Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.2.08

Will Fang continue their losing streak?

Well, they are feeling pretty good about their ouster of Gillian, and GC seems completely inept at breaking a small branch. Randy declares that the whole tribe is stupid, so maybe Michelle had a point.

Day 7, and Fang is halfway through their rice because they have been eating 3 meals a day. Man. That's what I call bad planning. Randy tries to convince them to cut down to 2 meals, and GC is upset about the idea. Randy says (in confessional) that GC is the cancer of the tribe because he won't listen to anything. GC accuses Randy of trying to be a leader, and he denies it, and GC bitches at him about it. Very annoying.

Over on Kota, Marcus catches some fish, and Charlie contemplates his onion alliance. Paloma and Kelly don't like Ace, who is bonding with Sugar. Sugar hopes that Ace can take care of her and be a strong ally.

Tree mail time, and the reward challenge seems to be about comfort. Ace wants people to not worry so much about winning this one, and advises to keep the stronger people for the immunity challenge.

Reward Challenge time.

One member of each tribe will be stationed at a post, and two people from the other tribe will run out and try to dislodge the person on the post and drag them back across a line. They can swap positions in each round. The first tribe to get two people beyond their line wins. The reward is blankets, a hammock, pillows, and a mat, and the chance to send someone from the losing team to Exile.

Ken is sitting out for Fang, and Corrine, Jacquie, and Kelly are sitting out for Kota (they have to be even, women to men, in this challenge). The first post people are Ace and Dan. Ace yawns cockily. I hope GC and Matty take him down. Charlie and Marcus are the attackers from Kota. GC and Matty can't get Ace off the post, and meanwhile, Marcus and Charlie take Dan down. GC gave up at the end.

Susie and Paloma are on the posts next, and Bob and Sugar are attacking for Kota with Crystal and Randy attacking for Fang. Paloma never stood a chance.

For the final round, Ace and Dan are back on the posts, with Marcus and Bob attacking for Kota, with Crystal and Matty attacking for Fang. Crystal and Matty and Marcus and Bob are neck and neck. Crystal did some great dragging and helps Fang win their first Challenge. They send Sugar to Exile.

Fang is excited about finally winning something, but Kota (mainly Ace) is not upset about losing. Ace has a bullseye on Paloma.

Over at Exile, Sugar does some Idol searching (opting wisely out of comfort), but freaks out about bugs. She freaked out more in confessional because she really hopes that Survivor helps her get where she needs to be in life, emotionally. (Her father passed away 7 months ago).

She finds the second clue in the sandy crater, and finds the next clue high in a tree. She goes off in search of burnt wood and gets the next clue, which tells her she has to wade through water and she does some good wading, and finds the idol! I think that Sugar just earned a lot of respect in my eyes. She did way better than Dan did. Good for her. Just hope she doesn't use it to save Ace or something stupid like that.

Back at camp, Bob talks to Ace about how either Sugar or Paloma needs to be the first to go, and Ace thinks that they should keep Sugar because Ace likes her. Bob went to Corrine, who made her move to bring him into the Onion alliance. Nice move. Will the Hidden Idol come into play?

With tree mail come their swim suits. It's bikini time in Gabon.

Immunity Challenge

One at a time, the Survivors have to launch themselves down slippery slides and into the water. They will then swim out to retrieve numbered tiles. A puzzle solver will then solve a math problem to raise a flag and win immunity.

Paloma and Sugar sit out.

Crystal and Kelly go down first, and Crystal has a height advantage to get her tiles without even swimming. Susie is out next, followed by Corrine. Susie heads back while Corinne makes up time and passes her. GC and Charlie are up next, and Kota pulls ahead. Jacquie and Randy go next, and Ace cockily does tricks on the slide, flipping. Kota is one whole package ahead.

I have to think that Bob has the advantage over Ken doing the puzzle, but I could be wrong. They are both working hard on the puzzle, but Bob's first attempt is wrong, as is Ken's. Amazingly, Ken's second attempt is right when Bob's is not, and Fang wins immunity. Good for them. This could get interesting.

Sugar makes the blunder of telling Ace that she has the idol, and he claims that it is "theirs" and they will dominate the game. Ace has it out for Paloma.

Paloma goes to Corinne about how much she mistrusts Ace, and Corinne admits in confessional that she isn't even sure that Ace's accent is real. Corinne then goes to Charlie about possibly getting rid of Ace.

Time for Tribal to see how it all shakes down.

Paloma can't disguise her dislike for Ace, and Kelly can't come up with a decent reason that Ace is an assett to tribe, but just says that he is condescending. Ace doesn't even have his bags with him. I hope he gets voted off for that alone.

The Hidden Immunity Idol remains hidden.

Paloma's cuteness and attempts at scheming did not save her. Cocky Ace remains. Oh well. Give it time.

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Ed said...

Every time a tribe has hinted at throwing a challenge, that tribe ends up losing three or four in a row. Not a good strategy, because you give the other tribe more than a win, you give them confidence.

I didn't realize that the person exiled had a map. Dan, you had better be a STRONG player, or have a good alliance...

I’m not as mad at Ace as some of his tribe-mates seem to be, and I understand that you want to stay strong until the merge. That being said, they’d better get rid of him while they have the numbers, or else he’s going to keep on hangin’ on. I’d be willing to bet that he finds a way to weasel the immunity away from Sugar; he’s already verbalized possession of it.