Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol: 3.17.10

Starting out with a green light St. Patrick's Day extravaganza.  That was...random...

Weirdness between Simon and Ryan. Simon was unhappy with Ryan's getting in his face last night, and wondered if Ryan wants his job.  Weird.  Simon explained the judge's save.  David Cook is here, to sing Jumpin' Jack Flash.  Nice.  I wish the back of his head didn't look like it got stuck in the wrong end of the blowdryer.... but he sounds great.

Ah, the first Ford Ad.  They are vandalizing brand new cars with paint balls.  This seems like a bad idea all around.  And, low and behold, the cars came out beautifully painted.  Casey had the flu, so he wasn't in the ad, but lookie, another Ford Spot - they could create their own Ford Fiesta graphics.  That's kind of cool.

Wasting not too much time, Paige is sent to the Stools of Uncertainty.  Lee is safe, and vows to have his Moment. Siobahn?  She got some (deserved) praise for being so great and unique from Ellen, and she's safe.  Aaron is safe, and he did ok last night, so I'm ok with that.  Andrew and Tim are up next.  Andrew is safe, and Tim is in the bottom 3.  Yay! 

I can't spell this chick's name, and I like her song, but I think she is way better on a studio recording than singing live... BUT - that girl can play respectable guitar!

Back to the results.

Didi got emotional because her mom was shown before her performance last night, and it worked out ok, because she's safe.  Crystal also had emotional problems last night, watching her dad crying on her clip before going out.  She also wants to make it clear that she has never felt like she has the competition in the bag, and wants to make sure that people know that she is just as nervous as everyone else.  Well, she's safe this week.  Good.  Simon wants Katie to head in a country direction, Randy wants her pop-rock, and Ellen wants her mariache.  Well, she's safe.  Casey is also safe, and Lacey is in the bottom 3.

That's about right.

What happened next was not ok.  Tim is safe.  Boooooooooooooooo.

Fast forwarding through Ke$ha.  I can't stand her and her rampant autotuning and over processing of vocals.  Let's not talk about her deep lyrics.  Booooo...

Lacey turns out to be the one in danger of leaving, and Paige is safe.   That's about right.

Lacey got a chance to sing a song of her choice to try to evoke a judge's save.  She sang the much better song for her voice that she sang last week, which the judge's deliberated.  I bet they were discussing what kind of pizza to get post-show.  No way are they saving her.  She sounded decent, but she's out.  Buh-bye.

Do you think the right person went home?

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