Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 6/17/08

(Sorry I didn't get this blogged last night - I was out)

Christina is very upset that Jen is still around. Jen thinks it's because she's threatening. Not so much. It's because she's a total biotch. While they are all out for their smoke break, Jen said that she has no hard feelings and that she will be there if Christina needs her. I'll see that when I believe it. Corey is right with me, and thinks that Jen is entirely fake. I tend to agree.

Before the challenge, Ramsey says it's time for them to be truly tested. Everyone will come up with a dish and cook it for 80 customers, and these are no ordinary customers. Jen dreams of celebrities. I have a feeling it's going to be something entirely opposite of celebrities. Their votes will determine the winner of the challenge, so whoever it is, it's important. They have 1 hour to cook.

Christina decides to make and Island Turkey Sandwich, with avocado and heart of palm.

Corey is making a grilled salmon blt on brioche with a side of veggie chips.

Petrozza is making a monte cristo, with a little bit of a kick.

Jen is making grilled grouper with rum butter sauce and a mango salsa.

Corey had some troubles with her salmon, and had troubles skinning. Christina was calm and singing, and that made Corey nervous. Jen called Petrozza's sandwich a heart attack dipped in a stroke with a side of cardiac arrest. But it looks like it will taste good.

Corey had nothing plated when it was time to go, and that's not good at all. She was scattered.

The guests enter, and they are pregnant moms!! Yipes! At least no one had sushi on the menu! Corey bemoaned the lack of men she could flirt with, and had to go back and make more, leaving pregnant women waiting.

Petrozza made a good impression for being a dad. Jen was sure she was going to win because she had the most complicated dish.

Corey came in 4th, because she had a heck of a time getting her food out. Jen is shocked to come in third, and Petrozza came in second, but only by two votes! Christina won, and got a shopping trip to Beverly Hills, and over $1000 to spend. Jen claims to be more of a fashionista than Christina and would have been a better winner. Boo hoo.

The losers have to clean the dining room and polish everything. Corey also got bitter, telling Christina to not trip over her heels. Christina had Lisa Kline (owner of the boutique) as her personal shopper. Ramsey had fun watching Christina Pretty Woman it up, and had to have been happy that Petrozza didn't win. Corey and Jen were seething with jealousy, and no one talked to Christina when she came in to help prep. Don't they know that they have to work as a cohesive team to get food out of the kitchen? Petrozza is the first one to talk to her, and at least he recognizes that it's about teamwork. Before service, Ramsey gives them a pep talk - come together as a team, emerge as individuals.

Corey and Jen get off on the right foot with perfect scallops and "stunning" risotto. Didn't last long, and Jen's rice turned to mush before long, and she got called out by Ramsey. She fixed her mistake, but Chef said her inconsistancy proved that she was lazy. Christina managed to burn Ramsey's hand by putting a handle over the flame and not saying anything. She promised it wouldn't happen again, then it happened again. and Ramsey was not pleased. Jen did not start cooking eggs when she was asked to, because she was busy stirring risotto. One pan if risotto. Christina stepped in and cooked some, then when Ramsey asked Jen, she did it. Corey knowingly sent John Dorey that was not done to the pass, and they slid past Ramsey, but they got sent back by the table.

On a retry, she got it right. Petrozza sent out some good stuff, but then got in trouble for having a horribly dirty work area. He was still able to send out some stunning meat, and Ramsey said "I don't care if you work like a pig if you can serve meat like that." Funny.

It's a completed service in record time, which is how it should be when it's the top 4. Ramsey called it their best service. They have to come to a consensus of which two are going to be up for elimination.

Jen claims to feel like she has a heart. Petrozza doesn't buy it. To decide who's going up for elimination, they decided to write two people each, no repeats, to figure out who is going to be up. Christina got 3 votes, which means than someone (probably Jen) wrote her name twice, because Corey didn't put her down. That's just bad. I want Jen gone. She's sneaky and a liar.

Jen is put up first, and Corey offered to go up against Jen in hopes that she'd be stronger than Jen and get Jen cut. Ramsey started saying "Corey," and I was really upset, until he finished with "say goodbye to Jen," and Jen is gone. I did a little dance. Now I kind of like all of the top 3. Do I think they are the best top 3 ever? Absolutely not, but they are pretty good. Now that Matt and Jen are gone, it's less painful.

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