Thursday, October 9, 2008

Survivor Gabon: 10.9.08

Kota returned to camp, complaining about how much Tribal Council sucks. Kelly got some screen time, because she was an ally to Paloma. Ace was annoyed that Kelly voted for him, and said she had "pent up animosity." Maybe she just has a different game plan than he does. Wonder if that ever crossed his mind?

Over at Fang, the battle of the rice continues. Randy wants them to have one meal a day, and Crystal, GC, and Ken want nothing more than more rice. I think I agree with rationing. Randy, Dan, Susie, and Matty went off to "pick fruit," which was totally obviously scheming. Randy says they are not his alliance, but they are his friends. Seemed a lot like an alliance to me.

Not wasting any time, it's a time for a meeting with Jeff!

It's a ranking challenge. Ugh. Hate hate hate this kind of thing. Rank the tribe, in order of importance to the tribe, and then they will take their place on none-to-subtle poles.

Kota's ranking (from most to least important as voted by the tribe in private) is Marcus, Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacquie, Corinne, Sugar, and Kelly. Marcus was shocked to be ranked first, and is worried it puts a target on his back. Kelly is bitter at being the last picked. Ace (in confessional) says she is last because she's whiny and doesn't do anything.

Fang's ranking is Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Dan, GC, and Susie. Everyone but the top 3 are upset.

And it's a tribal shake up! Matty called it a buzzkill.

Marcus and Matty got to be Captains and pick the first new members for their tribes. It's another schoolyard pick. Ugh. I hate these.

Marcus got first pick and chose Dan. Matty chose Ace. Dan chose Charlie (keeping the core of the Onion together). Ace chose Crystal. Charlie chose Randy. Crystal chose Jacquie. Randy chose Corinne (another onion layer - losing only Jacquie). Jacquie chose Ken. Corinne chose Susie after some consultation. Ken chose Kelly because she's hot. Susie chose Bob. Kelly chose GC with no other choice. Sugar, last picked, was sent to Exile, where she will stay until after the next Tribal Council, when she will join whichever tribe voted someone out. Luckily, she can choose Comfort, seeing as she already has the Hidden Idol.

The newly mixed Kota returns to their camp. Susie intends on getting in with Bob and being a hard worker around camp.

In Exile, Sugar calls the Comfort Hut her Sugar Shack. There is all sorts of food in the hut for her, and she enjoys some swimming and sunbathing. She is hoping to go back to Fang to be with Ace once they hopefully boot Kelly.

Over at Fang, Ace showed off his knowledge, and Kelly let it be known that she felt outside on the other tribe, and GC is feeling good. Crystal tells Ken that Kelly is not ok with Ace. Kelly is ready to jump ship, and Kelly is not feeling good about Jacquie, saying that she has a thing for Ace. A new alliance is formed.

Tree Mail brings what looks a lot like flattened lacrosse sticks and a big ball, which they can practice with before the Immunity Challenge.

The Challenge consists of each Survivor in a hard to control raft with a paddle, and they will pass the ball among the other tribe members trying to get into the other tribe's goal. Seems simple enough. 3 points to win.

Jeff tossed the first ball out, and though Jacquie is the first to get the ball, she loses it, and Marcus grabs it away. Randy scooped it up and made a goal against Fang. The next ball went out (with all players back in their starting positions), and Marcus got the ball first, and had almost no opposition. Kelly did almost nothing, and Randy made a second goal with no one in defense of the Fang goal. The third ball went out and Ace was on the coarse. Marcus got there first, but there was a battle for possesion with Ace. Marcus made a crazy toss and no one seemed able to make any sort of movement, except Ace, who used his hands to paddle close, but not before Marcus made a pass to Randy. The goal was blocked, and a couple people fell into the water, but then Randy made a third and final goal to give Kota the win.

Probst said that Fang's performance was "one of the worst ever at a challenge." Ouch. It was pretty pathetic, out there in the Marcus and Randy show. Those boats looked like a pain to maneuver, but most people weren't even trying. I think Kelly is probably done for. Ace said that the Challenge felt like they were legless chickens fighting against sleek weasles - those weasles would of course be the duo of Randy and Marcus. GC complained about Ken's ineptitude in the challenge, and Jacquie did well enough, but Kelly basically said she was over it and it wasn't worth talking about. That alliance looks like it's crumbling in record time.

The only thing that might change the minds of GC, Crystal, and Ken is the possibility of Sugar having the Immunity Idol. They talk about going for Jacquie instead of Kelly, because Sugar is more likely to share the idol with Ace or Jacquie. Matty had a chat with Jacquie about this possibility, and said that he just has to convince the others that Kelly sucks. Jacquie went to chat with Ken, and told him that she was on the outs with Sugar and Ace and wants to go with them. Is it a play? Is it real? I don't know. Even though he is good at challenges, I still think they need to get rid of Ace. He is going to end up dominating if they don't look out for him. Jacquie then pleaded her case with Crystal, crying that she just wants to be their fourth. We'll see how this pans out.

Tribal Council

Ken admits that it's hard to trust anyone, and Matty said he is not sure if he can trust Ace, but he wants him on his side, because he's strong. Kelly called Ken and Crystal weak in the challenge, and Crystal stook up for herself saying that in no way is she weaker than Kelly in the normal sense of the word. Jacquie looks like she's giving herself an ulcer worrying about her fate. Ace voted for Kelly, and Kelly voted for Jacquie. The other votes were hidden.

In what may be a very very poor decison, Jacquie was voted out, leaving the wet blanket of Kelly on the tribe. Sugar will join the Fang tribe next week, and Ace looked like the cat that ate the canary.

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