Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.16.08

In the pre-show recap by Probst, there was a lot of what seemed like anger or disbelief from him at Fang's actions. Back at camp, Fang is making some fire, and Ace's accent is coming and going. Has he just been in the states for a long time and it isn't very strong, or is he faking it?

Sugar made a big mistake when she admitted that she had spent the past three days in the "Sugar Shack." She tried to back track and say that she gave up after three clues the first time, and didn't even try this time, but Crystal for one isn't buying it. Not a sweet move, Sugar.

The next morning over at Kota, there was a very good fish catch, and they caught a little electric fish! Very neat. The other fish were tilapia. Yum yum yum. Randy is feeling very comfortable about the new tribe, and vows to adapt to fit into the tribe.

There is an elephant over at Fang! Matty saw it first (or possibly a cameraman did). Matty looked like a kid who had just found candy, he was kind of cute. There was a great moment of the whole tribe just enjoying the nature and the power of the beast, with GC looking a little less than thrilled. Everyone else just seemed to be taking it in. Ace and Matty decided to take a kayak over to see it more closely. GC wants them to leave the elephant along, and I would tend to agree. Not the smartest move to taunt/surprise a giant beast. Still they survived unscathed, and maybe the experience will energize them.

It's time for an Reward Challenge! Each tribe will have a large pile of fruit, which they will toss through holes in walls to tribe members, while members of the other tribe try to whack the fruit with sticks. If fruit hits the ground, it cannot be picked back up. Fruit will be collected at the end of the coarse, and the tribe with the most fruit wins. The Reward is an extensive herb garden, salt, oil, and whatever fruit they catch. I don't know that I would call peppers herbs, but I think I saw some in there.

For Fang, Crystal is wielding a club, along with Ace. For Kota, Bob and Charlie are the batters. GC did some ineffectual throwing, with Bob clobbering the fruit easily. Fang has an easy lead, with Ace doing excellent goal work on the other side. Crystal is pretty awful at the defense, and Kota makes a good move of throwing two fruits at the same time, which works pretty well. Ace managed to block both pieces by using his face once. Not the neatest effort, but it worked.

Fang ended up with 16 lbs of fruit, and Kota edged Fang out by 2 lbs. I felt bad for poor Fang. They worked so hard. Kota sent Sugar again, and Dan claimed that it was "no strategy, pure comedy," but then admitted that they think she'd have to use the Idol before the merge, and they want it back in circulation. Way to assume alliances there, Kota.

Kota gleefully enjoyed their herb garden and other spoils, and Dan entreatied everyone to stick together post-merge, calling their tribe the "Evil Empire." I guess it's catchier than the Onion Alliance, but not everyone is buying it. Marcus says that Dan is too eager, and Susie is too quiet and not on board with anything. Marcus is not confident in the Evil Empire.

Enjoying their fruit while Randy took a swim, they look to be sitting pretty.

Also sitting pretty is Sugar. There is lots of fruit (now I want some pineapple and mango pretty desperately. Dang HD) and she is thrilled to be back at the Sugar Shack.

GC continues to bristle at anyone telling him what to do, and bitches when Crystal tells him to eat his rice and shut up. He needs to go. He claims that Crystal is the annoying one, but he is really almost unbearable. Ace is excited to see the cracks in Fang, and he is waiting to exploit them.

When it is time to leave for the Immunity Challenge, GC took off in the boat by himself. Kelly wondered if he had "like, been eaten by a monkey, Dude." Crystal rightly is fed up with GC, saying that he is simply throwing tantrums. The pouting GC returned just barely in time for the challenge, but not excited about it at all. I wouldn't put it past him to throw the challenge so he goes home. I don't understand people who go into this game and don't give it their all. It is insulting to all the people who applied and didn't get chosen. I know it's got to be tough out there, but buck it up and deal. Seriously.

The Immunity Challenge consists of one tribe member throwing a giant stick-made ball (like a tiny Atlas Sphere) down a hill through a series of obstacles. There is a blindfolded blocker at the end, aided by a caller, and they are trying to block the balls from scoring, or at least from getting into high scoring goals. It's like Jungle Plinko.

Defender for Fang is Ace, with Sugar as caller. Kota's defender is Dan, aided by Randy as caller. The others take turns launching balls. Kota easily scores 2, and Fang scores 5, as the Defenders are literally running around blind. Sugar missed calling Ace back to the ball, and Kota scored another 2 points in the second round. Dan stopped his own Tribe's ball, and Fang scored another 2 points. Dan caught the next ball, and Ace got whacked in the face by his shield and allowed 2 more points to score. Dan easily caught the next ball, and Ace listened to Randy calling to him instead of Sugar (because they sound so much alike), while Sugar is silent, and Kota won immunity.

Defeated, Fang returned to their cursed camp. GC told Matty he is ready to leave the game. Everyone seems happy to vote him out, but then a sneaky Crystal dug in Sugar's bag and found the Idol. Ken, Crystal, Kelly, and Matty discuss blindsiding her. I have problems with people snooping in other people's bags, but that idol isn't that big, you'd think Sugar could keep it in her bra.

At Tribal, the wear and tear is brought up, and it is admitted that GC wants to go home. Crystal is looking smug when Sugar says it could possibly be her, and then Sugar says it doesn't surprise her that people go through bags, and admitted that she left her bag out where anyone could get it. I kind of dislike Crystal a little for the look that she had, and for looking through a bag. And again, I think it was idiotic of Sugar to leave her bag out in the open. Amazingly, after Crystal all but admitted that she went through Sugar's bag ("It's crazy to leave your bag unattended."), Sugar neglects to play the idol. Turns out it was a good move, because there was not one vote for her, and GC left the game. I will not miss him.

I am not sure where I stand with Sugar and Crystal. At this point, I think I am liking Sugar more than Crystal, even though neither of them has proven particularly useful in challenges. You'd think the former Olympian would be able to bring more to the table. Maybe the real reason she hasn't brought up her Olympic medal is because she isn't actually very good (anymore). Makes you wonder.

Looks like Ace is going to try to weasle the Idol away from Sugar next week. I hope that she doesn't fall for it. I'd love to see her outlast him.

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Ed said...

GC is a quitter and needed to go. I don't care if you're losing, at least try; don't just give up. While I can see trying to flush out the idol, Matt was right to stand his ground and say that he was voting for GC. His attitude (GC’s) is poisonous in a team environment. 15 days and the game has already beaten you down? Come on, man.

Sugar lost a lot of point with me last night, but it’s not entirely her fault. She didn’t have the voice to be out there trying to maneuver Ace around in the challenge. In fact, she would have been the last person I would have picked to yell. Maybe there was some strategy that they didn’t want a guy because it’d be hard to distinguish the two voices, but when Randy told Ace to freeze, and he did, Ace had to know that wasn’t Sugar yelling at him.

She’s either playing Ace, or Ace is playing her. Editing does wonders in this game, but if she gives Ace that idol, it will be the biggest mistake of the season. I’m right with you when you say you want her to outlast Ace.

Marcus and his onion alliance is quietly getting stronger, I think. Him telling Dan to throw two fruit at the same time was the key to them winning that challenge. He’s a smart one. The true test of the alliance will, of course, be when (if) they lose an immunity challenge.