Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Idol: 2.10.10

Group Day!

The mad dash to find a group and choose a song happened.

One group was made entirely of people from Denver, and called themselves The Mighty Rangers.

Why didn't Jamar (Danny's friend) come back???

Mary Rocker Mamma's group had issues with two members who tossed themselves into their group.

Ok, the fact that some of them are singing Lady Gaga is all sorts of awesome.

One group was too loud  and got into a battle of wills with another group singing the same song.  Why don't they have rooms for these people to rehearse in?  Oh, right, because it wouldn't be good tv.

Drama, sleepy people, cocky people, people with bad hair and bad hats... time for bed.

More drama with Mary Rocker Momma, including with the accompaniest!  Yipes.

Morning time, and people seem excited, and forgetting their lyrics in rehearsals.  Oh, that's not good. 

Mary may be a good singer, but she doesn't have the best attitude.

Michael Lynch found out that his baby was born - it's a girl.  Wow.

Finally time for the Singing.

Faith (Michelle Delamore, Charity Vance, and Ashley Rodriguez) did a good job, but I really hate the stupid "To the Left" song.  They all make it through to the next round.

Team Awesome (Michael Lynche, Seth Rollins, Tim Urban, and Michael Castro) Michael and Seth were good, I really don't get the love for Tim, and we didn't even hear Michael Castro.  Michael and Tim went through.  I really don't get Tim.  Boo.

Neopolitan (Liz Rooney, Thaddeus Johnson, Jessica Cunningham, and Paige something) were not very good.  Liz I really didn't like.  They decided to go a capella, which apparently was copying Destiny's Wild, and I thought they were bad.  The judges thought they were good.  They are all through.

Destiny's Wild (Todrick Hall, Theri, Jareb Liewer, Siobhan Magnus) They had a really cool arrangement with some awesome choreography, but a really bad last note.  Ellen told them it was weird and they were dressed for Cirque de Soleil.  That aside, they are in.

Montage of people getting through who we don't see.

I missed their name (Tori Kelly, Maddie Penrose, Mark Labriola, Kimberly Kerbow, Danny Jones) Tori and Maddie started out well, but then people started forgetting words.  Maddie has an array of awful glasses, but she's through.

Cat Nestle decided to quit before her group went on. That's not a good plan.  Dude.  Don't quit.  I hate that.  The rest of her group was Phoenix (Ben Honeycutt, Jeff Goldford, Moorea Masa, and Jermaine Seller) Wow.  They missed a whole bunch of notes.  Jermaine had a way too high note, that he held too long.  Kara told them that it felt like Survivor, especially Moorea.  Ben and Moorea were booted, with reason.  They both sucked.  Jeff was good, and Jermaine was pretty good, so that was a happy decision.  I found Moorea really annoying.

Montage of people sucking on Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.  Many people sounded like they had thrown the lyrics in the blender. 

Big Dreams (Matt Lawrence, Amanda Shenkman, and a couple others) also sucked complete ass on Sweet Escape.  God.  That's a really hard song.  Gwen is freaking HARD to sing.  I think that song has three times as many words as any of the other songs.

Montage of familiar faces being booted.

Middle C (Janell Wheeler, Jermaine Purifoy, and Casey James) were really really good.  They are all safe.

Three Men and a Baby (Andrew Wheeler, Katie Stevens, JB Ahfua) were also good. All safe.

Dreams (Mary Powers, Hope Johnson, Margo May, Alex Lambert, and one other..) The backgrounds were really bad, and I think it was Margo?  She was awkward looking.  Mary, Hope and Alex are safe.  The others are out.  I like Mary's voice, but I hate superfluous runs and she has a terrible attitude.

71 of the original 96 of the day got through.

Next week, final solo time, and decisions are made.  I'm looking forward to it!

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