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The Mole: 6/16/08

Last week, it was pointing so blatantly to Bobby being the mole that I am sure this week he is going to be useful and physically fit.

In the post credit confessionals, Paul and Nicole got into it with each other again. It's ridiculous in a way. I don't like either of them. But a death threat? Paul is milking it for all it's worth, claiming to be unable to sleep.

Martin, Clay and Bobby have been working in a coalition, and sharing information to try to figure out who the mole is. That's interesting.

Ali brought the death threat up to Nicole, and she said it was all a tactic to get under his skin.

It's Challenge Time. They have to split into two groups of five - one group who can't trust anyone, and the other who trust blindly. The mission is called "Fruit of the Luge." One Can't trust player and one Trust Blindly player are paired in teams, to go on a luge. The Can't Trust person will be in front, controlling the speed with a hand brake. Oh, and with a blindfold on. The Trust Blindly player will be in back, calling directions. The Can't Trust people has to memorize 7 fruits grown in Chile, in order, and then the person who was blindfolded have to go to a fruit market and pick the fruit and place them in order. Each correct fruit is $2000.

The first team is Clay and Bobby, with Clay in front. Bobby called the avocado a pear, and luckily, Clay figured that out in the market, as there were no pears. He managed to get 5/7 right, adding $10,000 to the pot. If I were thinking strategically, Bobby as the Mole could have been sabotaging Clay calling the avocado a pear, and he also failed to mention the color of grapes, though there was only one color at the market.

Next is Paul in front, Ali in back. Paul also got 5/7. Another $10,000.

Victoria is in front of the next one, "engulfed" by Craig. They were talking at the finish line, and that was against the rules. Wonder if they will be called on it... they got 7/7, and $14,000.

Kristin and Mark also get 7/7 and add another $14,000 to the pot.

Alex and Nicole go last, and Nicole called green apple twice. That skewed everything and they only got 1/7. What the heck! That causes Nicole to be up in front in the "Who's the Mole" race.

They could have earned $50,000 for their efforts, but since Bobby and Clay and Victoria and Craig kept talking after the finish line, they are down to $26,000. That sucks.

The total pot is $89,000.

Mark and Clay are now wavering in their coalition with Bobby, and silently shut Bobby out of their alliance.

The next day, the players were told to dress up in their "Sunday Best." They have a spa day booked "because the game has been so tough," Mr. Host Man said, cryptically. They seemed to have fun, but still talked game. Kristin seems to suspect Nicole, then Alex. All the players got yummy looking massages, including a chocolate massage and a grape massage. There was a gratuitous vision of Craig with no shirt on getting his massage. Not sure we needed to see that.

In the sauna, Bobby chats with Mark, and he is sounding kooky. Enter Mr. Host Man, sneaky clothing thief, to present the next mission, to players stuck in their spa robes. That's just mean.

Mr. Host Man sent all the clothes out to get "cleaned and pressed," with only their shoes and underwear. The mission starts by splitting the group into two teams of three and two teams of two. There are dinner reservations at 6:30 at a fancy restaurant, and anyone who can make it there adds $5000 to the pot, and it's a little after 4 when the challenge starts. The contestants have to convince people on the street to give them dressy clothes. Men need button up shirts with collars and ties, and pants. Women need a "two piece top" and pants or a skirt. They can't wear their robes.

Anyone who doesn't have underwear on under their robes gets slick Mole Branded underwear. The guys get Mole briefs, and the women get Mole Sports bras and "booty shorts." Craig ogled the women. Clay chose to opt out, and is followed by Mark, who claim that "dignity is more important than money." Whatever. That's just not playing the game.

Bobby and Craig set out together, and Craig quips that they look like a Walking Impersonation of the number 10. I can totally see it. Bobby is bony skinny, and Craig is... not. Nicole went with them and was doing her diva thing. People deny giving them clothes left and right, though one woman wanted to feed Bobby.

Kristin, Ali, and Victoria were looking mighty sexy. Two of them have "hooker boots" on. They are surrounded by bus loads of "Catholic school boys."

Paul and Alex are the first ones to have luck, due mainly to Alex's mad Spanish skills. They get some shirts from cab drivers.

Bobby got a shirt, and then Nicole got a shirts, and a skirt, and an apron, and she was done. Nicely.

Ali, Kristin, and Victoria got a sweater, but it was looking dire.

Paul picked up a shirt along the way, and then got pants and a tie. Alex got some pants when Paul found a New Yorker with a spare pair of pants, and then he got a tie. They are the first ones to the restaurant.

Ali wanted to give up, and that made Victoria and Kristin question her motives. They soldiered on, and went on, and managed to charm some men out of pants, and then Victoria found a woman on her smoke break, who had three pairs of pants! They were in.

Craig, Bobby, and Nicole had more luck when they ran into a theatre group, and found the rest of an outfit for Bobby, and a shirt to fit Craig. Then, they stumbled upon the laundromat that their actual clothes were at, and Craig snagged his. The others changed into their original clothes as well. Hope that doesn't break any rules. They made it to the restaurant and brought all the clothes with them. Seems to be ok, and they earn $40,000. Clay and Mark stand outside the restaurant staring up longingly.

Turns out that the address to the laundromat was on the card of the restaurant, coded in Roman numerals. Sneaky.

They meet at another restaurant for the Mole Quiz the next day, I assume. They were asked who they thought was obsessive about the game, and they call Mark. Mark takes offense to Paul. Mark insults Paul. Paul insults Bobby when he brings up that you should be decent to people. Craig gets upset at Paul's wording, and Paul goes a little ape. Nicole said in her confessional that she was going to kill Paul with kindness because she couldn't actually kill him. Paul said that he was planning on firing people up so that they would mess up on their quiz.

Hey - viewers can take the quiz, too, on You have to register first, and I don't feel like it, but there it is for you all.

Question 1:Is the Mole male or female?
(Nicole shares her numerology theory as to why Bobby is the mole. Because he was wearing a number 5 jersey in soccer, and they were served 5 items at dinner, and Bobby's name has five letters. Ok. That's off the wall.)

Question 2: During the "Fruit of the Luge" mission, which group did the mole join?
(Victoria questions Ali)

Question 3: Who was the Mole paired with during Fruit of the Luge?

Question 4: Did the Mole put two apples in the fruit lineup answer?

Question 5: How much money did The Mole's team ultimately add to the pot during the Fruit of the Luge Mission?
a) $0
b) $2000
c) $10000
d) $14000

Question 6: In the spa portion of the Dress Code Mission, which kind of specialty massage did the Mole receive?
a) Grape
b) Chocolate
c) Hot Stone
d) Did not receive a specialty massage

Question 7: Did the Mole participate in the Dress Code Mission?

Question 8: What was the composition of The Mole's team during Dress Code?
a) All Male
b) All Female
c) Mix of male and female
d) The mole did not participate in the Dress Code mission

Question 9: In what order did the Mole's group enter the restaurant during Dress Code?

Question 10: Who is the Mole?

At this point, I am no longer sure. Ali is a possibility.

Before getting to the meat of the elimination, Mr. Host Man offers a $20,000 bribe to anyone willing to leave without being booted. There are no takers.

Kristin is safe, and so is Mark. Victoria asked if she could take the money now, and was denied, but is safe. Then Mr. Host Man offered $30,000 to leave without failing the quiz. Anyone could take it. Ali decided to take it, and there goes my idea as to who could be the Mole! I was wrong. Goodbye Ali. There is shock that she took it, and Bobby vows that he is in the game for keeps. Mr. Host Man reveals that Ali would have been safe, but surprise surprise, the elimination will continue. Alex passed the quiz, and Bobby is eliminated! There goes my second guess at being the Mole. Now I am really stymied. Victoria is in tears about Bobby leaving, and Craig was close to the same reaction.

So, could it be Paul? Nicole? Someone else entirely? Any thoughts?

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