Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing Race - 2.21.10

Jordan & Jeff are out first, heading towards Puerto Varas, (which I have probably spelled wrong), by bus, and then they have to drive to a lake, take a boat to Isla Margarita, and climb a place called Miradour (I apologize for my lack of Spanish).

They have less Spanish than I do, but got their taxi driver to bring them to the bus station, which isn't open until 5 AM, and pretty much every one caught up.  They tried to talk to a dog, and Jeff decided that the dog spoke only Spanish.  Uhhhh....

The Cowboys love their hats.  Carol & Brandy were not getting along with Caite & Brent, but they decided to work with Heidi & Joe. 

Everyone got on the same bus heading to Santiago, Chile.  From there, they had to switch buses and get to Puerto Varas.  Heidi & Joe were holding spots for Carol & Brandy, and The Detectives didn't like that.  Carol & Brandy speak Spanish, so that helps.  Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy got the last seats on the first bus.  Other teams got one that leaves an hour and 15 minutes later.   Some other teams (grandma & granddaughter) got on one that leaves at 8 PM.  Brent & Caite have the idea of taking a bus to someplace else first, and then connecting to the final destination.  The Cowboys and Jordan & Jeff did the same thing.  We'll see if that works out.

The Cowboys went to see if they could get on the same bus that the other teams doing the roundabout connection did, and it turns out that bus is 10 minutes away by taxi.  They did not share this information with the other teams, and waited around for their original bus.  By the time the teams got to the other terminal, their original bus was gone, and by the time they got back, the Cowboy's bus had arrived... and departed.  They were stranded. 

There were no more buses that day to Puerto Varas from that place.  Stuck in the bus terminal.  They got a 1 AM bus.

The Cowboys got to Puerto Varas before anyone else and found the hotel with no troubles... but the "marked path" opened at 7 AM, so they snuggled into their car.

Next morning, they were first on the boat to the Isla Margarita.  The other teams (except those on the final bus) got there at about the same time, apparently.  The water was rough and the boats were all over the place.

And a challenge?  Driving stick.  Dan & Jordan didn't know how to drive stick.  Others also had that problem. 

On Isla Margarita, the Cowboys got the Detour.

Teams have to choose between Llama Adoration - Choose a llama, dress it for a festival with a blanket and a scarf.

Condor Consternation - Dress as Condors, and fly to a target to get their clue.

The Cowboys chose Llamas.  Llamas can be really stubborn, but I would totally choose llamas.  The Cowboys chose a good llama and had no troubles at all. 

Onward - drive to Onces Bella Vista Farm.

Brandy & Carol were nervous about being kicked and/or spit on.

Jordan & Jeff chose the Condor, as did Caite & Brent, and Steve & Allie.

Brent & Caite did not hit their target in flight, but they were allowed to swim to the target to get their clue.

Joe & Heidi found a llama who was sitting down, and dressed it, and at about the same time, Carol & Brandy finished up, too.

The final bus arrived in  Puerta Varas with the Grandma & Granddaughter, while Dan & Jordan seemed to be terribly lost, and still had troubles driving stick.

The Detectives had troubles with llamas, and Monique & Shawne arrived, too.  The Detectives managed to dress their llama and be on their way...

The Cowboys arrived at the Roadblock way before anyone else.

Teams have to race around the farm to collect flour, a plate of butter, a bowl of sugar, a baker's dozen of eggs, and fresh milk from a cow - and then they have to deliver it to bakers for their clue (they make kuchen, which I probably spelled wrong).  The Cowboy was well versed in cow milking, and knew what a baker's dozen was, so he finished in no time flat.

To the Pit Stop with them!  They have to drive back to Puerta Varas.

Carol & Heidi decided to work with each other during the Baker's challenge.  They were not as well versed at milking cows.  Carol got kicked in the hand.  Ow.  Both got their clues, though, and they were on their way.

Jeff did the challenge, because Jordan wasn't sure how many eggs were in a Baker's Dozen. 

The Detectives drove right on past the farm.  Jordan did not apprecitate when the cow pooped right after he was done milking it.

The Cowboys got to the pit stop first, and each of them won a sailboat.  Cool.  Joe & Heidi came in next, followed by Carol & Brandy.  Brent & Caite came in 4th.  Caite hopes that people stop making fun of her. Jordan & Jeff are pretty lost looking for the Pit Stop, but they ran int the Detectives, and let them know that they'd overshot the farm by 19 miles.  Yowch.

Monique & Shawne got the the Pit Stop 5th, followed by Jordan & Jeff.  The Detectives came in right behind Grandma in the farm, and then he slipped and broke a whole slew of eggs and couldn't dind the pantry.  Then, the Grandma got kicked in the head by the cow while she was milking, but she didn't stop, just went ack to a different cow and kept milking.

Steve & Allie got to the Pit Stop 7th, followed by Dan & Jordan.

Grandma was not having the easiest time getting the ingredients, but heck, she got kicked in the head by a cow and didn't stop, so I hope they make it to the pit stop before the Detectives.

The Detectives came in 9th, followed by Grandma & Grandma, and I'm sad that it's not a non-elimination leg.  They were great.  Oh well.

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