Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 6/24/08

It's the final 3, and no more Jen! You can't see me, but I'm doing a Happy Dance.

The final three are also pretty happy to be there, without Jen, and would rather lose to each other than to Jen. I agree.

Before the challenge, Corey's mom and boyfriend come in, then Christina's parents, and Petrozza's father and girlfriend. They get to eat Ramsey's signature dish with their loved ones, and then (unbeknownst to them), they have to recreate the dish. Christina is the only one who thinks about the possible twist, and spends some time deconstructing the dish. Petrozza blubbered.

Off to the kitchen with them!

For meats, Corey decided that it was filet of buffalo, Christina chose venison strip loin. Petrozza also chose buffalo, then tasted again and went back and chose the venison like Christina.

All chefs chose pancetta, carrots, onions, cabbage, and parsley, and Christina was also looking for white bean puree, but couldn't find them at first. She looked again and found them way at the top.

For the puree, Christina is doing the white bean puree, Corey is doing potato parsnip, and Petrozza seems to be doing nothing.

All chefs are making a red wine reduction, though Corey added some raspberry framboise.

Corey was right about the framboise and the cream in the cabbage, which Christina's mom thought was in it, and she didn't listen to him. Unfortunately, Corey's meat choice was wrong. Christina won the challenge, with a close second to Petrozza because he skipped the puree. The losers have to be on bar duty, including hand crushing ice. Christina and Ramsey are dining out for a three course meal and a double decker tour. As a surprise, her parents are going with them.

While they are chipping away at ice, Corey pretended that the ice was Jen a few times to get the anger out. Petrozza got some critique from Jean-Philippe about the glassware polishing, and had to redo some. Poor guy.

For the dinner service, each contestant will take a turn running the hotplate. Ramsey wants to find out if anyone can run the kitchen as well as they can cook. Each gets some assertiveness training from Ramsey before getting his chance. Petrozza seemed to do a good job at his training, didn't lose it, but seemed uncomfortable. Christina started off, according to Ramsey, sounding like a cheerleader, but got better when he got her second chance. Corey was way too nice her first time, said that she isn't a good actress. We'll see how she does when it's real.

Ramsey started out running it, and the chefs got the appetizers out well. The sous chefs are also working in the kitchen, and also doing sabotage to try to trip up the contestants.

Petrozza is up first, and does ok, but then he missed that the risotto was lacking peas. Christina had a problem with overcooking scallops, then overcooking salmon, then undercooking salmon. At least Petrozza caught those problems. Christina was really hoping for a trouble free service, but her hopes were dashed. Then she missed the prawn with the John Dorey, then she dropped her pan. Petrozza's chance at the hotplate was done, and he did well.

Corey is up second at the pass, and could not read the handwriting, and there was a missing entree that she didn't catch. She was good at keeping people communicating, and then Chef Scott did some sabotage and sent up the wrong sauce, and she didn't catch it until after she sauced the wellington. She was sent back to her station.

It is Christina's turn, and it is her chance to redeem herself. She admitted that she kind of enjoyed yelling at her team. She must have been doing a good job because Chef Scott said that he wanted to kick her ass. Corey found her voice annoying. She spotted the sabotage of basil instead of mint in the mashed potatoes, and that was a good job.

All three chefs got together to finish the desserts up, and we actually got to see them making the desserts. They finish service and felt good.

Ramsey wastes no time in reminding them that even though they did well overall, someone has to go home. Corey ran her section well, but her skills at the pass were horrible. Christina was great at the pass but a mess at her station. Petrozza was sloppy at the pass in the beginning. Each of them has to nominate one person to go. This is a tough decision for them all, because they are all friends and respect each other in the kitchen.

Corey nominated Christina. Christina nominated Corey. Petrozza nominated Christina.

Petrozza is the first one safe, and joining him in the final two is Christina. I think she deserved it. She was so much stronger at the pass than Corey, which is a huge important skill. This actually ought to be a decent final. Next week is the Hell's Kitchen version of Restaurant Wars. Jen AND Matt are both back as sous chefs in the final. Wonder who will get stuck with each of them.

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