.

I was rooting for Fang last night too, I’m curious to see the real dynamics of Koto and how strong the Onion alliance is. Besides, I don’t want it to come down to another Stephanie situation, where she was the last remaining member of her tribe. There’s only one Stephanie...