Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amazing Race - 11.15.09

The Globe Trotters take off first, from the Stockholm area towards Tallinn, Estonia, across the Baltic Sea.  Teams then have to figure out how to open a door to the secret lair of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads.  I'm thinking not so secret anymore, after being on television.

The next ferry is at 5:45 the next afternoon.  That's the only boat all day, apparently.  It's a bottleneck!

Most of the teams manage to wrangle taxis to the side of the road to follow to the ferry.

The Gary & Matt came in last in the non-elimination leg, so they have a Speed Bump.

The ferry ride is 16 hours long, across the sea. 

Once there, the race was on again.  Taxi taxi taxi.

First to arrive at the building were Megan & Cheyne (and the speed bump was right before the building), followed by Sam & Dan.  Ericka & Bryan showed up next.  Before they got in, Megan & Cheyne got in.


Teams must join the ranks of the 600 year old brotherhood of the blackheads.  They have to go into the basement and get a candelabra with a room number attached, then find the room, and get a scroll that looks blank, but has a message hidden in invisible ink, which becomes visible when put over the lighted candle. 

Speed Bump for Gary and Matt

They have to find a sauna bus, strip down, and take a 5 minute sauna with the locals before they can continue.  They don't know what a sauna bus is, so they are in for a treat.  Turns out, they are of Finnish decent, so it's not as uncomfortable as it could have been.  I love saunas.  I want a sauna bus.

Meanwhile, back at the Roadblock, Sam & Cheyne are having a hard time finding their room numbers.  Ericka and The Globe Trotter arrived to do the Roadblock next.

The Globe Trotter tried to solve his clue by scribbling on it with red crayon that he found, but everyone else figured out to use the candle.  The next clue sent them to Pik Herman Tower Garden.

After their sauna, Gary & Matt headed to the task.  Matt had no idea what a candelabra was, and pronounced it like "candelabra", akin to "abracadabra."  Very odd.  He was asking people if they were candelabra.  He finally figured it out and was on his way.

Finally, the Globe Trotter figured out the clue, and were off.


Serve - Volleyball in bogs, against a local team, and they have to score 5 points.

Sling - Teams have to hit a moose sign with slingshot balls, while standing in the bog, to make lettuce fall.

There was a note - "Teams may perform the task in their underwear"

Back at the Roadblock, Matt finally figured out his clue, but got Pik Herman Tower, but not the Garden part.   I don't know if that will come back to bite them.  In fact it does, and they spent a good long time trying to get into the Tower itself, before finding the clue.

Sam & Dan and The Globe Trotters fought over a taxi, and ended up taking a van style taxi together.

Meghan & Cheyne showed up at Bog Volleyball first, and they both have volleyball experience.  They wasted no time in getting their points.

The Globetrotters, Sam & Dan, and Bryan & Erika had arrived at the same time to Volleyball, and had a really hard time seeing the markings on the path.  They finally found it.

Sam & Dan got to the Volleyball and were excited about the "hottie Estonian Guys."  The Globe Trotters were in the second put at the same time.

Neither of them were nearly as good at the Volleyball as Meghan & Cheyne were.  They Globetrotters came out first, but then started the wrong way to the Pitstop.

Bryan & Erika and Gary & Matt are the only teams to do the Slingshots.  Ericka & Bryan were done just as Gary & Matt were almost there.  It was not a very exciting Roadblock.

The Pit Stop is Keava Raba Overlook Tower, in the bog.  They have to run for it.

Meghan & Cheyne are first to the Pit Stop.  They win a red cedar sauna.  I am green with jealousy.  I want a sauna so badly.

On the road to the Pitstop, The Globe Trotters and Sam & Dan were in a footrace, and Sam & Dan a Globetrotter collided, and the Globe Trotters were pissed off.  Ericka & Bryan came in next, and Gary & Matt were last, eliminated from the race.

And someone told Matt how to pronounce "candelabra" before his exit camera interview.  Bonus.

Yay!!!!  Next week they are going to Prague!!!  I can't wait! (I've also been to Prague)

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Jeanne said...

So bummed that Gary/Matt are out! They were my team in the pool that I do. Plus I really liked them. Not sure who to root for now, I like all the teams but the brothers. They seem whiney to me.