Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amazing Race - 11.22.09

From the marsh, Megan & Cheyne are the first to leave Estonia, and head to Prague.

Once in Prague, they have to get to old town square, and then find a Praga, which they have to figure out is a vintage car.

They have NO MONEY for this leg of the race.  Tricky.

I love Prague.  My husband and I went there in 2001.

Sam & Dan prove that they are really undereducated, and ask if they speak Spanish in Prague.  The other one said, "No, it's a country."  Um... not really.  It's a city in a country.  Nice try, though.

At the airport, Megan & Cheyne find that the first flight is at 5:20 AM, heading to Riga, and then connecting to Prague at 8:15.  All of the other teams find the same answer to the travel on the internet.  When Megan & Cheyne went to check the internet, also, and saw the picture of the Praga, and Megan decided to tell the other teams that it is something other than a car. 

All the teams got on the same flight.

Why, Hello, Prague.  Miss you.

Everyone takes a taxi, except for Ericka & Brian, who took the shuttle.  I don't know how they are going to be paying for these forms of transportation, since they got no money.  They must be able to use the money leftover from previous legs.

Sam & Dan thought a Praga might be a coat or a robe.

The teams must find Kayaka Troya, an outdoor adventure center.  And, Goodbye, Old Town Square.  (I love that Astronomic Clock.  It's stunning).  Dan is annoyed at how much Sam loves seeing the sights.  I am annoyed at how annoying Dan is.

Brian & Ericka made the wrong decision, and were very slow in making their way into the city.  They stopped and snagged a taxi to try to get there more quickly.  They were already in last place.

Meghan & Cheyne got to the Kayaka Troya first.


Fast and Furious - Teams take a rough ride down a man made white water rafting course, and grab a ribbon with their next clue.  If they tip over, they have to try again.

Slow and Steady - Teams must walk across a ropes course and retrieve their clue.

Sam & Dan did Fast, while Meghan & Cheyne and The Globetrotters chose Slow.

Immediately, Sam & Dan started bickering like crazy.  I really have come to hate their bitching.

Ericka & Brian finally found their clue, and headed to the Detour.

The Globe Trotters had troubles with the ropes course because they are so tall, and heavy, they were touching the water.  It certainly didn't look like a walk in the park.  Big Easy was having the worst time.

I must admit I giggled a bit when the brothers capsized.

Meghan & Cheyne finished the detour first.  Unfortunately, Flight Time started going slowly down the ladder and they couldn't get down until he was off.  He took his sweet time getting down.  Big Easy kept struggling.

Teams must get to the Estates Theatre, as indicated by writing on the ribbons they collected on the detour.

And the Brothers went over AGAIN.  They decided to switch to slow.  Right then, Brian & Ericka arrived.  They are doing Slow, as well.  Ericka is not fond of water, and Brian doesn't like heights.  Fun.  Many squabbles ensued, for both teams.

Meghan called to the Globe Trotters to follow them to the tram, and then Meghan & Cheyne grabbed a taxi that I think the Globetrotters flagged down.  Meghan was not happy about Cheyne being rude, and he wondered where her competitive spirit was. 


Who Can Remain Composed Under Pressure?

The opera house is where Don Giovanni was first performed, and they have to search through the seats of the opera house and find a miniature mandolin, and then bring it on stage to Don Giovanni himself.

I really wish that they had done something with the Marionette Don Giovanni shows that are constantly going on in Prague.  That's something else.

It was pretty funny when Cheyne brought the wrong instrument up to the actor first, and he just laughed at him and said "No."

There are lots of decoy instruments in the seats.  That's tricky.

At the Detour, Sam & Dan finished and tried to steal the taxi that Brian & Ericka had waiting for them.  They told the cabbie they would pay him extra, and he agreed.  That was not cool.

At the Roadblock, the Globe Trotters were annoyed with Meghan's constant calling for Cheyne.

Ericka & Brian found a house and the nice people there called a cab for them.  That was really sweet.

Dan found a case for a miniature instrument, but no instrument.  Flight Time Showed off some good pipes and sang for Big Easy.  Big Easy found the empty case and got laughed at.

Finally, Cheyne found the case that did have an instrument in it, and off they went.  The Globe Trotters were happy to not listen to Meghan anymore.  Dan found it next.  Right as they were leaving, Ericka & Brian showed up.  The Brothers avoided eye contact with the team they screwed over.  The Globe Trotters finally found the instrument, and the Brothers (ironically) had a hard time getting a taxi and barely got to the castle in front of the Globetrotters.

And the Pit Stop is the fabulous Prague Castle.  It is really stunning.  Rulers have been defenestrated there throughout history.

Meghan & Cheyne arrived first and won a trip to Hawaii.  Sam & Dan managed to get to the Pit Stop in second place, with the Globe Trotters hot on their heels.

Ericka continued to search for the instrument, as Don Giovanni took a break and ate a sandwich.  She did find it, and off they went to the castle.

And, it's a non-elimination leg!  Again!  Brian & Ericka are safe.  Insane.  I'm glad.  I really want the brothers out.

How about you?  Were you happy to see this non-elimination leg?

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