Thursday, March 4, 2010

American Idol: 3.5.10 (Abbreviated Blog)

I had a very long rehearsal tonight for a play I'm in, so I'm afraid this is going to be a rather abbreviated blog.

Why does the group number always sound like the Kids Bop version of whatever song they are singing?  Especially when there are so many people.  The rap portion was particularly weird.

Freaking Tim is safe.  I'm not ok with that.  Todrick - waiting.  Michael?  Safe.  Casey?  Safe.  John?  Gone.  Todrick is safe to massacre another song next week. 

Next row, Lee?  Safe.  Aaron?  Safe.  Bah.  Alex?  He and his mullet are safe.  So, Jermaine or Andrew is going home.  If there is any justice, Jermaine will be rocking his onesie at home.  Dramatic pause, and Justice is had.  Andrew is safe.  Buh-bye, Jermaine.

(And, fast forward.)

Hello, Danny Gokey, and.... Fast forward.

Girl's turn!

Lilly?  Safe.  Paige? Safe.  Katie?  Safe.  It's between Michelle (please) and Didi (no!!!).  Kara listened back to Michelle and heard what I heard, that she was off all over the place.  And ... Didi is safe!  Michelle is gone!

And, Fast Forward!

Katelyn?  Safe.  Crystal?  Safe.  Siobahn?  Lacey vs. Haeley (my friend thinks she should be called Pageanta, and I agree).  Simon thinks it's obvious who's going home, and it is Haeley.  Buh-bye, Pageanta!  (And what the hell is she wearing?  She's got fringe on her boobs.  Skunk fringe.  And ... fast forward.

America got it half right at least!

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