Thursday, February 18, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 2.18.10

There's some torrential downpours and the Villains are grumpy (Randy most of all).  Boston Rob is disgusted by the lack of ambition in his tribe to build a fire and a good shelter and make things better.  He says that again, he is on the buffoon tribe.  You'd think in 20 seasons, people would learn how to fix these problems.

In the early morning, Coach and Jerri talked about how much everyone complained, and then when day finally came, the tribe went to work trying to build the shelter better.  Randy said that it's about design #4 for the shelter, and each one has gotten worse and worse.  Rob is still disgusted with his tribe.  Courtney said "I hope he doesn't drop dead in the next two days, because we will all die."  Randy bemoaned the fact that Pavarti wanted to do construction, because she's a waitress in NYC.  Might have been aimed at Courtney.  Not sure.

Over at the Heroes tribe, the swelling music played as they all got to work and made coconut popcorn.  Rupert schemed to get rid of Stephanie ASAP.  Rupert got on everyone's nerves, saying that Stephanie was cooking the "popcorn" wrong.  Stephanie thought Rupert was playing off the "good guy" role a bit too much, early in the game.

And the Villains?  Still struggling to try to build anything that was even a little water proof.  Rob said that maybe he should have started dictating right off, but he didn't, he wanted to be a diplomat, but it didn't work.  He said he wasn't feeling so well and said he needed some water.  The girls (Courtney, Pavarti, and Danielle) were upset that the Heroes tribe got so many great strong guys, and they got stuck with .... Randy.

Then Rob went off into the forest and freaking passed out!  Jerri found him and he wasn't coming to.  Scary stuff.  He mumbled that his head hurt (and his shoes were off.  Weird).  Probst and the Medics came in.  He was not responsive to the medics at first, and when they gave him some water, he was very woozy.  The medics told Probst that he looked worse than he was.  Rob said that he was feeling better.  Woo.  That is freaking scary.  Rob apologized to Probst and said he felt like it was getting the best of him and he loves and respects it too much to not play, and he wants to win.  He decided that he was trying too hard to play the good guy, and he needs to play the villain and get on with it.  He said the doctors said he had the flu and cry-baby-itis.  Ok, at this point, I am so rooting for Rob.  I have to say.

Back at camp, he told everyone that he has been having migraines, and he should be good within 48 hours.  Even Russell admitted to being concerned for him.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Two members at a time will roll huge crates to a mat, then build a staircase with them to spell out their tribe name.  It's Immunity and Reward, for tarps, nails, etc.  JT, Coach, and Tyson played this challenge in their season.

Randy and Courtney are sitting out, and Rupert was sitting out.  Surprised they didn't sit out Rob.

JT and Cirie and Danielle and Rob were out first.  JT and Cirie got it back first.  Candace and Tom headed out next for the Heroes, followed by Colby and Stephanie.  Tyson and Sandra were slow, but Jerri and Coach finally headed out.  Amanda and James went out for the next one, while Russell and Parvati were on their way out.  JT and Tom went out, and the Heroes were a crate ahead.  Rob and Tyson came back with a crate, with James and Colby coming back with the last crate.  Coach and Russell went out for the last one, and the puzzle building began.

Will the puzzle again be the deciding factor?  Rob was again taking the lead for the Villains, with JT taking the lead for the Heroes, and their lead disappeared.  The Villains were hard at work trying to get their 2nd to last crate up, as Rob muscled it up from underneath with Russell and Tyson I think pulling the top.

The Heroes were again not working well with each other and the Villains got their staircase done, and won the challenge handily.  And that is awesome.

For a tribe that decided to listen to JT before the challenge, they weren't listening at all. James was pissed off at Stephanie, and he called her the team's kryptonite.  I don't know about that, but...

Back at camp, JT was also upset that no one listened in the challenge, but was willing to step up and take the responsibility for the loss.  Rupert said that on the other team, Rob is good at puzzles, and he screamed at his tribe to shut up and listen.  JT said he could have done that.  Tom did not appreciate James complaining about losing, but held his tongue.

Now, over at the Villain's camp, they happily built their shelter.  Russell was feeling threatened about Rob, said he was King Russell of Samoa, and went off and caught a wild chicken.  Mmm, chicken soup. 

And in Heroeville, James had a target on Stephanie's back, saying that she made it to the end on her own, after nullifying her whole team, and she has to go.  JT was trying to decide what alliance to go with.  Tom thought it was going to be Stephanie, Colby, or himself. Tom wanted to gun for Amanda.  Stephanie went to try to talk Cirie into the switch.  Tom went to talk to Candice.  Candice felt like she'd be on the bottom of either potential alliance.  Tom told her that he would make sure that the other people (James, Amanda, Rupert, JT?) would go home before she would.  Cirie and Candice didn't know what to do.  Cirie told Candice that she and Amanda aren't that tight, because while they made it to the end together, Amanda chose Parvati over her and cost her a million bucks, so she has no automatic alliance with her.

I have no idea who is going home at this point. 

To Tribal they go.

JT admitted that maybe he should have yelled at people to shut up during the challenge, but he didn't.  James pointed fingers at Stephanie and her mouth.  I dig Amanda's glasses.  Then, James put blame on Colby, too.  Tom said he might as well include him, too.  James and Tom do not seem to get along at all.  Cirie brought up the fact that Amanda dropped her in the end last time, so...

Oh, I have no idea.  If I were them, strong guy or not, I would gun for James. He just can't shut up.

No one is voting for James, though.

Stephanie got a vote, followed by one for Amanda.  Another vote went for Stephanie, and then another one for Amanda.  Stephanie got a third vote, and then another for Amanda.  Stephanie pulled a fourth vote, and Stephanie is heading home.  I have to say, I think that was the right decision.  Stephanie gave some advice, to not curse out the tribe mates so much, and James told her to shut her mouth.  Wow.  Yeah, I think James is a problem here. 

Previews for net week, and James is throwing more fits.



Ed said...

Rob is the man, no question; he’s the one person on the villains tribe that I would be happy with winning. I like Russell’s aggressive game as well, but I don’t like Russell. I like Boston Rob. James went way too far with the attacks on Steph, and I admired the way Tom and Colby stood up for her at tribal. I don't know if they would have, though, if they weren’t in an alliance with her. But James went overboard. I really hope that he can reign it in long enough for them to win a couple of immunity challenges in a row and even things out, but if I were out there, as strong as the man is, physically, he’s not playing a very good social game and I’d vote out James.

Astrid said...

Agreed, Ed. I think that Russell doesn't seem like a likable person, but I love watching him play because he plays so well. And Rob? He's really won me over. I actually really loved watching him and Amber on The Amazing Race, too. He knows what needs to be done, and he does it. Sometimes, in a villainous manner... on Probst's blog, he wrote that Rob got a case of the Samoan Flu, which a bunch of the crew were taken out by, as well, and the main problem it caused was a headache like a nail being driven into your skull... and Rob not only recovered, but went on to steer his tribe to a victory? That's all sorts of awesome.
And James needs to learn to shut up and stop whining.