Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol: 2.17.10

Back to the CHAIR OF DOOM!!!

Janell Wheeler is first up, and she thinks that she flubbed it because of her final audition.  I really really love her. Ellen gave her the good news that she is going through, and the world is a happy place.  Now, fix your voice, Janell!

Tyler Grady is the drummer who fell out of a tree and broke his wrists.  He sang Daughtry's Home, and he did pretty well.  Daughtry is better. He made himself comfortable in the chair of destiny, looking more like he was sitting down for a chill interview, instead of hearing his American Idol fate.  Well, he's safe.  I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.

Lacey Brown is the spunky girl with the neat red hair and I really want her to make it.  She sang What a Wonderful World last, and she is awesome.

Ashley Rodriguez and Alex Lambert along with Joe Munoz join the Top 24 with no clips, to the sound of Lacey's What a Wonderful World.

How about Crystal Bowersox?  Simon told her that she probably wouldn't look at a show like this as her platform.  She says that she's glad she's come, and so are the judges, because she's in.  I'm happy to see that, because she's really talented. She showed a picture of her son to the judges, as he was apparently rudely woken up outside, and he is a cutie pie!!!  (A very sleepy cutie pie)

Katie Stevens who is close to her grandmother with Alzheimers did really well in Hollywood week, although she is too throaty for me.  Ellen doesn't like saying anything mean, and didn't have to, because Katie's through.

Who's out?  Funky Glasses Girl, and a few other nameless people who didn't make an impression on me...

Angela Martin is up next, and it's her third year trying.  Kara sat with her and told her that she didn't make it, but they all encouraged her to keep going in her journey.  That's sad.  Poor Angela.  I'm really sad for her.  I hope that she makes it in the business, with or without AI.

(I can't freaking wait for Glee to return.  Just saying.  Thanks for the promo, Fox!)

Lilly Scott with the silver hair is up next.  Man, I really dig her voice.  She looks a little like Tina Yothers in the face to me.  Kara told her that she doesn't have the biggest voice, but the biggest voice doesn't always mean the best singing, and she's in.  Woot!

Paige Miles, Siobahn Magnus, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers, and John Park are all in.  No clips for any of them.  Did we ever see Paige?  Maybe once?  Anyhow, all in.

Haeley Vaughn or Tori Kelly?  No chair vs. chair thing this year.  They took them one at a time.  Simon told Haeley that she is sometimes fantastic, but it's not even.  He told her she adapts and she's super talented.  And Tori?  Her take on Hot & Cold was a little ska-d out, and kind of fun.  Neither of them is really my bag.  Haeley is in, and Tori is out.  Maybe Tori will try again next year.  She's also a teenager, so she has plenty of time. 

Now, will it be Thaddeus Johnson, or Andrew Garcia?  To me, that's a no-brainer.  Andrew for the win!  I don't particularly like Thaddeus.  He's ok, but he's got a lisp while he's singing, and I like Andrew much much more.  He's more unique.  Thaddeus is deservedly out, and there were tears.  His Momma isn't going to like that.  Simon told him he didn't do anything wrong, but he just didn't make it.  There was much blubbering, from him and from his Momma.  Andrew didn't know that Thaddeus didn't make it when he went to see the judges for his fate.  He is in with little fanfare, but much happiness from me.

That's the Top 24!

Can't wait for performances starting next week!!

Is that to Jason Castro's version of Halleluah?  I'm not sure. 

Bah.  Tim Urban made it.  Hope he doesn't last long.  I don't like him at all.  Oh well.

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Ed said...

Tim Urban's in only because "Chris Golightly is ineligible to continue" according to comments made by Seacrest. Which means that he probably won't last long.