Thursday, November 12, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 11.12.09

Back from Tribal Council, and Brett wished he had a chocolate chip cookie with an inch of peanut butter on it.  Russell is wishing he hadn't played his idol.  The girls are thrilled with the use of the idol. 

The next morning, Natalie came across a rat and she was terrified of it.  Really?  She then decided to try to bash it with a stick.  She was sad because it was really cute.  She returned to camp and said "I killed something, y'all."  She just went up about 10 steps of awesome in my book.  They roasted it up and shared it amongst themselves.  Mmmm.

Tree mail showed them reward for feast and a getaway.  Russell was looking for the second hidden immunity idol, but it was not there.

Teams of four have to run out and get coconuts on a field in white and black, and then arrange them to be a four digit number.  Another team member has to make the number, blindfolded.  Winning team gets to go to a fabulous rock slide and get a picnic.

Teams are Jaison, Laura, Brett, Mick, and Russell vs. Shambo, Kelly, Dave, John, and Monica.  Because Natalie was randomly chosen to sit out, she gets to decide to support one of the teams, and if her team wins, she gets to go on reward with them.  She picked Russell's team.

Russell and Jaison helped the team get their coconuts back first, and Shambo was a slow runner and slowed down her team.  Dave's team got their number first and passed it on to Monica to do the blindfolded part.  She got a bit of a head start, but Russell's team sent their number to Laura soon afterwards.  Monica finished first, and Russell's team lost again.  Natalie gets no reward.  Neither do any former Foa Foa members.  The curse continues.

The rock slide looked like so much fun, and I think we got to hear more from Kelly and John than ever before.  Someone used the word "ridonculous" to describe a donut, and I can't get behind that.

And what's this???  There's a clue for a new hidden immunity idol!  They decide to share it with other Galu members.

Meanwhile back at camp, Russell did some searching, looking for the second immunity idol.  Little does he know it's the third one.  And... he FOUND it.  It was under the bridge.  He was so excited he was shaking.

Now, can he keep it to himself?

I admit, I am impressed.

When the group returned to camp, Shambo went off with Russell, and he decided to share the knowledge with Shambo.  They decided to let the former Galu vote for Russell, and have him play the idol, and vote out Laura.  They identify Kelly as the bigger threat than Monica if Laura should win Immunity.

Immunity Challenge

Grappling hooks are sent out to get bags.  First three go on.  Next, they go to a peg wall where they have to put pegs in, while others drop down, and the first to get all of them in wins immunity.

Dr. Mick is the first one to move on to the second round.  Shambo secures her spot in the second round next.  Russell and Laura race to get their bags in, and Laura brought hers in a fraction before and moves on.

Each bag has two pegs - one will fit and the other will not.  As they push one in, another falls out, until they have all of them in.  It's like jungle Perfection.  Kind of.  Laura got her pieces out last, but did a good job of figuring out the puzzle and took a really big lead, and won immunity. 

There goes the plan for Shambo and Russell.

 Shambo was so upset about Laura winning immunity, she looked like she wanted to cry.  Russell told Jaison that he found the other idol, and told him to vote KellyJaison spread the word to the other former Foa FoansMonica brought up the point that one of them might have found the idol, and Dave said there was no time for that.  They planned to take out Natalie after they take out Russell.  Russell walked past while they were talking and thought he heard Natalie.  He doesn't want to be voted out with the idol in his pocket, and he doesn't want to use it without needing to again.  Former Galu decided to kill their chicken once they were rid of the Foa Foans.  Sacrifice?

Tribal Council

As Erik became the first member of the jury, former Galu members don't waste any time in telling Probst that they got rid of Erik because he was a snake in the tribe.  Probst asked Russell if he spends his time searching for cracks in the Galu members.  He said he did, but they seem tight.  Dave said that they are happy lovey dovey about their decisions on who to vote out.  How democratic. 

No votes were shown.  It's very tense.  Russell chose to play his hidden immunity idol again, and Dave's face was priceless.  His jaw hit the tribal council floor.  I really hope that they voted for him.  I would be sad to see Natalie go.  Votes go to... Russell.  YES.  Erik looked pleased.  The Foa Foa votes came out and they were for Kelly, and she is out.  Oh, Kelly.  I hardly heard you speak.  Laura whispered "He just stirred up a whole lot of hell, that's what he did." 

And the Hidden Immunity Idol?  Back into play.  Russell looked like he couldn't wait to get back on the hunt for it.  In previews for next week, Russell went back out in search.  So did everyone else. 

And hey, Shambo voted for Russell, so the Galu people don't know that she's with Russell.  Very clever.

We you giggling as much as I was?

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Ed said...

One of the top ten best episodes, imo...