Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.25.09

The group dance is someone's weird brain at work.  Maybe Sonya?  It was pretty cool.  Kind of like Alice in Wonderland gone even funkier.  It was fun.  Legacy got to do some major spinning on his head.  It looks like Wade, but did he do two routines in a row?  Ah - it was Tabitha and Napoleon.  That was my third guess.

The reveal of Cat was very cool, even though she looks like an 80's Dyanasty extra.  Not the best look.  Cat does have astounding legs, though.  Adam liked Cat's outfit, and Mary was looking a little like Big Bird.  The judges blathered on about how sad they are to break up the couples, and how great everyone is.

Down to business.

Karen & Victor and Ashleigh & Jakob are up first.  My bet is for Karen & Victor to be in the bottom 3.  And I am right.  Deservedly so.  Legacy & Kathryn are up next with Mollee & Nathan.  I hope to high heavens that it's Mollee & Nathan in the bottom 3. And I am right again!!!  The final two couples to find their fate are Noelle & Russell and Ryan & Ellenore.  I think it is going to be Noelle & Russell.  I don't think they really deserve it (well, Russell doesn't), but against Ryan & Ellenore?  No contest, in my opinion.   And holy cow, it's Ellenore & Ryan.  I don't honestly think they have anything to worry about, unless they really fudge up their solos.

The guest dancer is a principal dancer from the American Ballet theatre, Paloma Hererra, and she's doing a dance from Don Quixote.  Ballet is awesome, but looking at it makes my feet hurt.  She was very good.  I miss Melissa.

Karen's solo:  She did pretty well, but did a lot of tossing her hair around.

Victor's solo: was pretty cool, I have to admit.

Mollee's solo:  So, she's a gymnast.  That doesn't make her a dancer.  At best, it makes her a cheerleader.

Nathan's solo:  Pretty neat, but I don't know if it really showed his best.

Ellenore's solo:  She showed off her quirky way of dancing, and I love her.

Ryan's solo:  He manages again to show off his super abilities and his feet were moving a mile a minute.  He should be safe.

Shakira performs.  When did she turn into Beyonce?  Seriously?  She looks eerily like Beyonce.  I miss bellydancing Shakira.  Fast forward time.   I think her hips have indeed started to lie.

The judges were unanimous for the girls.  They thought Mollee was fighting for her place in the top 10, and they liked her solo.  The judges couldn't think of anything to tell Ellenore about improving her dancing.  Karen knows how to shake her groove thing, but they thought her solo seemed like she was waving the white flag.  It's the end of the road for Karen.  While I think it should have been Mollee, I can't disagree.  I just really wanted Mollee gone.  Oh well.

For the guys, they were not unanimous.  Nigel compared Victor with Kelly Osbourne on Dancing with the Stars.  He thinks he has grown, much as she did.  Nigel didn't like Ryan's solo nearly as much, because it's hard for a latin dancer to compete with a contemporary solo.  Nathan hasn't shown much growth, and Nigel wanted him gone, but in the end, it's Victor going.  I think it was the right decision.  He may have had the better solo, but his partner work is not nearly as good.  I'll be interested in seeing Nathan with someone Not Mollee.

Do you think the right people went home?

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