Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amazing Race - 3.7.10

Argentina!  Ranches!  From this lovely Pitstop, The Cowboys are the first to find out they are heading for  Frankfurt, Germany where they then have to get to Hamburg, and look for Jungfrensteig St.

They get on the first plane available, leaving at 11:30 in the morning.  The Detectives also get on it.

Brandy & Carol are determined to be respectful.  Jordan admits that Dan doesn't like traveling, but did it for him.

The first flight gets there at 2:35 PM.  The train leaves at 3:37 PM.  The second plane gets there with three minutes to spare for the train, but Carol & Brady and Dan & Jordan had a hard time navigating the train station and missed the train.   The other teams caught up to them before the next train.


This is new!  They have to mutually agree to join forces with another team for the Roadblock.


Teams have to take a tandem bungee in the middle of the city. Insane.

The Cowboys and the Detectives work together.  Heidi & Joe teamed up with Steve and Allie.  Steve & Allie met a German named Klaus who helped them.  Brandi & Dan did the bungee together.  They also found a local.  Jordan & Jeff worked with Brent & Caite.  The girls did the bungee.  Caite & Jordan got on the wrong train.  Oopsie.

Cowboy & Detective went up first.  Cowboy refused to remove his hat.  That's hard core.  And he managed to keep it on.  That's awesome.  He didn't even hold onto it.

They got their clue, but had to get back to their teammates before opening it.  They have to get to the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm, and they are no longer united.

Joe & Allie got to the bungee next, followed by Dan & Brandy, and Caite & Jordan.  Brandy was not looking forward to it.  She and Carol apparently bungeed before the race, and she didn't want to do it again.  They managed to live through the jump, and Dan was very supportive.

At the statue - Detour

Soccer - Kick five targets in a goal from the penalty line.

Sauerkraut - polish off a plate of sauerkraut while the Sauerkraut Polka plays, before it's done.

The Detectives chose Sauerkraut.  They ate like crazy and finished readily.

Next: Haifisch Bar  - they have to drink a glass boot filled with beer.  And that's a mighty huge boot.

At the Detour, the Cowboys, Steve & Allie, and Joe & Heidi chose Soccer.

The Detectives got to the bar.  The boot was HUGE, and one of the Detectives doesn't like beer much.  I missed if it was the Detective who ate most of the sauerkraut who ended up drinking most of the beer... that's a tummy full of German goodness.

Joe and Heidi, meanwhile, did the soccer.  Joe, of course, has a bad knee, and couldn't get the balls up in the air.  It was a foolish decision to do the soccer task with a bum knee.  They went back to eat Sauerkraut.

Brent & Caite also chose Soccer.  Jeff & Jordan chose Sauerkraut.

Steve & Allie finished the soccer and headed to the bar.  The Cowboys had pretty much never played soccer before, but had pretty good aim.

Beer?  Done for the Detectives.

They have to head to the Beatles-Platz, and search for the tiny club where the Beatles played their first gig in Hamburg.

Back to the Detour, Carol & Brandy chose the Sauerkraut, and Dan & Jordan went to soccer.

And Jeff & Jordan?  Stuck with a bad Cabbie who drove them all over creation.  Bad GPS, finally corrected, heading to their location.

The Detectives got to Indra, the Pit Stop, first.  You could tell that Detective Louis had had a boot of beer.  They came in first, and won $5000 Discover gift cards, one for each of them.

At the bar, Steve was thrilled, because he's wanted a beer for the whole trip.

And at the soccer field, the cowboys have fantastic aim and got all their goals.   Onto the bar with them.

Joe & Heidi got to the Sauerkraut and inhaled it, setting off for the bar. Carol & Brandy arrived for the Sauerkraut and Carol was eating daintily, but Brandy picked up the slack and off they went.

Dan had been hoping for a soccer challenge before the race.  They seemed to do a good job with it.

And on the road, Joe & Heidi cut the Cowboys off on the way to the bar.  One of the cowboys had never drunk beer before.  Wow.

Steve & Allie, meanwhile, got to the Pitstop 2nd.

Joe was gagging on the beer, but they finished before the Cowboys. I would not have wanted to be Joe's cabbie. He looked about to hurl.

Jordan & Jeff finally got to the Sauerkraut and failed their first try, gave up, and went to the soccer field.

Brent & Caite were at the soccer field, and Caite played soccer since she was five, had some really bad cramps, and whined about not being able to kick the balls properly.  Brent theorized that she was probably tight because of the huge plane ride and running around.  She refused to give up and they finished.  She got 3 of the targets, pain or no pain.

And the pitstop?  Joe & Heidi came in third.

The Cowboys finally finished their beer, and Jet said that he didn't want another beer ever.  Carol & Brandy downed their beer in seemingly really quick time.

Dan & Jordan arrived to drink their beer, and also seemed to do well with it.

The Cowboys fell to 4th pace at the pitstop, but they made it.

Jeff & Jordan were not very good at the soccer, either.  They finally got it and headed to the bar.

Carol & Brandy came in 5th, followed by Dan & Jordan (who were amused to be in the Red Light District of Hamburg, drunk.)

Caite hates beer, and unpleasantly, Brent had to throw up mid-boot, and they of course showed us.  Yuck. with sound effects.  Caite refused to man up and chug the beer, and he had to finish it after puking.  Yuck.

Jeff is at least good at drinking beer.

Unfortunately, Brent & Caite arrived first.  They were surprised that they weren't in last place.

Jeff & Jordan?  Last place.  But - NON-Elimination leg!  Speed bump ahead for them!

I'm ok with that.  How about you?

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