Thursday, March 11, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 3.10.10

After Cirie's ouster, JT hoped that the tribe would realize he did it to help the tribe.  Rupert, he was just pissed off.  In the morning, JT tried to reassure Amanda that he wouldn't betray her.  She wasn't buying it.

Oh, Good Lord.  Coach has the whole tribe doing Dragonslayer Chi.  He must be in heaven.  Well, the whole tribe except for Russell, who called it Coach Chi Meditating and crap, and went in search of the Hidden Idol.  And, in true Russell fashion, he found it.  I love it.  Too bad there was a clue (though they were more clever in hiding it this time!)

Reward Challege

3 members of each tribe will battle to retrieve balls in a pit, toss them to tribe members, who will try to get baskets.  First to 2 baskets wins.... a feast of chocolate.  Probst gave each person a tiny morsel of chocolate to tempt them.  Colby refused his chocolate.  No Heroes at chocolate.  Rupert said that they are focused and don't care about the reward, and just want to win.

Colby sat out for the Heroes.  Courtney, Parvati, and Sandra.

In the pit, Danielle, Tyson, and Russell vs. Candace, James, and Tom.  Platforms, Coach, Rob, and Jerri, vs. JT, Amanda, and Rupert.

James took a hard hit in the pit and something was bad... Medics are called in.  They think it might be a muscle sprain.   He is out of the challenge and they were taking a look at it.  Colby was not allowed to enter the challenge, though.

Amanda made the first score for the Heroes, and they rotated pit to platform.  Tyson made a basket for the Villains... as Rupert whacked Jerri's nose into the gate. She got right up.   It was not bleeding.  Rupert claimed to have not meant to do it.

And switch it up again.  After a few close calls, Jerri got the second basket for the Villains, and they won the Reward.  I guess the little taste of chocolate was good motivation for the Villains.

After the challenge, James got splinted up and they wanted to see if he could walk on it.

The Villains had the biggest chocolate feast I've ever seen.  Looked like a good way to make them all ill.  After the chocolate, they got to take a swim in a beautiful swimming hole.  It was a cave.  Something else.  Russell was not swimming, and the swimmers decided that Russell had the Idol and decided to flush it out.  Toasting over milk, Russell told Parvati that he had the idol.  Parvarti said that she would not ride coattails. Russell wanted to convince Coach to go to his side by showing him the idol, and Parvarti called Coach a scared little puppy and would go with him.  They then wanted to get rid of Rob.

Good move, because Coach feels like Russell has given him his trust and he says he wouldn't betray it.  Coach bowed down to Russell, and he said as the king that he is, he knighted the Dragonslayer.  Wow.

Amanda was in tears at the thought of losing James.  Tom was not.  And, down the beach?  Who's that coming?


Amanda ran to meet him, and it was really cute.  He said that the medics didn't know what was wrong with it, and it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't work.  Candace decided that James needs to go if they lose the challenge, because he's a whole lot o' dead weight.

Immunity Challenge

One person will be a caller for blindfolded pairs of tribemates, who need to collect 10 huge puzzle pieces in the field.  Then, they have to build the puzzle.

Tyson and Danielle sit out for Villains.  Jerri calls for them, and James calls for Heroes.

The Heroes got the puzzle pieces back first, and began building as the Villains came back with their final piece.  Can they make up for the lost time?  In fact, they can.  The puzzle mastery of the Villains trumps again. 

Heroes - to Tribal council!

There are thoughts of sending James, Tom, or Candace home. JT and Candace seem to be leaning towards James.  Amanda and Rupert are split between Tom and Candace. Colby called JT wishy washy.

Tribal Council

Probst asserted that his niece would be able to beat James at a race right now.  James doesn't think that he is that bad.  JT worried about continually losing.  James went back to the refrain of people not listening to each other, and blamed Tom and Candace.  JT didn't think it was right to place the blame on anyone for losing, because it doesn't seem that any of them can win.

Voting, Tom called James "all mass, no class."  Nice.  Votes go for Tom, Tom, then James, another for James, another for Tom, and Tom is out.  I think that was a mistake.  Goodbye, Tom.  I still love you.

No Survivor next week, and the week after, it's on Wednesday.  The battle is on between Russell and Rob.  Can't wait.

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