Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol: 3.9.10 - Lady's Night

No clip packages tonight, because we've only got an hour.  Yay for less padding!  Again, 1-866-IDOLS-##

01) Katie Stevens (Breakaway, by Kelly Clarkson) She started off flat, and seemed to stay flat for a good long time.  She was proving that Kelly is a far better singer than she is.  I mean, this is painful, actually.  It also seemed way too low for her.  When she broke out into the chorus, she remained flat and froggy in the throat. Not good, Katie.  Oh, that was just ... painful.  Randy seemed to be searching for something nice to say.  He told her that it felt like karaoke and it paled in comparison.  Ellen was happy that she chose a younger song, but didn't feel the connection to the lyrics.  Kara told her that she has a great radio voice, but she doesn't seem to understand herself as an artist yet.  Simon says that she has taken the advice they've given, but didn't think that the second half of the song went as it was supposed to.  He said she kind of sucked.... the energy out of the song.  And no one mentioned that she was completely off key.  Humph.

02) Siobahn Magnus (House of the Rising Sun, by The Animals)  She grew up hearing her father sing this song, and wanted to do this as a surprise to him.  I happen to really really like this song. She started off a capella and gave me chills.  When the band kicked in, she kept right on up with it.  I really dig this girl.  It almost sounded like it could have been a Bond Theme.  I thought it was wonderful.  Randy, yo, a'ight, listen, dawg, thought it was different and loved what she does, and the risks and chances that she takes.  He thinks it's hot when she doesn't listen to their advice and does her own thing.  Ellen says that Siobahn is the reason she loves music and was moved by it.  Kara loved the a capella at the beginning, and loved how unique she is.  Simon wasn't as much of a fan.  He thought it was all a bit weird, from beginning to end.  Kara again wanted to know what kind of artist Siobahn would be.  Simon thought she was missing the Moment like she had last week.  I still loved it.  A lot.

03) Lacey Brown (The Story, by Brandy Carlisle)  I've never heard this song before, but I think it is the best Lacey has sounded in this part of the competition.  Her make-up is wayyyy too heavy, but seriously, I could like this girl instead of wishing her home.  She was sitting on the edge of the stage, which was a lot more interesting than sitting on a stool, except I worry that she was virtually ignoring half the audience.  Way to have a comeback, Lacey! Yo, Randy thought the song was a little boring, but agreed with me that she hasn't sounded this good in a long time.  Ellen also thought it was the best she's sounded to date, and thought the song sounded like it was written right for her.  Kara said the song choice was brilliant, and thought this was the reason she got to this stage.  Simon didn't love the song choice, but thought that she gave a good performance, and thought it sounded like something that could be on the radio.  Good for Lacey.

04) Katelyn Epperly (I Feel the Earth Move, by Carol King)  She's playing the keyboard, and I kind of hate how big her hair is today, and I think she may be wearing a jumper, which is never a good choice.  She had a solid performance, but it felt kind of dated.  Her voice is really good, but I don't love the arrangement.  Good job, I guess. Except for the jumper.  Randy liked the Carol King tribute with the hair (aw, I get it), but didn't feel the connection with the song.  Ellen didn't know that the song was the right song to get her into the top 12.  Kara didn't feel like she was competing, just like she was going through the motions.  Katelyn said she was trying to be less corny.  Simon liked her hair.  But, he thought the performance was rather like request night at a restaurant she was singing at.  He thinks that other people look as if they are trying harder.

05) Didi Benami (Rhiannon, by Fleetwood Mac) She's got her guitar out.  Yay!  She sang it all by herself, just her and her guitar, and she sounded fantastic.  It was a great song choice for her, and the arrangement was perfection.  There was a little back up singer action in there, but mostly it was just Didi and her awesomeness. She gave me chills. And I don't even like Fleetwood Mac for the most part.  Randy thought it was a lot better than last week, but didn't think it was the best she can do.  Ellen thought yes indeedy, Didi.  Kara thought it was one of her favorite moments of the show so far this season.  I agree.  Simon agrees with Kara and thought it was head and shoulders above anything else so far tonight, and she proved that she was an artist.  He thought the wow moment was the whole song, and loved the balance of it.  Yay!

06) Paige Miles (Smile, by Charlie Chaplin)  She sounded really nervous, and seemed to have some serious pitch problems here and there.  Kind of weak.  She also threw some superfluous runs in there, and sounded really nasal in places.  That was boring and not good.  Especially compared with (mostly) everyone else tonight.  Randy loves the song, but it didn't work for him.  He also didn't like the arrangement.  He thought it sounded like something being sung at a banquet.  Ellen thought the song was sad and boring, instead of uplifting, and didn't think she took the opportunity to shine.  Kara thought it was all wrong.  She wondered if Paige knew it was wrong.  Simon thought it was a horrible choice of song, an awful arrangement (Holiday Inn, 1974), and called it a peanut performance, meaning that people would sit at the bar eating peanuts while listening, but not really notice it.  She said that the song was emotional for her, because she's a huge Michael Jackson fan, and he recorded it, and she started breaking up in tears during the performance.

07) Crystal Bowersox (Give Me One Reason, by Tracy Chapman) She's rocking the electric guitar tonight.  This could be awesome.  Really good song choice for her.  I kind of love her.  She changed the song up here and there, but didn't slaughter the spirit of it.  Randy said this is what the show is about.  Ellen needs new adjectives for Crystal, and called it the best performance of the night. Kara loves her because she knows who she is as an artist, and nails it every time.  Simon thinks she is one million, billion percent going to be in the Top 12 next week, and thinks she is the one to beat.

08) Lilly Scott (I Fall to Pieces, by Patsy Cline) She's got a mandolin!  Sadly, she does seem to be falling to pieces.  She's really good, I know that, but this is a terrible song choice for her.  Just awful.  Her dress looks like it was made for Holly Hobby, too.  And her earrings appear to be made of yarn.  Oh, Lilly.  I expected more of you. Booo.  Randy ... loved her?  And so did Ellen.  Kara thought that it made Patsy Cline feel current.  Did they not hear how rough that was?  Simon said it was cute and quirky, but didn't have the wow factor.  I'd agree with that.

My favorites of the night were Didi, Siobahn, Crystal, and Lacey.  Katie was bad.  Really bad.  Paige was bad, too.  I think the others who had off nights deserve to be in the top 12.  Paige and Katie not so much.

What did you think?

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Jeanne said...

I was bored to death last night with the song choices. Did the producers tell all of them to pick the slowest, dreadful songs? I did like Crystal and Sioban (sp?) though.

Side note: did you see where one of the undercover cops from Amazing Race was somehow connected to a cocaine ring in their police dept.? It was somewhere on TMZ or CNN yesterday...