Thursday, March 4, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains -3.5.10

After Tribal, Coach is disheartened that Sandra called him out at Tribal.  He said "I'm sensitive, but I hide it behind all the great things I've done and accomplished."  Then, he got pissy with Tyson, saying "I'm The Man, and I don't need anyone to validate that!"  Then, he broke into tears and said that he just wants people to say nice things about him.  Because he doesn't need validation.  Right.  Tyson hugged it out with him, and told him he would tell him the absolute truth, and told him he needs to stop wearing feathers in his hair at Tribal and stop telling his stories, because people don't believe them.  Coach instead said that he just wants to go home, because he doesn't think the game deserves his nobility.  Ummmmm...

The next morning, Tyson told the rest of the tribe about Coach's meltdown while Coach went off to cry by himself.  Boston Rob had some words with Coach, and told him that he's not on the outside, and they hugged it out.  Coach wants more sharpening.  Rob says that Coach needs to trust him, then told him to pick his head up and act like a man.  Coach compared himself to Last of the Mohicans and King Arthur, and quoted Confusious while the editors had some fun with his funky yoga meditation tai chi.  Coach wants to do macrame together apparently, instead of just being used for challenges.

The Heroes get the tree mail, which is the Survivor Sears Catalogue, and they got to pick items for their wish list.

Reward Challenge

They have to race head to head, down a slippery slope to get numbered balls randomly decided by Probst before the round.  First to get four in a basket wins.

Heroes chose food catching and cooking items.  Villains chose tool kit and a multi-tool.

Parvati sat out.

Coach vs. Tom for #14.  It's Survivor Contact Slip n' Slide, mixed with Survivor Skee Ball.  Coach got the basket.  Russell vs. Cirie, for #9.  Russell was way faster than Cirie, who didn't slide, but crawled.  And Russell got the second ball for the Villains.  Courtney vs. Candace for #2, and Candace scored first for the Heroes.  Jerri vs. Amanda for #6.  Jerri scored the third basket.  Sandra vs. James for #5.  James got a much better slide.  Sandra crawled, and James got an easy basket.  Daniel vs. Rupert for #1.  Daniel's boobs are seriously scary, just have to say.  Rupert scored and kept the game interesting.  Colby vs. Tyson for #10.  Colby got a better slide, but they were getting nothing but rim shots until Tyson scored for the Villains, winning them reward. 

Coach is again feeling like the Dragon Slayer.

When they were looking in the tool box, Russell opened a knife and the first clue for the Hidden Idol fell out.  In front of everyone.  Rob suggested that they all go get it, and Sandra wanted to throw it into the ocean so that the person who found it wasn't marked.  They all went to build something and Russell decided to sneak out and try to find the hidden idol.  He told them he was going for a walk, and took off.  Rob suspected he was looking for the idol.  Sandra was pissed when she saw him on the beach, and called him a stupid ass.  Rob called him a hobbit on crack and wanted him gone right away.

The Heroes also found a clue for their clue, in their coffee - all together, too.  What a coincidence.  They didn't decide to throw it in the ocean, but several went out in search of it.  Tom, Amanda, and James were digging under the same tree.  Tom found it, and surreptitiously dropped it into his sock.  Amanda suspected and saw him put it in his sock.  She told Candace who told everyone.  Tom told Colby he wanted to use it as a tool to get into the top alliance.

Immunity Challenge - It's Survivor Atlasphere!  Awesome.  (Except one person in a ball, guiding two blind folded tribe members to push them to a table maze.  They then guide four other blind folded people to solve the table maze.)

Since this was the challenge that Russell Swan almost died in last season, whoever finishes it will be the first ones to finish it.  Sandra and Courtney sit out, as does Cirie.  Tom and Boston Rob are in the balls, guiding Rupert and James, and Coach and Tyson.  The Villains got to the puzzle first.  Parvarti, Russell, Danielle and Jerri are doing the puzzle, and Colby, JT, Candace, and Amanda are for the Heroes.  It was neck and neck and the Villains won it.  Awesome job.

Candace and Cirie talked about splitting the vote between Tom and Colby, forcing the idol out or a tie breaking vote.  JT wants Candace gone, Amanda is worried about the idol, but JT trusts him more than he trusts Candace.  Tom offered the idol to either Amanda or JT, because he claims that he wishes there wasn't an idol at all.  Amanda told Cirie about the talk with Tom, and Cirie thinks it's stupid to get rid of Candace, because Tom and Colby are bigger threats.  How about keeping people around who help to win challenges.  JT heard the others talking about the possible plan change, and told Rupert and James off.  JT went to talk to Tom, and told him he doesn't have any control anymore.  Tom, Colby, and JT thought of voting out Cirie.  He said "tomorrow we make our apologies, tonight we make our move." I would get rid of Cirie, because she's more dangerous than a lot of the others.  Tom aptly called her the puppet master.


Tom said that Stephanie was on the wrong side of the numbers and was sacrificed.  Colby admitted that great people are being sent home early because of alliances.  JT said that it's too early to be voting out people who can help you beat the other tribe.  He says that it's important to have people who are not scared and will stick with plans.  Rupert also wants bonding, and made alliances that he wants to keep, but the long pause made it certain that he didn't think the vote he was making was the best vote.  Probst went off on him.  James wants to win and get rewards.  He wants people to stop the crazy stuff, the social game.  Colby said that the social game is necessary.  JT said that he feels safe.  Um.  That may be a foolish answer.

Before the vote was read, Tom played the Immunity Idol.  The vote goes 2 votes Colby, 3 votes Cirie, and votes for Tom didn't count.  And awesome.  Finally, a smart elimination.  She's a great player.  Too great to stick around.

Next week, Coach leads some Dragonslayer Tai Chi, Russell hunts for the Idol, Rob doesn't like that, Candace wants to work with Tom and Colby, and someone gets medical attention at a challenge.  Can't wait!

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svenskjouney said...

Best. Reward. Challenge. Ever. I mean, beautiful people + skimpy attire + oil? Thank you, Mark Burnett!

It seems to me that the hidden immunity clues were both placed to ensure that they would be found by more than one person, in order to sow dissention. Not that either of these tribes really need any help with that!!

Russell needs to smarten up his game, and the Heroes need to just plain start playing the damned game. And we need more face time with Amanda... just sayin'...