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Project Runway - 11.19.09: Finale!

Poor Carol Hannah is still feeling really sick.  Irina basically said "Too bad, so sad," and continued on her bitchy way.  At the work room, Logan comisserated with Carol Hannah before going to go work for Althea.  Gordana got to work with Irina.  Carol Hannah was just in tears.  Christopher offered a shoulder to cry on, but then went to work for her.  Althea awkwardly suggested that it was time to go for hair and makeup consultations.  It went well, with no real drama.  Althea and Irina have close eye make-up ideas.  Carol Hannah wanted soft and pretty.

Back at the workroom, there were some fittings, and then Tim came for a look see.  He worried about Irina's hats looking costumey.  Althea's 13th look is a little 80's. He also heard similar make-up ideas from Irina and Althea and was concerned.  Althea was in tears.  Tim called it a Make It Work Moment.  He worried about Carol Hannah's relapse, but she claimed to be feeling ok-ish. Her 13th look is a gorgeous blue color, and I kind of think it could be awesome.

Sewing sewing sewing!  The next morning, Carol Hannah seemed to be feeling better, but admitted it was mostly mind over matter.  Irina decided to put her Main Model in the 13th look.  I hate the hat.  I think it is ridiculous. 

Tim had a final Gather Round when they had about 15 minutes left.  People were stitching to the last second.  Irina told Gordana to put all the hats, all the gloves, and all the feathers in one bag, which she would take with her.  Off they went, back to their hotel. 

The day of the Runway show, they had to get up at 3:15 AM in order to have time to get themselves ready, and then get the models ready.  Irina didn't have her muse models look done and she wasn't in hair and makeup done.  Then, Irina had a zipper break.  Tim was about to lose it because no one was ready to line up when they needed to be.  Tim was not happy.  That made the designers nervous.

Heidi was looking kind of 80's in a hot pink suit with skinny pants and shoulder pads... I didn't love the look.

Althea was out first, and she was dressed in a really cute dress, leggings, and... Uggs?  Ugh.  Not a good choice.  She wanted to show what the woman of today would wear tomorrow.  Her first look invlved ridiculously long sleeves on a  sweater with leather look pants.  Her next looks was a simple black dress.  The 13th look was not bad.  There was a look that had a top that looked stained.  I really hate the super long sleeves.  It was all kind of weird and awkward to me.  There was a green mini dress that I kind of liked, but then came a couple of really badly put together silver dresses.  There was a gold dress that her muse model was wearing, and it was kind of slick, but nothing special.  An eh collection.

Carol Hannah was next.  She's adorable.  She didn't talk about the inspiration for her collection, but that's ok.  Her first looks was a very interesting gold and black dress, followed by another really neat dress.  There was a purple top with braiding and I loved it.  The rich purple gown was also fabulous.  I really dug the silber poofy bottom dress, and although the silver babydoll top looked kind of maternity, the 13th look was stunning.  The red headed model in the gold dress looked uncomfortable, but that can't be blamed ont eh dress.  The muse model in the gold gown was gorgeous.  Loved the styling of her collection.  I think I could see a lot of those gowns on red carpets.

Irina was last.  Her collection was about New York.  She also had the super long sleeves.  Her hats made her models look like Robin Hood.  Or horses.  The giant sweaters with with hoods were stupid.  The 13th look was kind of neat but nothing I loved.  I have no idea what she was thinking with the shredded pants.  Her gown at the end witht he stupid hat looked hard to walk in and the model didn't look happy.  The whole collection was black, with the exception of some knit and fur.  I really hated it. 

Carol Hannah for the win, in my book!  The judges thought that there was variety, fabulous knitwear, and new ideas.  I don't know about the fabulous, but there was certainly knitwear...

Michael, Nina, and Heidi are juined by Suzy Menkes, Fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.

Enter the muse models!

Irina talked up the shielding aspect of her looks.  Michael told her that the warrior woman is not a new character on the scene.  Heidi thought it was a finished collection.  Nina liked the t-shirts.  Michael commended her for the work that went into it.  Heidi wants to own some of the clothes.  Nina didn't like all the black.  Michael thought the black would giver her less credit than she deserved.  Nina worried that all the black doesn't play well on camera,

Carol Hannah loved draping.  Heidi loved the 13th look, and was stunned to hear it was the last look.  Suzy loved the upturned pyramid dress, and Carol Hannah called it a showpiece.  Heidi didn't know that it was a cohesive collection.  Michael loved the structured drapery, but worried there was no connecting thread.

Althea wanted to talk about the future.  Michael liked that the collection was sportswear, which you could potentially mix and match.  Nina liked the green dress, and Heidi liked the silver strapless top that I hated.  Michael loved some khaki pants that I hated - he thought they were flattering.  I thought they were kind of like parachute pants.

 The judges loved Carol Hannah's use of color.  Suzy thought that Althea had good clothes, but didn't showcase them well.  Oh, good lord.  The judges liked Irina's hats.  Michael didn't love her big giant gown.

Carol Hannah is the first one out.

Booooo.  Now, I don't really care who wins.  I hated both of the other collections.  At least Althea had that cool green dress..  Freaking Irina won.  Stupid freaking hats and stupid giant sleeves and stupid huge hoods.  Gah.  I would not wear any of her clothes.  None of them.  The judges called it sleek, modern, and cohesive.  I disagree.

Anyhow, winning won't make Irina any less of a bitch.

Are you as disappointed as I was?

Here's hoping that next season brings some more fun.  Don't know when it starts, but I'll be there.

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