Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol: 3.11.10

I can tell you already, I'll be fast forwarding through Scott McIntyre.  It's late, and I can't bring myself to care.  At all.

A Michael Buble Group Sing?  I sure wish they would sing live!!!  Fast forwarding.

Didi is the first into the Top 12.  Yay!  Siobahn?  No surprise, she's in. Good.  Paige and Katelyn were called up next.  One is in, and one is out.  Holy cow... Paige is in, and Katelyn is out.  After last night's travesty by Paige, that stuns me.  I didn't see Katelyn going that far, though.  She's kind of generic.

Fast forwarded though her boot-off sing.

Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey were called to the stage.  Casey is the first sent to the Silver Stools of Safety.  Tim is next.  Booooo to that one.  So, it's between Todrick and Lee.  Todrick, I thought, had the better voice last night, but Lee has been better throughout.  Lee is in, and Todrick is out.  Go to Broadway, Todrick!

Fast forwarding!

Scott McIntyre and Matt Giraud?  Also fast forwarding.  Dueling pianos, nice, but it's too late.  I don't like Matt's stupid faux hawk, either.

Crystal?  She's in.  Good.  Michael?  Safe.  Awesome.  Seacrest asked him if he would fit on one stool.  Funny.  Lacey?  In.  She gives awful interview.  Wow.  Aaron is up next.  Well, crap.  He's in.  Stupid teeny bopper voters!  Will the final guy be Alex, or Andrew?  Andrew blew it with Genie in a Bottle last night, but not badly enough to erase the collective memory of Straight Up.  Alex is out.  I was never a huge fan, but I think he deserved that seat more.  He was in tears.  Poor kid.  Ellen urged him to follow the words of Chumbawumba, and get knocked down, but get back up again.

And, fast forwarding.  I say, get rid of that mullet, boy!

Apparently, there were some huge hugs over the commercial break.

Now, finally, it's down to Katie or Lilly.   Oh, no!!!  Silver haired Lilly is gone, and I'm so so sad.  Katie was dreadful last night.  Stupid teeny bopper voters!  Last night wasn't my favorite Lilly performance, but she was so much better than Katie. Lilly wondered what America wants to hear, and I am not sure either.

What do you think of the Top 12?  I think that a lot of them are very good and deserve to be there.  Then, there's Aaron and Katie.  Sorry, teenagers, but you aren't up to par yet... Boo, America on that.

And the first theme night?  Rolling Stones.  That could be .... interesting.

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