Thursday, November 19, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 11.19.09

Russell compares his game to a Picasso. He's pretty good, I have to admit.  Dave told Russell that it was a great move, and Russell said it felt almost as great as the birth of his kids.  Laura and Monica simply called him a snake.  Shambo chatted with Russell about Laura's reaction at Tribal.  Very cool.  I am so glad that Shambo is in with Russell.  Shambo said that she would love to find the new hidden idol and give it to Russell, just to play Laura again.  Bwah ha ha.

And as soon as it was light enough to see, Russell was back out searching for that idol again.  No immediate luck, but he was working it.

Wow, Shambo had some fantastic insults for Laura.  She called her the demon, the beast, and other choice things.  She then went to talk to John about the need to get rid of Laura.  He didn't really commit to anything.  He thinks he is the only Galuvian who is knowledgeable of her switch of loyalty.

Reward Challenge

Two teams of five are formed.  One member will lie face down in a cradle attached to ropes, which the other team members maneuver to help the cradled person snag 15 flags in order, and then put them in their spots in order.

They are playing for a picnic by a waterfall, and the use of a Palm Pre, to take pictures.  I'm betting there will be phone calls involved, too.

The teams are Shambo, Jaison, Monica, and Dr. Mick with John in the cradle vs. Dave, Brett, Laura, and Russell with Natalie in the cradle.  Things were looking good, until John knocked over number 9 and had to put it back in it's slot before continuing.    Natalie was hanging out of the cradle like a trapeze artist.  It was really well done.  Natalie's team won the reward.

The reward looked nice.  Lots of beautiful food, including hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pie... lots of pictures were taken.

Back at camp, Jaison and Dr. Mick talked to Monica and tried to get her over on their side.  She told them she thought they would still be even.  The assured her that they had the votes, and she said she wants John out.  She is also pretty sure that the flipper is Shambo.  Ding Ding Ding.

At the challenge, the feasters got a video clue to find the new hidden idol.  It's under a mossy rock.  Back at camp, he shared the clue with Jaison, and off they all went in search.  Everyone was chasing Russell around.  Russell started running, and Dave was off after him.  Russell lost Dave, doubled back, and ....

He freaking found the idol.  Again.  That guy is awesome.  If Russell was really smart, he'd keep looking fervently.  Otherwise, everyone will know he has it again.

Monica went to tell Laura that she doesn't trust two people on the tribe - Shambo is first on the list. 

Immunity Challenge

They have to throw a rock at tiles, and they will get spears for every tile they break.  The person who gets their spear closest to a target wins.  It's like Plinko, with the pricing game first, to get plinko pucks.

Jaison is the first one to get a tile.  Dave knocked out one of Monica's tile.  Dr. Mick broke a tile, and Brett broke two tiles.

Laura, Russell, Shambo, Natalie, and Dave don't get a chance at immunity.

The spears were shot in a giant crossbow-like thing.  Brett got in the second ring, and Jaison followed it up by missing the target entirely.  Monica hit the target, but was way outside.  Dr. Mick took careful aim and got just inside Brett's.  Brett's second spear didn't get any closer, so Dr. Mick wins immunity.

Shambo was practically cackling about getting rid of Laura.  That means something is going to go terribly wrong with that plan.  Russell told the camera that the plan is to get rid of Laura.  Shambo told Brett (who we have barely seen) that there is no more Galu and she is absolutely voting for LauraJohn, Dave, and Laura met in the woods and Laura wanted to vote rid of Russell, and John said "Wrong.  Your vote is for Natalie."  That would be smart, see.  He talked in interview about how badly the former Galu thinks analytically.  Then, Monica went to Dave and told him that she is going to tell Foa Foa she is voting for John, and she will really vote for Natalie, and then it will be Natalie going, with Shambo's vote for Laura.  She went to talk to Foa Foa, and she was seemingly convincing.  Brett told John about the plan to get Foa Foa to vote for him.  John did not think that sounds like a good plan at all.  He said he is not risking his life (in the game) to save Laura John went to go talk to Russell, who said he figured out that the Vote For John push is a swindle.  John thinks he might vote for LauraJohn said that if he switches, and votes for Laura, he wants the next vote out to be a Foa Foan. 

This could get interesting.  It is certainly the most camera time Brett and John have gotten so far. 

Tribal Council

Probst asked if it is surprising to have two former Galus in the jury.  Shambo said that to her, Galu was broken.  Laura claims they are tight, at least Galu without Shambo.  He asked if people would be ok forcing a tie and pulling rocks.  Dave said he would be fine with that.  Really?  I mean, really?

Shambo called Laura a viperous poison when she voted for her.  I know they don't get along, but I also don't quite get the bitter animosity, I guess... I maybe missed something?

Russell felt safe enough to not play his hidden idol.

Laura got the first vote, followed by another Laura, then another Natalie, then another Laura, and then another Natalie, then another Laura, then another Natalie, then another Laura.  The final vote was for Natalie.  It's a tie!

Laura and Natalie did not vote, and everyone has to vote for either Laura or Natalie.

Laura was stunned, as were the other Galuvians (except for Shambo and John).  Jaws dropped.  I clapped and whooped a little.  Russell looked like the happiest person ever.

This is going to get very interesting.  Love it.


Ed said...

Kind of responding as I read:

In the reward challenge, I think that they lost because they didn't put Monica in the cradle. Lightest would have been my criteria.

That was a nice little jog that Russell took Dave on. Very head's up. And him finding the third idol without a clue was just brilliant. Having the where-with-all not to play it at tribal was even moreso.

You didn't mention this, but it was very mean-spirited of Shambo to laugh at Laura when Laura missed with her throw. Just sayin'.

Speaking of barely seeing Brett (and John, until last night), I had that same thought; do you think that this means he's going to the finals?

Ed said...

I misspoke; he did have a clue, the THIRD time...