Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Project Runway: 10/1/08

Down with Kenley!!!

Now that's off my chest, let's see what the designers are up to this week. Even Leanne is sick of Kenley's attitude. Kenley thinks that it's Leanne's fault that she bombed on last week's challenge, claiming that "she made it look like a fool's outfit."

No, Kenley, you did that all by yourself.

Jerell is lonely as the only man left, and he has made friends out of apples and oranges and syrup bottles. It's funny to watch, as he plays with them, calling them by ousted men's names, but if this goes on any longer, I worry for his sanity.

Heidi is in a crazy short - and none too flattering - leopard print dress. It's the first outfit of hers that I didn't like at all. To find out their challenge, they head out for a fieldtrip with Tim. Kenley hopes that the challengs is in her comfort zone. Since I doubt they are designing for the cast of a remake of I Love Lucy, I doubt she'll get her wish.

They end up at the botanical gardens, which is gigantic and gorgeous. They meet with Collier Strong, the makeup artist for L'oreal Paris. The challenge is to create an evening gown using nature as their muse. They have cameras to record their observations, and an hour to take pictures and wander around the gardens. What fun!

Jerell got into taking pictures with joy, and Leanne freaks out about bees (after tonight's Pushing Daisies, I appreciate bees even more), but then finds some great flowers. Korto says that she is looking forward to using some colors that could have been found in Kenyan flora. Kenley is just about in heaven because she loves garish prints and colors.

They have half an hour to choose a picture to use as their inspiration, and then off to Mood. Everyone seemed to find some good stuff. Back in the workroom, Korto is unsure about what to do - because she has virtually no background in evening wear. Turns out, Kenley forgot her tulle at Mood! As a subsitute for tulle, she's using drafting paper. Jerell and Korto both have tulle leftover, but they are not going to share with Kenley because she has a bad attitude.

The next morning, the designers (except for Kenley, who is pouting) have a little fun before heading off to Parson's. Kenley starts begging for tulle, and is relieved when Tim says that she can go back and get it as long as she paid for it. Is it wrong that I'm sad that she is going to be able to get it? I know, I know, I'm mean.

After their fitting with their models, enter Tim and Collier, who is there to consult for makeup looks. After that is done, Kenley is all alone, boo hoo, while the other designers having some fun. Kenley complains and whines in confessional before heading out to Mood to go get her forgotten tulle. We got some Kenley backstory, and I still don't care about her.

Enter Tim, who is concerned about Korto's lace. Tim is concerned about Kenley's scales instead of leaves, but she says that's what she was going for anyway. He said, "Well, we have a botanic theme, not aquatic," and I love him more. Tim is loving Jerell's beginning, but he has a lot of work to do. He is not loving Leanne's design, calling it "Hello, Dolly!" Ouch. I actually think it's looking a bit like a disaster, so I hope that she can pull it out.

Everyone's emotional before the start of their final morning of work (and final show before Fashion Week!). Lots of tears. I can't blame them. Kenley bitches about how she hates everything that everyone else does, and she has the gall to call the others one-note. Um. Pot? Meet kettle.

Runway Time!

Heidi's looking much better in her runway outfit, and joining her, Michael, and Nina is Georgina Chapman, whom I am not familiar with, but she seems nice enough.

Korto's Design: The silhouette is quite lovely, and it's dramatic. It could be a prom dress, I think.

Leanne's Design: It certainly looks inspired by the flower. Don't know about the bright blue she hastily attached to the ass....

Jerell's Design: The bodice looks ill-fitted and too low, but the colors and beading is quite nice. It looks a bit like a maternity dress to me.

Kenley's Design: It isn't as 50's as I would expect, and it is interesting. Humph.

Starting with Leanne, the judges like the detail, but also have a problem with the blue bustle on the ass. The judges think that Korto's dress is a little pageanty, and call it bad fabric choice with shoddy beading and weird lace that didn't fit. Korto began to cry, and I'm sad for her. Heidi mentioned that she wanted to yank up Jerell's bodice, and I'm glad that she mentioned that. Nina calls it youthful, but says it looks messy. Michael says it's off in an interesting way. They give Jerell a chance to explain what he would have done with more time. Kenley pats herself on the back, and the judges say it looks reptilian and kind of creepy. Kenley says that she didn't want to make pretty. Michael calls it cliche, and Kenley whines that it isn't cliche. THEN - the horror - when Heidi says that the petals on the bottom aren't very elegant, Kenley whined back that she wasn't going for elegance, in the bitchiest possible way. Heidi looked completely taken aback. Will this woman never shut up? Nina calls her for being so defensive, and when Heidi calls her annoying, Kenley whines about how she isn't at all. Uck. Go away, Kenley.

They finish by asking the designers why they should go to fashion week, and ask who they want to go with them. Many tears ensue. Jerell says that he thinks the 50's are over, and Kenley got defensive about it, and Jerell shut her down, saying that she'll get her turn and need to shut it. Leanne promises not to do a boring show, and wants Jerell and Korto with her in the finals. Korto also wants Jerell and Leanne with them. Kenley whines that she was trashed, and that she takes the most risks, and defends her fighting by saying that she is a fighter. She wants Leanne and Jerell to go with her.

It's a tough discussion for the judges. Leanne did a good job, but got lost in some of the finish. Jerell is intruiging, but loses the little details. Korto's design was so pageanty, but they appreciate her style. They did not like Kenley's dress, but hate her attitude. Michael Kors said "What would happen if a buyer didn't liker her design? Would she take out a knife and stab them?" I laughed. But, they also said that Kenley is interesting.

Leanne and Jerell had the highest scores this week, with Korto and Kenley in the bottom. Jerell won this final challenge, but Heidi said "just barely." She then drops the bomb that they couldn't come up with a loser, so all four are going home to create lines for potentially showing at fashion week. Only three of them will show for fashion week, so there will be another elimination when they come back, and even Jerrel won't be safe. Kenley sat out a group hug, and I still can't stand her.

Even still, I think they made the right decision. It was really too close to call the bottom tonight. On attitude, Kenley should have gone, but on design, Korto's was a mess.

Can't wait to see what they can do with some actual time!


Ed said...

What is tulle?

Kelliewith3kiddos said...

I liked Korto's dress. I thought is was better than everyone elses.