Monday, June 23, 2008

The Mole: 6/23/08

My pick for the Mole got booted last week, so now I am not sure anymore. Losing both Ali and Bobby in one week threw some people for a loop. Craig was feeling lost without Bobby, and Nicole thought Bobby was the Mole, so she is back to square one. Victoria only trusted Bobby, so she doesn't know what to think now.

The players travel from Chile to the Andes in Argentina. It is beautiful scenery. Paul debuted Lemonhead, the Mole Mascot. Not sure about that, either. They are at 7200 feet altitude. Craig was a fish out of water because he is used to warm weather.

They are split into two teams of 4: Selfish, and Selfless.

In the Selfish Group are Nicole, Victoria, Clay, and Kristen

In the Selfless Group are Paul, Alex, Craig, and Mark.

The Mission is called Midas Rush. They have 200 gold bricks, at 5 lbs each. In homage to the Incas, they have to carry as many bricks as possible to the top of the 10,000 foot mountain. Each brick could be $250, for a possible total of $50,000. The teams need to get to the top together, and the first team to reach the top gets exemption. For the whole team. Clay decided to only put 5 bricks in his bag, even though he could have taken more, because he wants to make it to the top quickly.

As the Selfish Group heads out, they take 23 total bricks, for $5,750. The selfish group grabbed $9300 worth of bricks, 38.

Nicole complains about hiking, claiming that she only "hikes" to Bloomingdales. She got really fatigued early, and said that she wants to throw suspision on herself, and it works. Craig and Pail also struggle.

Halfway up, Mr. Host Man shows up saying that they have to grab a 10 or 20 lb scale, and they grab the 10 lb one. This is also in homage to the Incas. Mark ended up leaving some gold behind, which was an iffy decision. The Selfish Team trudged along well, and the SelflessTeam had some issues with poor Craig, and Mark's hand was falling asleep from holding the scale.

The Selfish Team got to the top with 23 bricks and they got an exemption. The Selfless team made it with about 30 seconds to spare. Their total is 57 bricks, with $14,250. There is always a "but" for the exemption. They have to decide who gets it, because only one person is going to, and if they can't decide, they forfeit the exemption, and all the money. Luckily, they come together and choose Clay, even though Kristen really wanted it and she kind of gave in.

The grand total is now $143, 250 in the pot.

Craig did a great job getting to the top of the mountain, but going back down, Craig got hypothermia. Yipes!! Ambulance was called, and he was taken away. The other players had no idea what was going on with him. He ended up being released on the condition he stayed warm and rested. He also had altitude sickness. Poor guy.

Alex and Victoria seem to have a little coalition going on. Mark claims not to be obsessive about his journal, but he is totally obsessive about his journal. He's kind of smart though, and is working it through like a giant logic puzzle.

At dinner, Mr. Host Man asks how vital their journals are. Lots of people said that they were vital, with Paul saying he could give it or take it, and Mr. Host Man takes all the journals and leaves the contestants (minus Craig, who skipped dinner because the drs were worried about a relapse) to eat dinner in shock.

After a break, Mr. Host Man returns, with journals in tow. He wrote down a few favorite comments, with a Mission in mind "Who Said That." He first rounded the pot up to $144,000. Each correct answer of Who Said That will give $2000 more to the pot.

Victoria: Who said at dinner, Victoria drank a lot? She guessed Mark, and was correct.
Clay: Who said "Very quiet, cool guy, I like his eyes? He guessed Kristen, and was correct.
Paul: Who said they are hoping this time, it will end out right. He guessed Nicole and was wrong.
Kristin: Who said that Mission One was the stupidest thing anyone ever did for money? She guessed Nicole, and was right
Alex: Who said you are taking control? He guessed Mark and was wrong.
Mark: Who said This is to easy, mispelling too? He guessed Paul and was right.
Nicole: Who wrote Nicole is here for fame? She tried to opt out, saying she had no idea, then she guessed Paul. She gave an option to fess up and get $2000, and Victoria guessed right.

However, Nicole was coughing and blinking and Mr. Host Man said it was a signal and took away $2000.

She is looking more and more like the mole, but she is doing it on purpose, I think.

Dessert is served, and it's creme brulee. After dessert, they are going for a drive, ending up at a little barrel fire. Someone can give up their journal. Alex and Paul are willing. Alex said he was willing to give his up, and then Mr. Host Man had him gather up everyone else's journal, and put them on a table, which he then set flame to. Mark is really pissed. I think he was about to cry, and then he went MIA after going off to sulk for a bit. They finally found him, still sulking, about how sadistic the whole thing was.

The next day, they have dinner, then the quiz without their journals. Craig joins them, and Mark is pissy because Craig got to keep his journal. Mr. Host Man says it's a possible advantage to make up for the disadvantage of missing the observations from the night before.

And it's quiz time:
1. Is the Mole Male or Female?
2. In the "Midas Rush" Mission, what color pants was the Mole wearing? (Blue or Black)
3. In the "Midas Rush," did the Mole's team decide who got exemption?
4. How many gold bars did the Mole's team carry to the finish?
5. At the end of Midas rush, from Mr. Host Man's perspective, where was the Mole standing, from left to right?
6. To date, has the Mole received an exemption?
7. During the Who Said that Mission, was the Mole's answer disqualified?
8. Was the Mole's journal burnt?
9. During "Who Said that, did the Mole confess to having written a comment about another player?
10. Who is the Mole?

There is a tie on the quiz, which means that the slowest time will be eliminated, and it is a 5 second difference.

Victoria is executed tonight, and I am sad about that, because I liked her. A lot of other people seemed to think she was the Mole.

Next week looks like some more diva behavior from Nicole is on the way, and Pail is going to freak out some more. It's going to be fun!

Who do you think is The Mole?


Ed said...

I preface this by saying that I've never watched this show: What happens if they do, in fact, vote out the mole?

Astrid said...

The Mole could never be voted out because he or she would get alll the quiz answers right. Cool, huh?

Ed said...

Man, you're quick. I just had that thought. But, at the same time, the mole doesn't want to get a perfect score because that would be revealing too...

Astrid said...

But scores are never revealed! So the Mole can get a perfect score every time, and no one would ever know. :)