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American Idol: Top 12 Women - 2.23.10

Let's see how this shakes down!

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I fast forwarded through most of the filler.  Ellen wants them to Be all that thye can Be.  Ellen is no longer next to Simon, and she claims it's because Simon wants her, but it's not going to happen.  Roll tape of Simon supposedly getting frisky with Ellen under the Hollywood table.  Funny. 

Now, down to it.

It's time for Billboard Chart music.

01) Paige Miles (It's All Right Now, by Free)  She started out really weak and and she has good stage presence, but she does not ennunciate well and it bugs me.  She's not doing much for me, though she isn't bad.  She just didn't do much to stand out.  Simon thinks that she has the best voice out of all the girls, but he didn't like the song for her.  Kara was digging the song and loved how she put soul into the rock, although she wanted more from the chorus.  Randy thinks it's a group song, so that's why it may not have been the best song, but thinks she blew the doors off the thing with her voice.  Ellen agrees and disagrees with everyone.  She loved how present Paige was, and thought she pulled it off.  She is apparently sewn into her outfit. I've been there (in a play) and it's not fun.  She's excited because she can pee now.

02) Ashley Rodriguez (Happy, by Leona Lewis) She started out a little too low for her voice, and I appreciate that she didn't just belt and try to get by on the power off the bat, but it wasn't as good as I really wanted her to be.  I have high hopes for her, but the whole song kind of sounded flat.  Instead of sounding happy, it sounded morose.  It was bad.  Oh, Ashley.  I think that was a terrible song choice.  Kara said there were some nice moments, but thought there were definitely moments that weren't great, and she'd rather see her take on more unexpected songs.  Randy didn't see her in the song, though he thought she did a decent Leona.  Ellen says she seems to have everything going for her, but wanted more risk.  Simon thought it was clumsy and didn't like the arrangement.  He thinks that Ashley is going backwards, and she is singing other people's songs not very well.  I would have to agree.  I am very disappointed in that performance.

03) Janell Wheeler (What About Love, by Heart)  She certainly is beautiful.  That's for sure.  Unfortunately, I think it was the totally wrong song for her.  She's obviously very nervous, and she had some good moments in there, but it was rough.  Randy Yo-yo-yo-d her, and said it wasn't his favorite song choice, because the song didn't work with her unique voice.  Ellen liked the song choice, even though Janell missed a couple notes.  She appreciated Janell's stage presence.  Simon said she gave it 100% effort, but delivered about 65%.  He did think she had some moments.  Kara likes Janell, but thought the song was way too big for her, and it removed everything distinct from her voice.  I'd agree.

04) Lilly Scott (Fixin' a Hole, by the Beatles) I love her silvery hair.  I almost wish is were even more silvery.  I love what she does with her voice and her guitar vibe is cool.  Talk about bringing something unique to the stage.  Go Lilly!  Ellen thinks this is what they are talking about.  Random song choice, distinctive voice, great presence, and a good delivery.  Simon thinks it's the best so far, because she sang it because she likes the song and it portrayed her as an artist.  He wants more star power from her.  Kara thinks she is believable and comes from her heart.  She thinks that busking on the street for money really helps performers, and predicts that Lilly will be remembered.  Randy loves that Lilly seems like an indi artist and is honest in her artistry.

05) Katelyn Epperly (Oh Darling, by the Beatles) She's got a great look, and she is comfortable on stage.  She's got a great depth to her voice and I love it.  It's almost Kelly Clarkson-esque.  I'm not entirely sure about her (leather?) dress, but I'll forgive her that for the great performance.  I could be a fan of hers if she keeps that sort of thing up.  Simon worried that she screamed parts of the song, and thought it was messy, but he liked her, and thought it was brave and quirky.  Kara thinks that Katelyn knows her own voice really well, and thinks that she improved the song.  She didn't love the outfit and wanted her to be more natural (without the red lipstick).  Randy likes her because she paid attention to the tones and not singing a whole slew of runs.  Go Randy.  Did I just say that?  Ellen worried that she was pushing too hard in the beginning, but ended up really liking it and thinks that Katelyn has an amazing voice.

06) Haeley Vaughn (I Wanna Hold Your Hand, by the Beatles)  She brought out a red guitar and and a ridiculous white ruffled outfit for the song, and she certainly changed it up some, but I thought she was rather shrieky in places.  I didn't like it much.  I found it harsh.  She was much nicer when she was singing quietly.  She seemed less strained.  Kara thought technically there were a lot of problems with it, but she likes how much fun Haeley has on stage.  Randy, yo, loves how unpredictable Haeley is, and thought that the high notes were not really pleasing, but thinks that she has possibilities.  Ellen thinks she shines on stage (especially for 16) and enjoyed it.  Simon thought it was verging on terrible and thought she was like a wind-up smiling doll.  He called it a complete and utter mess.  I'm with Simon.

07) Lacey Brown (Landslide, by Fleetwood Mac)  I really love her look, and I kind of like her voice, but she has some weird pronounciation issues while she's singing.  It's weird.  I can't decide if I like her or not.  I don't know if it was the best song for her.  Randy, yo, loves the song, but not for Lacey.  He thought it was pitchy and terrible and didn't suit her.  Ellen thinks she is better than this performance.  Simon thought it was quite depressing, and thought it was kind of indulgent.  He doesn't think she's worked out who she is as an artist.  Kara wished that she had sung some Sixpence None the Richer, or something similar.  She and Simon like her eyes.  Agreed.  Lacey loves the song and tried to defend her choice.  Simon didn't look impressed.  She looks like a pixie, but I didn't like that performance.

08) Michelle Delamor (Fallin', by Alicia Keys)  I am really sick of this song, so Michelle's going to have to do a whole lot to impress me with it.  It's a pretty darned good rendition, admittedly.  She seems confident and comfortable on stage, and she's beautiful.  Ellen called it fantastic, but thought it seemed easy for her to sing, and thinks that Michelle has more in her.  Simon thought she was very professional, close to the original, but didn't think she had any wow moments.  Kara thought that there were moments where she hit it, but moments where she missed it, and wants her to be more unique.  Randy thought she did a pretty good job, and has a great look, but wanted more risks.

09) Didi Benami (The Way I Am, by Ingrid Michaelson)  I love this song.  Love it.  I think that Didi showed a lot of her unique vocal qualities to their best.  He macrame vest is a bit weird, but that doesn't take away from the great vibe of her voice.  She looked totally at home with it.  Simon worried that there are too many people trying to sound like Adele or Duffy and was missing the spark.  He didn't like the song, but he does like Didi and her voice.  Kara likes the song, and thinks that while there are people out there who sound like Didi, Kara thinks she is showing another level.  It was a bit pitchy.  Randy was also missing the star factor.  He thought it was sleepy.  Ellen thought that if it was one song in a set, it would be great, but it was a little low key for a first impression.  I still like her.

10) Siobahn Magnus (Wicked Game, by Chris Issac)  She's a glass blowing apprentice, and I like that.  I like her look tonight.  It's a big improvement.  I like her because she's great alto.  I think the microphone was a little weird in the beginning.  She's got great octave transitions, too.  She's a little throaty in her tone, but I still kind of like her.  Kara said she wouldn't have picked the song, but she kind of liked it.  She does think that Siobahn gets a little nasal at times (and I would say throaty).  Randy liked the Stevie Wonder song in the final Hollywood round better, and thinks the song was too small for her.  Ellen loved it, loved the way she worked the stage, and loved how deeply she started.  Simon called her a funny little thing, liked the song, but didn't love it.  She wanted to show her range.  I like that.

11) Crystal Bowersox (Hand in My Pocket, by Alanis Morisette)  Really good song choice for her.  She sounds like she's been on stage forever.  She's got the harmonica out with her guitar again, and I love it.  She's really really really good.  On another note, I adore her earrings.  Wow.  That was awesome.  Randy loves her originality and honesty.  He wasn't sure about the song, but didn't care because he loves her.  Ellen is a fan of Crystal and thinks she adds something fresh to the show.  Simon thought it was good, but thinks that there are thousands of Crystals doing the same thing outside of subway stations, and thought that the song was a little sound-alike.  He suggested David Bowie, and she thought that would be fun.  He does really like her and thinks that she's refreshing.  Kara thought she was good, but thinks she has greatness in her.  Her guitar is signed by Melissa Etheridge and Shania Twain, and that's cool.

12) Katie Stevens (Feelin' Good, by Michael Buble) She's got another good rich voice, and she's another one who is going to have to watch the throatiness.  She's really much more mature in her voice than her 17 years.  Ellen thought it was too conservative a song and wanted to see her be fresh, modern, and young, even though she sang it beautifully.  Simon thought it felt like her parents dressed her and gave her the song, and it was verging on annoying and pageanty.  Kara thought it was pitchy and worried that Katie maybe couldn't hear herself, and hopes that she gets another chance because she's really good.  Randy thinks that she was pushing too hard and it made her go sharp.  He wanted her to young it up.  Agreed.

My favorites for the night have been Lilly, Katelyn, Didi, Siobahn, and Crystal.  Crystal, Siobahn, and Lilly were on top of that pile.  I think that Haeley, Lacey, Ashley, and Janell are in trouble.  On playback, I really really didn't like Haeley or Lacey at all.  Lacey, I am disappointed in, because I loved her initial audition.  I was surprised by Michelle, because we hadn't seen her really before.

Who do you think will be in jeopardy this week?

Tomorrow - the guys!

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