Thursday, February 25, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 2.25.10

Post-tribal, James continued to whine, and Tom told him he understood his rant, but he could have been gentler with it.  JT said they all have to work together.  He went to Tom and apologized for voting against Stephanie.  Tom and Colby then had a talk about how much their lot sucked.  But in more positive terms...

Over in the loser camp, Parvati and Russell are giggling together.  Huh?  Rob said you need to pay attention of who is sleeping next to who to see who is aligned.  There's Russell & Parvati and Coach & Jerri... interesting.  Rob doesn't trust Russell.  Good instincts, but I don't want Russell gone...

And the Heroes?  Rupert was whining about how his tribe hasn't really bonded and how he is hoping for some empowerment... then he caught a chicken and they went after some other chickens.  Tom caught the second one.  Rupert was feeling happy fuzzy about his tribe.

Coach actually went to chat with Russell and told him to be careful about being seen with Parvati, because he worries that it will put a target on Russell's back.  They chatted with Rob, who warned Russell to be careful about hanging with her.  Russell wants Rob to think he's in charge, even though he thinks he is the king.  Ah, I love Russell.  Then, Russell went to chat with Parvati, and told her that they wanted him to stop hanging with her, and she (in confessional) says that she kind of trusts him, even though he's kind of a lunatic.  Ha.

Coach was telling stories about his grand adventures again.  And Russell was up to his water dumping, sock burning tricks again.  He buried the macheti, and made plans to get rid of Boston Rob's hat. 

And in the morning, Coach was doing some delusional chanting/yoga on the beach and the camera crew loved him.  Then, Randy went and caught a big ol' clam, and with the macheti gone, no one could get into it.  Randy bashed it with a rock.  No one really wanted the clam.  I wonder why.  Sandra ate the clam with him and Parvati also had some, but it made her gag.

Coach and Randy schemed against Parvati.  Coach hates weak people and people who lie around.  Like Parvati.

Back on Heroes, Candace tried to get in with JT.  He immediately started gunning for her to leave, because she's too smart.  And Cirie?  Getting nervous about Candace, and Candace is trying to figure out who is sowing the seeds of distrust.  James went off on her and told her to simmer down. 

Immunity/Reward Challenge

It's Sumo Style knocking people into mud pits using a big bag that they have to keep their hands in.  Reward is their Luxury Items, coffee, sugar, and a week's worth of rice.  First to 8 wins.

Courtney & Sandra sit out.

Tom & Russell are up first and Tom bashes him into the mud.  Wow.  Next is Parvati vs. Candace.  Heroes score again as Parvati goes in the mud.  Rupert vs. Coach next.  Rupert landed in the mud, but Coach had his hand off the bag and used his arm to push Rupert off.  He got pissed off when Probst called for a do-over, and Probst told him to direct than anger at the Pirate.  He couldn't get it together and went in the mud.  Cirie made short work of Jerri and the Heroes got another point, leading 4-0.  Tyson vs. JT, and Tyson went in.  Danielle vs. Amanda?  Point to Amanda.  6-0.  Colby vs. Rob.  Rob slipped, but stayed on and nearly got Colby... but in Rob went.  James vs..... Randy?  This just seems unfair.  One hit, and James won it for the Heroes.  Wow.  That was crazy.

I guess they deserved to win something. 

Villains returned defeated, and Tyson said he thought that the Heroes had eaten steroid sandwiches before coming.  Randy worried that he was on the chopping block because he's old, and thinks that the men are going to be swayed by Parvati's nice smile and good wiggle.  Coach claimed to be immune to Parvati's feminine wiles, and he told her that fear never has controlled him, and neither has flirting.  Tyson told Jerri that Parvati has too many friends on the other side, and Randy has no friends on the other side, or anywhere.  They are trying to decide between the two of them.  Jerri thinks that Parvati is like a virus, and she wants to bottle some of her tricks up to use in her real life.  Coach and Sandra talked in the jungle, and Rob was listening but didn't go up to them.

I think we all saw the real reason Danielle is back.  Holy boobs, Batman. 

Parvati thinks that Jerri is a bitter old cougar.  How old is Jerri?

Coach bemoaned the fact that no one else but him is honorable.  Um... dude, you are on the Villain Tribe.  Sorry.  He plans to fight for Randy while he still has a breath and a brain cell in his brain.  Because a brain cell would be awkward on, say, his knee.

Tribal Council

Probst asked Sandra how much previous relationships have to do with their decisions.  She said that everyone's worried about Parvati's relationships with 3-4 people on the other side, and Parvati claims to be willing to stick with her tribe.  Sandra called Boston Rob a good leader, and Coach delegates, but takes off.  Coach claimed to collect wood for 3 hours.  He said that he shelter was the worst shelter in Survivor history because it's like herding cats.  Courtney and Jerri said that they've been in worse shelters.  Sandra brought up the fact that the machete grew legs and walked away.  Bwah ha ha.  Wonder if Probst suspects Russell...  Russell said that it's cool to be playing with a smarter tribe than the dodos he was playing with before.  Rob doesn't think they have a sense of urgency about getting things done at camp.  (Courtney's hair has gotten long, and it's pretty.  Just saying)

Votes go to Randy, Rob (wha???), Randy, another to Randy, another to Randy, another to Randy, and Randy is out.  I won't miss him.  Coach looked destitute.

Who voted for Rob???  It was Randy.

Probst warned them tog et their camp life together or they'd be seeing a lot more of Tribal.

Next week?  Coach has a meltdown, the search for the Hidden Idol is on, and Rob thinks Russell's a bonehead.  Uh oh.  Could be good.

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svenskjouney said...

I agree that Danielle and her hyperinflated twins were sorta horrifying.

Russell... man.

And Amanda, I just love her more and more every episode. ;)