Wednesday, February 3, 2010

American Idol: 2.3.10

It's recap/Road to Hollywood Night (with additional good singers, I hope!), and Pants on the Ground is up first.  Montage of how viral Pants on the Ground has become.  Hilarious.

Montage of bad song choices.

Jessica Furney (20) She sang a song co-written by Simon.  She has a really nice voice and a very sweet look.  I like her.  So do the judges.  She's in.

Montage of begging contestants.

End with a really cute girl with a really good voice - long red scarf, and a really spunky hair cut.  Darn, didn't say her name.

Montage of attention seekers.

Amanda Shectman (19) She's weird, and does a mean Britney impersonation and can talk with her mouth closed.  Turns out, she's got a really decent voice of her own, too.  Posh wanted her to work on connecting with the song and with the audience.  She said that her biggest problem is that she's an actress and doesn't interact with the audience because of the fourth wall. I can understand that.  Dramatically, the judges give her yes votes and she's in.

Montage of multi-talented auditioners.  No one can play instruments.

Lee Dewyze (19) He's got kind of a raspy cool voice.  I like him.  They will bring their guitars to Hollywood.

Crystal Bowersox (23) I could do without the dreads, but she's got a really awesome voice. Her guitar goes, too.

Montage of Fake-Outs from Golden ticket holders.  Did that one guy have a fiddle?

Montage of returning auditioners.  Simon doesn't remember any of them, but Kara remembers them. 

Rose!  Oh, she was cute, and I saw her with a ticket, so that's cool.

Lacey Brown (23)  It's short haired scarf girl, who got rejected in favor of Megan Joy last year!  She is awesome.

Stephanie Fisher (23) Her lucky number is 7, and she idolizes Posh.  She's painfully fake from head to toe, and awful.  She tossed in some Britney uh-uh-uhs into Fever, and that was dreadful.  She admitted that she is starstruck by Posh, and Posh turned away and she was still awful.  She was rejected, but did get some hugs from Posh.

Montage of 16 year olds.

Rachel Hubbard (16) Wow.  She's really great.

Thaddeaus Johnson (16) was not as good in my book, because I don't like his vocal style, but he was good.

Genesis Moore (also 16) was really impressive.

Montage of Athletes auditioning for AI.

And really tall Adrian (17) He's 6'8" and a swimmer.  He looks like Liza Minelli.  He called himself a beautiful man flower.  Oh. My. God.  He's bound to be simply terrible.  He has a super high and ridiculously non-powerful voice with no enunciation.  He's got no votes.  He told them to call him if they had callbacks.

Michael Lynch (26) Since the internet is all abuzz about the leaked Top 24 list (don't click there if you don't want major possible spoilers), and how Michael got kicked off because his dad apparently leaked it, I was not surprised that he was good, and through.

Didi Benami (22) Her best friend died four years earlier.  She sang in honor of her friend.  It's another bluesy voice, and I love it.  And I love her dress.  She's great.  She broke down in tears after her audition.  She did a beautiful job keeping it together during her song, though.  She's in.

Aaron Kelly (16) It's backstory time, and he has crappy birth parents, and was adopted by his aunt and uncle.  I have to hate him a little because he sang a freaking Miley Cyrus song for his audition.  He's got a voice, for sure, but he's a little throaty for me.  He's in.

Montage of hopeful people.

Kimberly Bishop (missed her age) She has a good heart and says she would be big into recycling and helping kids in Africa if she becomes the American Idol.  She put on a fake British accent while singing(?) I Kissed a Girl.  It was dreadful, and I think she was wearing a nightie.

Shadaii Harris (22) She quivered and missed all the notes in Falling, and Simon said that he is now allergic to that song.  The judges told her that she just can't sing, which I guess meant "sing another song" in her world.
Buh bye.

Hope Johnson (19) She's got 6 sisters and a brother, and has overcome poverty, and brought food from her school lunch home to her brother.  She's a cutie, but can she sing?  I think she's kind of generic in her sound, but I like her, even though she is singing country (which I don't like), and she really didn't hit her high note well.  Kara likes her tone.  Randy wants her to complete her phrases more.  Simon thinks she's cute.  She's through to Hollywood.

And next week - Hollywood!  And, we get to see how Ellen does as judge.  I have high hopes for her.  My husband is not as sure.  I'm excited!

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