Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol: 3.24.10

I've created a lot of buffer time, so I can fast forward through ALL of the guest performances.  Yay!

Really unflattering pause on Randy on the big screen, and Seacrest smirked through the intro, so you know that was on purpose.

Group Sing is to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.  I love this song, and I really wish that they would quit with the pre-recorded shit.  It was painfully obvious and not ok.  Did Didi almost fall off the stage?

I noticed last night that everyone was wearing muted colors.  Grey, brown, black, white.  Tonight, there's some color.  Siobahn is wearing a pink shirt, and there's some plaid from Andrew and Casey.

I really really really hate the lip syncing.  Hate.  These kids are so much better than lip syncing.  Do you hear me, Fox?

Sadly, no... *sigh*

Ford Music Video Time - set to Our Time Now (never heard it before), and they put rainbow balls in a fountain and danced like Friends.  Kind of lame.

Results time.  Siobahn's boss is not shaving until she wins, and her fan/friends are calling themselves Siobahnbies and are dressed like zombies.  Katie's dad can't watch her in competition live, and is across the street, probably having a drink, and getting play by play by phone from people back home.  Michael was shown in a clip with his baby in a Bjorn, and it was really cute.  His wife and baby are living in an apartment close to the Idols' house, and Michael sees them every night, but it's hard to see them so seldom.

Time for the Seats of Doom.  Siobahn is up first, and is safe.  Cruely, Seacrest first told her to pack her bags... for this summer, because she's going on tour.  Up next, it's Lee and Casey.  Seacrest left them standing and called up Tim and Paige next.  Does this mean that they aren't BOTH in the Seats of Shame?  Tim asserted that he had a great time during his performance.  Maybe, Tim, but I didn't.  And I think very few people did.  I could have fun spinning around in a circle on stage, but that doesn't mean that an audience would want to see it.  In a shock of Things Going the Right Way, Seacrest announced that Paige is in the bottom 3... and so it Tim.  Awesome.

Fast forward through Miley...

Idol Gives Back is coming in four weeks.  You can raise money now -

Who will be in the final Silver Stool of Sadness?  Aaron is in a very interesting shirt, he's starting to feel better, and he's safe.  Didi (I love her belt) wants to know what the judges want of her.  Ellen wants Didi to do what Didi does, maybe a little diddy.  Ellen loves her, just wants her to make better song choices.  Simon thinks her problem is overthinking, and she just needs to choose a good song and be good, full stop.  Didi is safe (yay!) even though the mics are such that she couldn't really hear Simon's advice.  Maybe she'll watch it back.  Michael is safe.  Simon wondered if Crystal would listen to Kara (no guitar) or Simon (guitar) if she stays.  She said she would listen to herself.  Go Crystal.  She's safe.  Katie is up next, and wants to stay pop/r&b, but says that she would try country for Simon, but it isn't where she's feeling it.  Andrew is safe (hope that he proves himself next week), and Katie is in the bottom 3.

That's about right.  Paige needs to go home.  Seacrest immediately sent Katie back to the couches.  Well, that was pointless.

Fast forwarding through Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas.  Buh-bye.

Tim is safe tonight, but only because Paige sucked.  Badly.  She gets a chance to sing for her place in the show, but Simon told her before singing that there is no way they are saving her.  It was 100% unanimous as a decision. 

Next week is Soul & R&B with Usher as mentor.  I don't have a great feeling about that....

Paige sang them out, and was better than last night, but it was definitely her time to go. I was distracted by her matching hair extensions and eyeshadow.

Hopefully, Tim will be gone next week!!

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Rebecca said...

Be so glad you FF through was almost as bad as Paige last night. Terrible terrible singing.