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So You Think You Can Dance - 6/18/08

Cat's got a very fun dress on, with a fuzzy hem. Her legs are amazingly long. The judges tonight are Nigel, Mary, and Mia, fresh from a bleach job, looking slightly ridiculous. Mia claims that the season is going to be "benoodles." I wish she would stop making words up, and I would be really unhappy playing Scrabble with her, because she would keep insisting that her words were in fact words.

Thayne and Chelsea Trail (Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore) They appreciate the positivity of each other, but Thayne thinks Chelsea sleeps too much, and Chelsea thinks that Thayne is too superstitious. The jazz routine is based on a king and his forbidden love. Chelsea's voice is a little annoying to me. I found the routine really intriguing. I couldn't stop watching it. I did think that they both looked a little like court jesters instead of a king and his consort. It was neat. Mia hated it, saying that it wasn't executed well. He called Thayne a little dumpy. Mary also thought the chemistry was lacking. Nigel also thought it lacked believability, and also didn't like the costuming.

Mark and Chelsie Hightower (Argentine Tango, choreographed by Alex DeSilver) Mark likes the way Chelsea's hair smells, and Chelsea can appreciate Mark's quirkiness. Mark feels like Chelsea is a bit like a little sister, and Mark is a bit reserved for Chelsea. They feel weird in rehearsal getting up close and sexy, because they feel like brother and sister. Mark claims to be a dance carnivore, loving meaty dance. I thought their dance was sexy as all get out, and the "war with the feet" was very well played in my unprofessional opinion. Poor Chelsea got her pinky toe stuck outside of her shoe at some point, but Cat came to the rescue at the end. Mia loved the performance, calling them the most perfect odd couple, showing beauty and quirkiness. She said their dance was fantastical. Mary loved everything. Her strange top is almost Paula-like in it's absurdity. I think Mary is setting her sights on being the odd center judge. Anyhow, she thought the whole dance was on point. Then she shrieked and cackled. Nigel thought it was great, but thought that Chelsea should have made it a little sleazier. Ok.

Will and Jessica (Hip Hop, choreographed by Cicely & Olisa) Will loves Jessica's joy, and Jessica loves Will's focus, though sometimes he is too focused and internalized. Will doesn't like it when Jessica questions herself. They didn't like being in the bottom last week, and are hoping that the hip hop connects more with voters. I don't know that I believed Jessica as a hip hop dancer. They did a good job, but I thought she was too smooth. Mia thought that Jessica was kind of like a cheerleader, and I agree. She thought Will was a genius. Mary agreed with Mia, and called Jessica powder-puffy. Nigel actually thought that Jessica did a really good job, and thinks that Will ought to be in the top 4. Cat awkwardly said "Word, Nigel, Word," and that doesn't work at all.

Kourtni and Matt (Foxtrot, choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux) Matt likes that Kourtni is tall and beautiful and has great eyes you can get lost in. Kourtni likes that Matt compliments her, but doesn't like that he is tone deaf and loves to sing. Matt doesn't like that Kourtni doesn't appreciate his singing. I thought this was a fantastic routine, and Kourtni does the flapper look well. Matt looked like he could have stepped right out of The Great Gatsby. Mia thought it was great old Hollywood elegance. She loved Matt, but thought that the only time that Kourtni showed strength is when her leg is in the air, because she hasn't made peace with how tall she is. Mary loved the choreography and did some shrieking. She thought the dancing was a mixed bag, with some bad footwork. Nigel said that he was not at all disappointed, but thought that Matt was a bit soft in his arms, a bit "twee." He also thought that the performance was a bit fake, and wanted more honesty. He did enjoy the performance, though.

Courtney G. and Gev (Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore) Courtney likes that Gev is strong, and Gev likes that Courtney is pretty, but doesn't like that she has a boyfriend. Courtney doesn't like that Gev is short and they are about the same size when she's in heels. There were some awesome lifts in the routine, one right after another, and the emoting was fantastic. Mia thought that Courtney did a good job, but thought that she "jazzified" it, and wanted more melting. She loved Gev, though. Mary screamed, I winced. She loved it. Nigel thought they are a well balanced couple, but didn't believe the emotion in the routine, though it was danced well. Cat wants to put the tiny couple in her pocket.

Katee and Joshua (Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio) Katee loves how caring Joshua is as a partner, and Joshua loves Katee's smile. Joshua is always nitpicking Katee, though, and Katee does an "awkward moment" dance, which Joshua claims not to like. Their dance last week still gives me chills. Joshua did an amazing back flip. Katee didn't seem as big in her moves as Joshua, and she had a big smile plastered on her face all the time. They got Nigel dancing in (and out of) his seat. He said he loved that it was straight entertainment. He called Katee a beautiful spirit. Mary let out a scream, and I want to muzzle her. Mia said that she thought it sucked, but she was just kidding, she agreed that it was amazing. She loved their connection and their spirit.

Susie and Marquis (Salsa, choreographed by Alex Desilver) Marquis appreciates Susie's addiction to energy drinks, and Susie likes that Marquis is a goofball, but thinks he eats too much before rehearsal and his breath smelled. Susie's hair smacks Marquis and he doesn't like that. Alex said that Susie was not really a salsa dancer, but just a street salsa dancer, and she was hurt by that. During the dance, she was still a little shaky on a handstand split hold move that she had issues with in rehearsal, but they had a really cool lift, and Susie can't move her hips like Heidi from a couple seasons ago, though. Heidi's hips amazed me. Mia loved the choreography, but didn't love the performance, and thought that Marquis was a little jell-o like. Susie was not quite where Mia wanted her to be. Mary said that it didn't work for her so much, and she expected more from Susie, and thought she was over thinking everything. Nigel said he wanted it to be firey, and it was not.

Kherrington and Twitch (Viennese Waltz, choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux) Twitch loves that Kherrington is really positive, and Kherrington is appreciative of how strong Twitch is. Kherrington's legs are too strong and hurt when they kick poor Twitch, and Twitch wears glasses with no lenses and that confuses Kherrington. The waltz is inspired by Jean-Marc's daughter with Rhett's Syndrome, and that's sad. The routine gave me shivers. THis is how to make a Waltz memorable. Twitch lifted Kherrington so high it was awe-inspiring. Twitch looked incredible, and Kherrington looked gorgeous. I got goose bumps all up and down my body. Mia was nearly moved to tears, but thought that Kherrington was smiling too much. Nigel defended Kherrington's smile, and called it elating and uplifting. Mia shot back that she wanted more reality and less smiles. Mia loved Twitch. Mary thought that Kherrington brought joy, adn Twitch was insane, in a good way, and she was near tears. Nigel called it a French-Canadian Viennese Waltz, and he loved it.

Comfort and Chris (Krump, choreographed by Lil'C) Comfort loves how humble Chris is. Chris loves how versatile Comfort it, but thinks that she talks too fast sometimes. Comfort doesn't like how much Chris sweats. Chris had a hard time being hard hitting in rehearsals. The camera work in the routine sucked, because it couldn't focus on anything, and it was hard to see anything. I also didn't like that the song had to be bleeped out for a good part of it. Comfort was amazin, but I still am not sure I believed Chris. He did improve, though. Mia sucks up the the choreographer yet again. She is a Comfort fan, too, and thought that Chris worked really hard and pulled it off. Mary cackled into her critique. She thought that Comfort could have hit it harder, and thought that Chris was respectable. Nigel thought that his granny is more gangsta than Chris, and then proceeded to grab his crotch awkwardly, then threw in a Hulk reference. He also expected more of Comfort.

It's over for the night, and my least faves were Marquis and Susie, Comfort and Chris, and Chelsea and Thayne. Again, I would love to see Susie gone.

My favorites were Chelsie and Mark, Twitch and Kherrington, and Courtney and Gev. The others are all in the middle for me.

There's going to be a Shane Sparks group routine tomorrow, and that is always fun.

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I see that you like this program. Maybe you can help me? I'm looking for the dress that Kherrington wore when she danced the Waltz, do you know where I can get it? I live in Sweden and don't have any idea where to ask...