Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 11.11.09

Cat looks like she's ready for her very 80's Goth Prom, and she kind of works it out.

Group Dance to Warrior, by Lloyd Bands.  It's kind of African inspired and Thriller inspired.  I bet Wade choreographed it. It was very cool.  I do love a good group number. 

It was Dave Scott, not Wade.  Wow.  It was very fun.

The judges talk about how weird voting can make things turn out.

Ellenore & Ryan are the first couple in the bottom 3.  Channing & Victor are safe, as are Kathryn & Legacy

As filler, we have Dominic from Season 3 in a crowd, asking people to show their knowledge of dance moves.  It's things like batchacada.  Yeah.  No clue.   And then he gave away scooters, courtesy Kmart.  That's a weird tie in.

Back to the results.  Ashleigh & Jakob are safe.  How about Pauline & Peter, and Noelle & Russell?  Well, the awesomeness that is Noelle & Russell are safe, leaving the Quickstep Duo on the bottom. 

Who will round out the bottom 3?  Kevin & Karen, or Mollee & Nathan?  If there is any justice, it will be Nathan & Mollee.  There is no justice.  I blame the High School Musical crowd. Nigel told the young duo that they need to grow up and dance better, and they both looked about to cry.

Professional Dance Trio now.  I missed their names.  They were captivating.  Loved them.  Some sort of dance theatre, Cat said?

Ellenore is first and her solo was really funky, just like she is.  It was a good solo.

Ryan has the uneviable task of showing what he can do in ballroom solo.  He did a really good job of it, though.  Better than I expected.

Pauline's solo is next, and she did a really good job with it.  She has amazing extension.

Peter's tap solo showed his personality, too.  I love the faces he makes while dancing, and he really connect with the audience.  I'm pleased with him, and hope he stays.  He went without music.

Karen isn't going anywhere.  Her solo wasn't the best, though, and she barely used the stage.  She basically put her undeniable hotness out there.

Kevin did a really funky solo and I love his style.  I think he's safe.

Sadly, I think it's going to be Peter & Pauline.  Maybe Ellenore

Wow.  The judges really hated every solo.  They didn't think that anyone brought it at soloists.  He didn't think anyone proved that they were as brilliant as they think they are.

Karen is called smoldering and Nigel wonders if she is offputting for a certain demographic.

Nigel warned Ellenore that she has to balance the quirky with the dancing.

Pauline was told that she has been getting by on her charisma.  She's out.  I think that was the right decision.

Ryan was told that he didn't do a roundoff into a back somersault well enough to do it in his solo.  His partner work was applauded, but his solo was a problem. 

Peter hasn't shown his star quality. 

Kevin is growing, and is going to stay.

Peter is out.  I am sad to see the third tapper gone, but I think it was the right decision.

Do you think they made the right decisions?

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