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Yay for a New Season! Amazing Race - 2.14.10

The Race Starts in LA.

Brent & Caite - (Dating models from SC)  She's the stupid map girl from Miss America a few years ago.  I'm sure you've seen the YouTube.  Like, suchas, and like.

Jed & Cord (Cowboys)

Steve & Allie (Father and daughter, he coached the Phillies to the World Series)

Dan & Jordan (brothers from Rhode Island)  One brother is gay, the other one is not.

Dana & Adrien (high school sweethearts, married 17 years)

Jordan & Jeff (they met on Big Brother 11, she won)

Jody & Shannon (Grandmother & Granddaughter, both triathletes)

Louis & Michael (undercover detectives from Rhode Island).  Good luck being undercover after this!

Monique & Shawne (Mompreneurs and best friends)

Joe & Heidi (Married parents from CA).  They like to do body bumps.  He's confrontational.  Fun.

Carol & Brandy (dating couple)

First things first, they get their first clues on the tops of their bags, and they have to get to the airport using public transportation.  The first three teams to the airport get on the first flight, and everyone else will have to leave on the next flight, an hour later.

They have to fly to Santiago, Chile.  No one is excited about using public transport.  Most people asked for directions to the public transportation to get to the airport.

(I absolutely love that the gay brother recognized Caite and knew her infamous answer by heart)

Jordan has never heard of Santiago, and her boyfriend asked her if she'd ever seen Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.  Genius.  Four teams got to the airport at the same time, but only three got onto the first flight.  Carol & Brandy lost out.

The rest of the groups got to the airport next, and the gay brother (I don't know his name yet, sorry if I offend anyone.  that's how he identified himself) told Carol & Brandy who Caite was.

The first plane had some mechanical problems and was delayed!  That sucks!  Joe & Heidi switched to the other flight, and Jordan & Jeff followed suit.   I believe that the undercover detectives were the other team on the first flight, but they also switched.  Maybe it was Shawne & Allie.

When they reach Santiago, they have to get on a bus to Valporeso.  The cowboys made the mistake of getting Brazilian money in Miami instead of Chilean money.  Oops.  They were not allowed on the bus until they got good currency.

They next had to get to the funiculars.  I can't keep track of the order of everyone.  Too many teams right now.

Brett & Caite were at the clue first.


One team member must walk a cable the length of a football field 120 feet off the ground.  Yipes. 

Caite did the task, followed by Jordan.  Joe took the task because Heidi has some fear of heights.  Allie did the task, and so did Dan..  Brandy also hit the lines.  Shawne did the task, too.  Oh, I've lost track.

Dan fell off the line!  He stayed calm and asked for advice.  Jordan told him to joozsh along using his hands, and he was doing a pretty good job.  Jordan got a little freaked out and looked panicky.  She sat down.  God was apparently with Shawne.  Adrian hopped up, too.

Once they were done, teams had to take one of the 120 year old Funiculars down the hill to the next clue.

Brent & Caite made the mistake of walking down the steps instead of using the funicular (I think).  Dan & Jordan and Jeff & Jordan took the Funicular.

The next task is to take four cans of paint and a ladder and find unpainted buildings and help paint a section of a house.  Everyone seemed to have a hard time finding the houses to paint.

Brandy finally made it across the cables.  Good for her.

Brent & Caite finally found the places to paint.

9th to arrive at the cables?  The detectives.  Adrien was not doing so well and the detective passed him super quickly.

The final two teams are the triathletes and the cowboys.

Jeff & Jordan were the first team to find the painting, followed by Caite & Brent.

The next clue sent them (by foot) to Palazia Babbariza, the pit stop.

Granddaughter, meanwhile, and Cord were the final two people on the cables.  Grandma said that instead of having the balance of a cat, she has the balance of a drunken elderly person on stilts.  I like her.

And Adrian fell off the cable!  The Safety Specialist came out and told him to go back to the beginning, and he tried to get back up but couldn't, so he had to start over.  Cowboy and Granddaughter were racing along beautifully.

Jordan & Jeff got to the Pitstop first.  They won a trip for two to Vancouver, with Whale Watching and a try at Skeleton at Whistler.  Caite & Brent arrived next.  However, they took the stairs instead of the funicular, and they incurred a 30 minute penalty.

Read the clues, people.  Read the clues.

Jordan & Dan dropped a brush while looking for the house to paint.  And Phillies Coach and his daughter?  They randomly went inside a house and found an unfinished wall, in a similar color, and some bewildered painters said in Spanish that they had no idea what these Americans were doing.

Monique & Shawne were the official 2nd team to arrive.

Adrien?  He finally decided to try the cables again.

And Coach & Daughter?  Realized that they had just painted in the wrong place.    And the detectives?  They started painting over some grafitti in the wrong color.  Not the right house.  Jet & Cord found their house quickly and managed to catch up and finish third.  Awesome for them.  The detectives finally found their house.

Dan & Jordan did incur a 15 minute penalty for losing a paint brush.  Steve & Allie came in 4th (guess they found the house), followed by Joe & Heidi.  Carol & Brandy got to the pit stop 6th, and then Brent & Caite got done their penalty and came in 7th, followed by Dan & Jordan, who finished their penalty.  Detectives came in 9th.  Grandma & Granddaughter came in 10th.

And Adrien fell again.  His wife was supportive, and they were eliminated by Phil at the cables.  Goodbye!

Good 1st episode! Love this show.

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