Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Results Show 6/12/08

Starting out with the Wade Robson routine, and Nigel got gagged and tied up for it. That's kind of funny. Why didn't they gag Mary????? Wade has an amazing ability to make dances look simultaneously beautiful and bizarre. It's a talent.

Cat removed Nigel's gag and he said "Let's be kind to the dancers this year. They're evil!" His acting is not great, but it was funny. He claims that it is payback for his criticism of last year's fox routine.

The first three couples come out on stage after a quick change.

Twitchington gets a very loud cheer and Cat was barely audible. They are safe. More cheers.

Chelsea and Thayne are up next for their cha cha. The judges loved them. I did not feel it as much. The voters did. They are safe

Chelsea and Mark's Mia Michaels routine was good for the public, and they are also safe.

Matt and Kourtni (aka the giants) are in the bottom three. I can't say I am surprised, though I think that Matt deserves to be there more than Kourtni. Mary's microphone was off for the beginning of her comments, and that was like a little gift from the sound technicians. Thank you.

Susie and Marquis and their smooth waltz are safe. That is surprising to me, since Susie was my choice to go home.

Comfort and Chris did the jive last night, and they showed the clip of Comfort dislocating her shoulder in rehearsal. Owwww. They are safe.

Rayven and Jamie's did "bubblegum hip hop" last night, and Rayven decided to wear bubblegum inspired clothing tonight. Her pink and black striped tights are weird. They are in the bottom three. Nigel wonders if the pants dropping offended potential voters.

Katee and Joshua brought the house down last night with their hip hop. The voters were moved enough to call, and they are safe.

Jessica and Will and their tango elicited many shrieking comments from Mary last night, but they are in the bottom three tonight.

Chelsea and Gev didn't get high marks for their disco from Nigel, but they are safe tonight.

Before we see solos tonight, there is a performance by legendary poppers who I don't know the names of - I think Popping Pete and So Nee? They were like amazing rubberized robots. Popping is so cool. Popping apparently started in 1975, with inspiration from the jerk and the Twist.

Back from break, the Annoying Snuggle Ads continue (though it's not as bad as Ford and Coke with AI), and there is a spot of some people dancing on Hollywood Blvd. Some good, some dreadful, but it was cute.

It's time for the solos.

Kourtni has a penchant for dancing in unflattering babydoll dresses that look like maternity pajamas, but she is really a moving dancer. She is emotional and cute.

Matt did a good solo, and I do like him. Not sure it was good enough.

Rayven did some ballet in ways I have not seen before, and added a lot of kick to it, and I like her more for it.

Jamie and his West Coast Swing are unique in this year full of contemporary dancers, and I hope that he stays. He did a good solo, though his shirt was unfortunately shiny.

Jessica did a lot of tumbling and running around, and I wasn't sold on her routine. She was the weakest girl in solos in my (uninformed) opinion.

Will is outstanding, and I want him to stay. He had an amazingly high leaping split and I loved it, and he is so emotive.

While the judges deliberate, The Pussycat Dolls perform. I kind of wish that American Idol would do elimination more like this, by the way. I hesitate to say that The Pussycat Dolls sing. Nicole Schezenwhatamajigger sings kind of, but the others just seem chant and dance slightly and whoop. Some groups needs a studio to sound ok, and The Pussycat Dolls are one of them. They are pretty, in kind of a skanky way. I'll give them that. The song is kind of boring and annoying. I think it will be all over the radio within days. This is why I listen to NPR or my iPod.

The judges are back, and they call Kourtni's solo magic, and she is safe. Rayven was criticized for not being on point, only on demi point. They didn't like Jessica's routine as a solo, and neither did I. I am saddened to see Rayven go. I wanted to see more from her. Sad. I wonder if her mugging for the camera last night was her downfall.

Will is first up for the guys, and the judges loved him. He is safe. Nigel said he wants to fuse the two remaining guys and take Jamie's personality and Matt's technique. I am sad to see Jamie go. The judges said tonight they are going for technique over personality. Going first last night was a curse, apparently.

Goodbye, Rayven and Jamie! Two of the more unique (ie non-contemporary) dancers this years are gone the first week.

Still, I am anxiously awaiting next week!

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