Thursday, June 26, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Results 6/26/08

The intro group number was messed up. Made me wonder if it was another Shane Sparks. They all looked like they were in Nightmare Before Christmas. Mark looked mighty evil and as if he was having a great time. He plays characters really well.

Ok, it was a Mia Michaels routine. Not surprised by that one, either.

Cat's dress looks like it's on upside down by mistake. The ruffles are threatening to eat her neck. It's disconcerting.

After a super de duper quick change (is this show live? If so, I am impressed with the speed make-up people), Thayne and Chelsea T. are deservedly in the bottom 3. Katee's half dress and Joshua's tight pants are safe. Mark and Chelsea's routine last night took my breath away, and I am so pleased that they are also safe.

Kherrington and Twitch are the first ones in the next group who are safe. Joy! Courtney and Gev will dance another week, with no solos tonight. Comfort and Chris were not hard hitting enough for the music last night, at least for the judges (looking back, I think Chris especially needed a lot more oomph), and they are in the bottom 3.

The final group is Kourtni and Matt, and Jessica and Will. The only thing I could find wrong with Kourtni and Matt last night was the questionable wardrobe... you'd think they could have dressed them more like superheros, wouldn't you? Will could do better with another partner, though it did look like he nearly dropped Jessica once or twice... Kourtni and Matt are in the bottom 3, and I don't think they deserved it at all. Jessica needs to be in the Bottom 3, because I don't think that she is bringing her all to the stage. Nigel gave Matt a little acting lesson, putting on a few pretty good different accents, and I hope that Matt got the point.

The guest performers tonight are a dance crew that includes Ryan, Dominic, and Hok from previous seasons. Hok is still amazing. I didn't see Dominic or Ryan until after, but there were a lot of strobe lights. It was a pretty awesome routine with crazy break dance moves.

Solo time!

Chelsea Trail spun around a lot, and I guess she was good, but I still can't get behind her. She didn't wow me.

Thayne had a lot more feeling in his dance, and he had some amazing leaping splits. I liked his solo more than I expected to.

Comfort brought a lot of cool moves to her solo, and I felt her more than I felt Chelsea.

Chris was pretty good, but he doesn't really do it for me.

Kourtni had a really spunky solo, and I want her to stay.

Matt moves in such a fluid manner, and I really thought his solo was cool and unique. And he danced to Jason Mraz, who I think is pretty neat, too. So I have hope for him.

After the solos, I say Chris and Chelsea T. are going home.

Jordan Sparks is up to perform while the judges are off deliberating, and she looks very prom ready in a hot pink dress with a bright orange waistband. I guess that's a look. The shape is good for her, but I think it's this close to taffeta. She had little extensions in her hair that matched her dress. How... interesting. Oh right, she was singing. She's good. She is not my favorite, because she sounds like so many other singers out there now, but she is good. (I was a Blake Lewis fan... I still want his cd, even though I read someplace that he has been dropped by his label. Boo on that)

Nigel wasted no time dismissing Chelsea, and I was right on at least one of my predictions. I wasn't sold on her dancing, and I don't like listening to her talk (is that awful? I find her voice really annoying). Matt was applauded for his solo tonight, and I am thrilled. I also thought it was genius. Chris is eliminated, and I am 2 for 2!!!

Can't wait to see how Thayne and Comfort dance together next week.

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