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Hell's Kitchen: 6/10/08

It's the first night without Matt, and I did a little dance of joy.

After elimination, Christina chastised herself for crying. No one is sad to see Matt gone, and Jen's bad attitude and blaming everyone is getting on everyone's nerves. In the kitchen, Jen blames everyone else as she cleans, and Corey and Christina talk about how much drama Jen is going to be bringing.

Enough of the background, it's cooking time. Ramsey is showing the group how to make Lobster Spaghetti, which is going to be the special on the menu for the night. It looks utterly delicious. The catch is that they are in charge of a "cooking school." Each person will have one student and teach them how to make the Lobster Spaghetti. It's a group of very pretty housewives in low cut dresses and mini skirts. Petrozza accuses Ramsey of trying to sabotage him. Ramsey takes one of the women's little dog (a chihuahua named Zeus) and asks some one to take care of it, and perhaps put it in the steamer.

The chefs have 45 minutes to teach their buxom homemakers how to cook the Lobster Spaghetti, and whoever has the best dish created by their student wins the challenge.

Jen is the first to comment. "I just hope her boobies don't get in the way of cooking, I've never seen anything like that ever." The chefs are not allowed to do any cooking, and it is hard for Christina, because her student has a disturbing penchant for cutting things while holding them in her hand. Yipes. Petrozza is busy flirting with his student, and Bobby's student is squeamish about killing her lobster, screaming when she put it in the boiling water. Jen was absolutely cheating, because she was cutting things when Ramsey wasn't looking. Corey's student seemed to be doing a good job.

Petrozza's student did a good job seasoning wise and did a good job with the lobster, but the pasta was too thin and undercooked.

Christina's student got excellent remarks, on the pasta, the lobster, and the seasoning.

Bobby's student had chopped up the pasta into bits, and the seasoning was bad, and Ramsey said it looked like Zeus' dinner.

Corey's student did a really good job, too.

Jen's student got bad remarks. It was deemed bland and congealed, and Ramsey said that he can tell she has never really cooked before. Jen calls it "bullcrap" because she was stuck with a woman who didn't cook. News for you, Jen. So was everyone else.

In the end, Christina won. I think it was not only because her dish was so good, but because her student was a little more prissy. The losers have to clean the kitchen, including the fryers. Christina gets a lunch with Chef Ramsey, and some of the city's most famous chefs, and she is going to be shown their signature dishes and gets to "pick their brains."

The students aren't going home empty handed, either. They are each getting a set of Ramsey's new stainless steel cookware, made by Royal Doulton. Somehow I forsee a lot of shiny pans sitting in houses and never being used, and that saddens me. It looks like pretty nice cookware.

The losers are bitter about cleaning the kitchen, understandably. Corey says that Christina's reward is just serving to make her cocky about her cooking skills. Jen again bends the rules and happens to be cleaning the kitchen where Christina is getting her one-on-one with one of the chefs. Jen happens to see some neat techniques, and she happens to linger longer than necessary, and happens to taste some of the leftover food. I really hope to see her gone.

Time for dinner prep, and Christina is on her high horse about everything that she has learned. Corey no longer has kind words about Christina, and Jen said that she wanted to booty-whip her ass across the kitchen. Or something similarly unpleasant.

Time for service. Jean-Phillippe is obviously excited, and head butts the glass, earning some "kind" words from Ramsey.

First thing, Christina only brings up one spaghetti when there were two ordered. Once she recovers and gets them both up, they are approved. Bobby's first meat entree is not cut through entirely, and then he has an untrimmed wellington. Jen complained about Bobby's ineptitude in confessional, then has a problem with the John Dorey (thanks, SSM for that comment!), and Jean-Philippe tells the waitstaff to push the meat, because her heard about her troubles at the pass. First she undercooked it, then she overcooked it.

Bobby's Wellington is even worse. The meat that Jean-Phillipe has been pushing is a mess, and Jean-Philippe says "Now I'm screwed... push the chicken?"

Petrozza brought some of Jen's John Dorey up to the pass without plating it, and Jen got into it with Ramsey because she didn't put it up. She got into it with her typical attitude, and just can't handle authority.

The table of 12 arrives, and it is a bunch of beautiful women, and Jean-Philippe does some flirting while they wait for their food. They are apparently Hawaiin Tropic models. Christina and Corey get their 12 appetizers out all at the same time, and that's impressive. Corey says "we can't stand each other, but we work really well together."

Christina then helps Corey with desserts while Petrozza, Jen, and Bobby try to get their act together to get the entrees out together. Ramsey kicked Jen off her station because she wasn't moving quickly enough. Petrozza is called out for not having good timing and not communicating. His garnish was bad, and then Bobby set a pan on fire, earning Ramsey's ire. He calls Jen and Bobby inconsistent, and Petrozza a dreamer, which is not a good thing in the kitchen. Jen, using her considerable mouth, takes charge of the communication on the entrees, and it finally gets done. It doesn't make me like her any more.

(They never show any desserts going out, but they must have, because dinner service is completed)

Ramsey is displeased because, though the service was complete, it was painful. Christina is chosen as winner for the night and she gets to pick who to put up for elimination. Back at the dorm, Christina has a chat with Petrozza, because she thinks that he has been having troubles. Corey and Christina talk about how mediocre Bobby seems, and they also admit that Jen has cooking skills, but can't back it up with any sort of leadership and good attitude.

Christina nominates Jen (no surprise), and Bobby, which I also think was the right choice.

Jen asserts that she can be fast and strong, but Ramsey said that he doesn't see it, and isn't sure if he can work with that anymore. Bobby goes all political. "When you stopped my bad cuts from going out, I didn't yell at you, I saw that you were saving me from the customers sending it back." Good point.

Ramsey asks Christina who she thinks should leave, and she says Jen. Doesn't matter, because Ramsey dismisses Bobby. He was bad, but not as as annoying as Jen. I wonder if the producers had anything to do with that decision. Jen still sees herself as the strongest person and thinks that she was put up for elimination because she is a threat. Right.

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Jailyn said...

Thanks for the awesome details. My recording was accidentally stopped so I missed the last 15 minutes.

I can't believe Jen is still there, it really makes you think the producers decided that one.