Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol: 3.31.10

Starting off the night with a fast forward through Ruben, and watched the Ford video, which was set to Kung Fu Fighting.  Eh. Not the best.

I am highly amused that the info on my dvr for the episode said "American Idol starring Ellen Degeneres and some other people."  

Michael is sporting a Siobahn-esque purple rat tail extension glued to his head, and Andrew thinks he's full of personality.  Tonight features The Clash of the Titans, and they went to the World Premiere.  Fast forwarding... 

Some results.  Lee is safe, no surprise there.  Casey blathered on about not having any idea how to stretch himself as an artist, and he says he just picks a good song and does what he does with it.  He's safe.  Aaron's up next, and Seacrest went on about who is in love with who, and Simon told him this isn't the Oprah Winfrey show, and he needs to stick to singing.  Bravo.  Siobahn said that she wasn't going to make excuses for her off night, but said that she isn't feeling defeated.  Katie says that she is going to listen to the judges, but take the thoughts of the judges to heart.  Katie is in the Bottom 3, and Siobahn is safe.  To the Stools with Katie!

Simon told Seacrest that he is really getting on his nerves tonight.  I would agree.

And.... fast forward through Usher and his triple split screen.

Back to the matter at hand.. Didi says that she just started playing guitar, so it feels like taking a risk when she plays it.  Sadly, she's in the Stools of Shame.

Michael was psyched out by Seacrest, who had him walk across the stage to him, only to tell him he's safe.  And then Michael picked him up and shook him around a little.  I'd say Seacrest deserved that, and that many other people have wanted to do that during the course of the show.  Crystal is back in her comfort zone of style, and she's safe.  

Down to Tim and Andrew.  Andrew is safe, and Tim takes his habitual spot on the Stools.  Well, in the middle of the stage.  Going immediately back to safety is Katie.  That's about right.

At this point, it could be either one of them.  However, Didi actually has talent, so I hope that she stays.

And, fast forwarding through freaking Diddy.  Gahhhh.

Singing for her life, it's Didi. And freaking Tim is freaking safe again.


She's singing Rhiannon, and she's good.  BUT, the judges are obviously going to save that single save for Siobahn or Crystal or maybe Lee.

Someone, sign Didi, so that I can hear her on the radio.  She's going home.  Ah, Didi, you lost your way, that's all.. find it, record some awesome music.  Thank you.  That is all.

And next week, looks like it's back to the Lennon/McCartney songbook.  Man.  Didi could have done well with that...

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