Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazing Race - 10.26.08

Leaving Phil's homeland of New Zealand, the teams have to head out to Siem Rep, Cambodia. Onc there, they have to make their way to a gas pumping station for their next clue. I am liking Ken and Tina more and liking Sarah and Terence less, if possible. Kristy and Kelly are desperate to use their brains. Good luck with that.

At the airport, Ken and Tina are quick to book a flight, and Terence managed to get a speeding ticket on the way to the airport (wonder if they have to pay that out of their $90 for the leg?). They lost enough time to almost miss that first flight. They hurried to get to the flight, dashing across the airport, and just made it.

Meanwhile, Starr's arm is not broken, just really painful.

The travel agents look none too pleased to be helping the teams get to the same place. Kelly and Kristy call Dallas "Teen Wolf" and Dallas thinks they think they are God's gift... There are finally different flights to their first stop on the leg, and that always makes it more interesting.

Unfortunately, their first leg of their flights all meet up (except for Aja and Ty who take up the rear) during a layover.

In Cambodia, Dallas and Toni get off to the wrong place, and so do Kristy and Kelly. Starr and Nick get to the gas pumping station first. They have to use an old fashioned pumping mechanism to fill up a tank with gas before getting their next clue.

Next, they are taken by truck to Siem Rep Harbor and take a marked boat to a floating restaurant.

Nick and Starr finish their task easily, and just as they are driving away, Dallas and Toni arrived, followed by Ken and Tina, Sarah and Terence, and the Frat Boys. Dallas and Toni rocked it out and other people had troubles. No one else had finished before Kelly and Kristy finally arrived. Ken and Tina finished next, followed by Terence and Sarah. Aja and Ty finally arrived in Cambodia as the editors would have us believe Kristy and Kelly finished. The Frat Boys remained confused, but finally figured it out.

Nick and Starr thought they were lost, but realized they were on the right track when other people started passing them. Terence and Sarah got to the boat first, followed by Ken and Tina, Nick and Starr, and Dallas and Toni. Kelly and Kristy were next, and were touched by the level of poverty and the height of spirit in Cambodia. The Frat boys came in next.

Terence and Sara were almost at the restaurant when their boat sputtered and broke down. (ha ha ha). Terence started pushing the boat along with a paddle.

Time for a Detour.

Village Life - Using their boats, they have to pick up a set of teeth from a dentist, a doll from the tailor, and a basketball from a floating basketball court, where each team member has to make a basket.

Village Work - They have to go to a fishing area and wade around in deep water to get a basket full of fish and deliver it.

Terence and Sarah's boat has to be fixed before they can get a move on. So sad for them. It took them about 10 minutes to get it fixed. They then decided to do Village Life.

Dallas and Toni and Starr and Nick went for Village Work, where Ken and Tina went for Village Life. Nick and Starr finished first. Kelly and Kristy messed up and didn't get the clue before starting to play basketball. They suck majorly at the clue reading game.

The teams have to get to Ankor Watt, the ancient temple. Nick and Starr are first, followed by Ken and Tina, and Dallas and Toni, then Sarah and Terence.

Aja and Ty showed up later, but they did Village Work and did a good job.

At Ankor Watt, there is a Roadblock. One team member must search through Ankor Watt to find a specific tiny Room of Echoes, and then thump their chest to make an echo. That's a tricky one.

Nick and Dallas were clever and asked for help finding the room. Nick got it first.

The next clue brings them to Bayon Temple, which is the Pit Stop. Nick cleverly hid the clue under his shirt so that other teams didn't see that he found the place. Tina was highly lost. Dallas found the room next, followed by Terence and then Tina walked through the room several times before finding it. Frat Boy got some help and found it quickly. Aja and Ty finished pretty quickly and were on their way.

Nick and Starr reach the pitstop first, and they win a trip for two to St. John, to a 3 bedroom suite and a champagne boat tour. Might have been a nicer thing to win if they were a couple and not brother and sister.

Toni and Dallas come in second, followed by Terence and Sarah (boo). Ken and Tina came in next, followed by Kelly and Kristy who were stunned to be coming in fifth. Andrew and Dan came in sixth, and Aja and Ty, who made up a lot of time in the leg, came in last and were eliminated. Ty is planning on moving to LA to be closer to Aja. I have good hopes for them and I will miss them in the race. Terence and Sarah received a 30 minute penalty for their speeding ticket, which did not effect them on this leg, but will delay their start on the next leg by that 30 minutes. The editors did not show any stalker behavior from Terence this week.

Next week, sparks fly between Dallas and Starr, and Ken and Tina have troubles. Maybe then I will like them less again.

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