Thursday, June 19, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Results Show 6/19/08

Will tonight be the night that Susie goes, or is she going to become the Sanjaya of SYTYCD this year? Time to find out. Well, after an hour or so of fluff. At least this fluff is mostly interesting.

It starts off with a Shane Sparks routine. Comfort got a nice little moment where she got to pop it with the guys, and she was definitely featured. It was a hot routine, and I am not even usually a fan of hip hop. Shane is fantastic.

Cat is dressed in a fab chartreuse dress tonight. It's a hard color to wear, and she carries it off brilliantly. Mia is dressed in gingham, and Mary looks like she is wearing a breastplate, but at least those suckers are covered after last nights' appearance.

Katee and Joshua find out their fate first, and they are deservedly safe. Twitchington gave me chills even on the recap, and they are safe. Chelsea and Thayne didn't get great comments last night, and didn't connect with voters, either. They are in the Bottom 3.

Chelsie and Mark's tango was pretty hot last night, and voters were feeling it, too. They are safe. Matt and Kourtni did a pretty fun fox trot last night, which I liked, and they are safe, so people must have agreed with me. Will and Jessica's hip hop was pretty uneven (at least on Jessica's part), but Will's "genius" must have driven people to vote, because they are safe, too. There was much rejoicing.

Susie and Marquis' salsa was rather lackluster, and they are happily in the bottom 3. Well, they weren't happy, but I sure am. Comfort and Chris krumped last night, but it wasn't as strong as it should have been, and they are in the bottom 3, too. Courtney and Gev were one of my favorites last night, and I am thrilled to see them safe.

I totally called the Bottom 3 couples (well, after an edit.. oops).

It's time for a flamenco routine from someone who I missed the name of, but he's auditioned for this show before. I love flamenco music, and the dancing is pretty hot, too. After that, there's the blatant Snuggle Product Placement Happy Dances.

Chelsea Trail's solo is up first. She did a pretty good solo, with lots of personality, and that was good.

Thayne is up next, and he has some pretty amazing extensions and leaps, including a backflip. We'll see if it was enough to keep him around.

Susie was up next, and she did a lot of throwing her pink-tinged hair around, but I still want more hip action from a salsa dancer! She can go.

Marquis followed her, and did some impressive moves, including a flip to a sitting forward bend. I think Susie is holding him back from reaching his potential.

Comfort got to do her thing next, and I hope that she doesn't go anywhere.

Chris' solo was kind of boring and lackluster. I think he is in trouble. the other two guys seemed to work their solos much more.

My in-the-moment prediction for leaving tonight are Susie and Chris. While the judges deliberate, Flowrider performed, and I fast forwarded, since I really don't like hip hop music. I can appreciate the dancing, but the music? Not usually.

Before delivering results, Nigel made a strange basketball analogy. His point was, whoever leaves tonight is still a good dancer. Chelsea is told that she needs to step it up, but she's safe for tonight. Susie didn't use the stage well in her solo. Nigel thinks that Comfort hit her stride during the Shane Sparks routine, and hopes that her injury gets better. Susie is gone. I am thrilled. Will she go back to teaching?

Thayne's personality, spirit, and potential are good. Marquis was called on being full of tricks and not so much dance. Chris has been asked to bring his personality to the dance, and the judges saw personality in his solo (I didn't really), and Marquis is going home. Not the worst decision, and the other couples stay intact for now.

I can't wait to see what next week brings!

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