Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol: 2.25.10 Results

Seacrest talked to the judges and asked Kara how things are at home, and her husband is in the front row.

Group sing to American Boy.  Is there normally a group sing this early?  I like this song a lot, and the girls sound good together.  Is it a live sing, or are they recorded like last year?  They sounded pretty good together, though the lyrics are awkward for boys to sing.  That was less painful than a lot of group sings I've heard. 

To the results!

Siobahn is up first and is safe.  Good.  I like her.  Haeley is up next and she is safe.  That is not so good.  Michelle?  Also safe.  How about Katelyn?  Also safe.  Either Katie or Janell is leaving tonight.  Janell is gone.  Awwwww... that makes me sad.  I really really liked her.  Boo, America.  Boo.  Her song choice was really foolish, and that did her in.  I have to say, she did better tonight than she did during her initial performance.

Allison Iraheta, I lke you, and your newly extended pink hair amuses me, but I'm fast forwarding through most of your performance, because I have too much to watch tonight.  Sounds like a good song, though.

Back to the results.  Paige is safe.  Lacey?  She's safe, and she doesn't deserve to be after last night.  Boo again.  Lilly?  Safe.  Good.  Crystal?  Safe.  It's between Ashley and Didi.  Yowza.  I didn't see this.  I like both of them.  Based on last night, I think Ashley needs to go.  She was not good last night.  Didi's song choice was a little more obscure, and I loved it, but the judges didn't love it.  Didi is safe, and bad song choice has done in early favorite Ashley.  I didn't like her this week, and I really think that America got it wrong this week.  It should have been Haeley at least.  Ashley's re-sing was rough.  I wanted her to do better, but after that, I'm not sad to see her go.

Apparently, Tyler rehearsed in boots, tennis socks, and spa robe.  That's kind of hilarious.  He expected to be able to go to wardrobe, but was instead made to go on in his robe.  Love it.

Michael is safe.  Good.  John Park is safe.  Aaron Kelly?  The tweens must have come out en force, because he's safe.  Todrick is safe.  Ugh.  It's between Tim and JoeTim had better be going home.  And I feel like swearing.  In fact, I just did, but I'll save it from the blog.  Tim is safe, and Joe is out.  Boooooo, America, I say.  Boooo.  His re-sing was pretty good.  Too bad.

Kris Allen for Idol Gives Back.  Download his song on iTunes, or donate at, or text message. He sang Let it Be, and I had to listen.  I like him.  And he was good. 

Time for the second row of the guys.  Casey?  Safe.  It was kind of creepy to hear Ryan say "ear candy," though.  Jermaine?  Safe.  Lee?  Safe.  Andrew is also safe.  It's between Tyler and Alex.  Tyler is gone, and Alex's banana has another chance to get ripe.  That was way less dirty than it sounded.  Tyler told the judges that the criticism was a little too late.

I like this - they combined everyone's boot-off clips.  That saves time.  My dvr cut off before Tyler's re-sing, but I don't feel like I missed too much...

So, I don't really like the results, but maybe next week the worst singers will go home.  That's always the hope, isn't it?

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