Thursday, November 5, 2009

Project Runway - 11.5.09

It's time for the final challenge before Bryant Park!  Irina and Althea are on the outs because Irina accused Althea of copying her.  Christopher is all by himself in the men's dorm, and is lonely.  Gordana wants to maker her country proud.

For their last challenge in LA, they are sent to meet Tim at the Getty Center, which is apparently the heart of LA culture.  The mayor of LA was there with him.  Their challenge is to create a design using the Getty Center as inspiration.  They have 2 days, after a 30 minute tour, a 30 minute sketching, and then their final trip to Mood.  As a special treat, their models are joining them, to serve as muses.

Back in the workroom, Althea is feeling left out, while Irina and Gordana seem to be new friends, but then they snipe at each other, too.

Tim's check in time!  Christopher took his inspiration from a rock fountain, and Tim urged him to keep an editing eye.  Carol Hannah is drawing from the fabulous bed, and Tim thought her idea of draping a whole bunch of stuff over the bodice would make it loose the sophistication.  Irina was going for fleshy, but Tim was worried that it looked like roadkill, and he called it a Post-Apocolyptic moment.  Bwah ha ha.  Althea was trying to draw from the architecture, but Tim was troubled by her construction, and called it a panel of puckering.  Gordana was drawing from a Monet, and Tim could see it immediately.  She broke down crying, telling him that the colors were angelic and she is spiritual and it made a difference to her.

Althea decided to edit away her fur thing, and I'm glad.  Althea thought that Gordana's dress was beautiful, but not enough for a final challenge dress. 

Runway Time!

Two people are getting cut tonight, according to Heidi.  Nina and Heidi are joined by Cindy Crawford!  Cool.

Althea's dress was weird.  It was not at all flattering and it looked odd on her model.

Carol Hannah's dress was gorgeous and ... just stunning.

Christopher's dress was definitely interesting.  Something else.

Gordana's dress was just stunning.

Irina's dress was a shapeless sack and I really hated it.

Althea's dress is called ambitious, and the bottom looked overworked, while the top looked underworked.

Irina took her inspiration from fleshy ladies and wanted to do a goddess gown.  Cindy liked the color and the inspiration but hated the shoes.  I agree.  Heidi had her remove a lot of the accessories, and it did look better.  But I still hated it.

Gordana's dress connected perfectly with the painting.  Nina worried that she didn't take enough chances.  Cindy thought it was wearable.  The back was maligned.

Carol Hannah's shoulder got good marks.  Nina called it a safe perfection.

Christopher's top was flattering, but the skirt was too stiff for a long dress.  I say, his inspiration was ROCK.  Why shouldn't it be stiff? Heidi asked him if he is confident in it as his final look on the runway, and he said that this piece says more about him than anything else he's done, because the inspiration was not as obviously beautiful at the outset.  He broke into tears and hugged his model.

So, Heidi asked them who should go with each of them to fashion week.

Gordana thought that Irina and Christopher should go to fashion week with her.

Althea thought that Irina and Carol Hannah should go to fashion week with her.

Carol Hannah thought that Christopher and Gordana should go with her.

Irina pulled the heart strings, too, playing the immigrant's dream.  She wanted Althea and Gordana to go with her to fashion week.

Christopher thinks that Irina and Carol Hannah should go with him to fashion week.

Irina is heading to fashion week.  Christopher is the first one to leave, and Heidi gave him kind words about seeing beauty in the unusual before giving him the auf.  Carol Hannah was the second one going to fashion week.  I am supremely disappointed when Althea is sent to fashion week and Gordana was sent home.  I really don't like Althea's aesthetic so much.

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