Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 3.24.10

Post the boot off of Tom, James offered Colby a hug. Candace voted for Tom because she doesn't want to make anyone mad.  She failed, because Amanda wants her gone.

Over at Villains Camp, Rob was up in the middle of the night, and Russell went to talk with him.  Russell said that he doesn't want to fight with Rob, and Rob said that a lot of people were angry that Russell went looking for the idol.  Russell tried to play it like he hadn't found it, but Rob didn't seem convinced.

The next day, they got a vague Tree Mail.  James is still in a big ol' brace...

It's Individual Immunity against your own tribe - because everyone's going to Tribal, and each tribe will vote someone out.

Everyone will be attatched to a rope and will have to thread themselves through an obstacle course.  The winner from each tribe gets immunity.  The two winners will compete head to head, and the winner gets a hot dog/soft drink meal for their tribe, while they watch the other Tribal council.

James somehow managed to pull himself into the lead, but then JT and Candace pulled ahead.  Candace won it, and JT said that just marked Colby.

For the Villains, it was Rob, Tyson, and Russell battling.  Rob won it.

For the head to head, it's Rob vs. Candace. There's a third level to the obstacles, and it's taller.  They both threw themselves into it.  Rob won it.  Why am I not surprised?  Good for him.

Back at the Villains camp, Rob is pulling for Parvarti to get voted out, but wants Russell to think that he is going so he plays the idol.  Rob told Russell that if he doesn't have the idol, he needs to find it.  Russell still said that he didn't have it, and Rob told him "Good knowing you!"

Russell went to Parvarti and told her that he thinks they are trying to gun for her, and he's planning on voting for Tyson and giving the idol to her tonight.  Wow.  That guy is good.

Over at Heroes Camp, Colby seems resigned to going home.  He talked to James, and admitted that he hasn't had a very good time, and admitted that he was sucking.  Even though Rupert has a broken toe, and James has the leg barely working, Colby was last in the challenge.  That's awful.  The others talk about needing to have a strong tribe.  Amanda told James that he was going to have to prove that he can run, and that he can't eat more bananas than everyone else, without getting any for other tribe members.

James and JT had a race.  JT ran backwards, but James still ran it and did a good job.  Colby lazed in the water.  I think that Colby has sealed his fate.

The scheming continued at Villain Central.  Rob wants the alliance to split the vote, between Parvati and Russell.  But... will Coach go with the crowd, or his new King?

Russell took Tyson aside and told him that he would vote for Parvati, and he would save her if he could, but he can't.  Tyson seems ready to flip his vote to Parvati.  He's genius.  He anticipated what Rob was going to do and flipped Tyson.  maybe.   I love it.

No matter what, I want Rob and Russell in this for the long haul, together.  They are wonderfully devious and smart and they really really know how to play the game.

Tribal Council: Villains

Sandra called Russell out for having the hidden idol, and Russell still said that he didn't have it.  Parvati called out Tyson for having connections on both sides.  The same is said of Parvati.  Eeeeen-teresting.

Sandra in her vote REALLY hates Russell.  She said he needed to get in the ocean and wash his ass, if I heard her right.  Wow. 

Let's see how these votes go.  Russell got up and said that he was going to take the target off of his back, then told Probst that he wasn't going to play the idol that way, and told Coach that loyalty, honesty, and trust is the best thing.  Then, he handed the idol to Parvati, who played innocent like she had no idea it was coming, and played the idol, calling Russell a gentleman.

Rob still looked pleased with himself... until the fourth Parvati vote was read, and Tyson was out.  Who was the third vote for Tyson?  Coach?  Russell looked tickled.  Oh,man, it was Danielle who voted for Tyson.  Wonder how that went down??  Again... Eeeen-teresting.

Hot dogs and soda in hand, the Villains settled in to watch the Heroes' Tribal.  Rupert wanted some dogs, but it was raining on them all, and James found some satisfaction that it was "raining on the parade."

Tribal Council: Heroes

James admitted that he lost the race with JT.  James said that Colby was one of the baddest Survivors ever, growing up.  Colby said that he was not that old.  James still said that Colby lost a race against a fat dude and a cripple, and it was like seeing that Superman was wearing a girdle.  Colby said that hearing it wasn't as bad as living it.

Before the vote, the Villains were sent away (but able to finish what was in their mouths).  Since Tribal lasts for a super long time, not all shown on tv, I doubt anyone went away hungry.

Color me stunned when James was voted out.  I think it was the right decision, but I thought his alliance was going to keep him there, bum leg or not.  JT told him to have a shot for them, and James' parting words were "I'm going to be drunk in five minutes."  Now, can Colby get his head out of his butt and back in the game.

Next week, Rob compares Russell to a suicide bomber.  I hope that Russell finds the next hidden idol, and keeps this thing interesting!

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Best episode of the season so far!