Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amazing Race - 11.8.09

(Because of football, I've missed the end of the episode.  I am sad.  Zap2it ought to have a recap up soon)

I've been to Stockholm!  I've been to Stockholm!  I've actually spent a lot of time in Stockholm!

I have not been to their destination, Grona Lund, though... oh, well.

I have been to about 18 museums in Stockholm.  It was a 17-year old mission.  It was crazy.  And it was awesome.

Back to the race, Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan were at the airport first, and camped out at the KLM counter, waiting for them to open at 5:30 AM.  The first flight was at 6:55.  The next flight was at 9:25 AM.   The Globe Trotters, Meghan & Cheyne, and Sam & Dan got on the first flight.  At the airport, the Globe Trotters missed the first train out of the airport. 

At Grona Lund, one member of each team have to ride a ride that goes up 24 stories and then drops at crazy speeds, and they have to spot an arrow pointing to their next clue at the top.  Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan had no troubles spotting the arrow.

Their next clue sent them to do a Roaming Gnome Ring Toss, and they have to ring a gnome hat until they reveal a gnome underneath.  They have to keep the gnome with them to the next pit stop.


Nobel Dynamite - Teams have to build a bunker and blow up a rock wall with their clue hidden inside.

Viking Alphabet - Teams must decipher a rune stone to get their next clue.

Big Easy was too tall to ride the ride at Grona Lund.  That was kind of sad.

Back at the airport, Erika & Bryan got to the train first, leaving Gary & Matt behind.

No one had any trouble finding their next clue, thought, and the gnomes were not too hard to get.

Everyone headed to the dynamite detour.  That does sound like more fun.  Rune stones are awesome, but blowing things up are better.

Sam & Dan blew things up first and their next clue.  Meghan & Cheyne fought some but blew stuff up and were headed out as well.  So did the Globe Trotters.

The teams headed to Bogs Gard farm (I don't have the proper symbols on my computer to spell things right) in Vasby.

It was raining as Sam & Dan and Meghan & Cheyne got to the farm.

Switchback (Roadblock Redux)

This is the roadblock that eliminated Lina and Kristy after 8 hours of unrolling hay bales.

Sam was the first one out in the bales, and Dan wasted no time in telling him that it took one team 8 hours the last time the challenge was seen.  Sam was not interested in listening to him, and kept unrolling.  Meghan decided to do the challenge, and Cheyne gave her her gloves, which was a good plan.  Hay is sharp.  Flight Time went out to do the bales, since it was Big Easy's birthday.  Meghan decided it was the worst thing she'd ever done in her life.  Dan yelled at Sam for looking through the hay instead of just unrolling it.  Sam told him to f-off, pretty much, and mumbled that he stopped listening to his brother about 10 years ago.

For a birthday present, The Globe Trotters found their clue.

Then my show cut off.  Booooooo.  Stupid Football.

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