Thursday, April 1, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 4.1.10

Post-Tribal, Rob is shocked at the blindside and said it was his first shock in three times playing Survivor.  Courtney called Russell a bandy legged little troll, which was kind of awesome, and said that clearly Parvati has no problem flirting with anything that walks.  Then, Russell told Parvati that they have to work on Jerri.  Rob is nervous that Russell, Parvati, and Danielle have so much confidence for being behind in the numbers... and he wonders if people on his side are defecting to Russell's side.

Jerri went to chat with Russell and his girls, and Danielle tried to convince her that they could get anywhere with a tight alliance.  Russell patted himself on the back for bringing Jerri and Parvati together, when they hate each other, for his own good.  Parvati tried to tell Jerri that she would take her to the final four, and Jerri wasn't sure if she could trust that promise.

Over on the Whiner's Heroe's Tribe, everyone is unsure about the decision to boot James.  Colby is stunned to still be around. 

Reward Challenge

Three members of each tribe must race through water to get a ball and work together to get it in a basket while three members of the other tribe try to block them.  First to three baskets wins a fabulous waterfall-side feast.

Courtney, Sandra, and Parvati sit out.

First round - men vs. men.  Colby got a couple rim shots as there was complete mayhem in the water.  Coach is not good at basketball.  The pygmys must not play basketball.  Colby managed to snag a basket for the Heroes.

Next round - two women + one man on each side.  Colby and Coach stayed in.  Candace got a second basket for the Heroes. 

Next round - Men vs. men again.  Colby got the last goal, and the Heroes won.  I'm happy for them. They deserved a win, and Colby redeemed himself.  Broke Knee James would not have done well in that challenge.

And there on the table... the next clue.  Amanda was the first to open the clue.  I wonder if Russell will find the hidden idol at his camp?  The Heroes decided to find the idol together and use it in a unified manner. 

Over at Villain Central, Russell wants to know if Jerri is with them.  Russell calls Coach over and says that he wants Jerri, him and Coach, together in the Top 3.  He claims to not want to go against Parvati in the finals.  Coach isn't sure that he wants to buy Russell's "pure line of gold," which Jerri is swallowing hook, line, and sinker.  Jerri only wants to go with Russell if Coach comes along, because they are "honor bound."  Coach is feeling hurt because Jerri didn't talk to him first, and wants to have more trust than Russell does.  In confessional, Jerri called Coach totally naive, because he doesn't seem to get the game, because he is dead set against manipulating anyone, and Jerri doesn't think that's the way to win the game.

Immunity Challenge

People will race relay style up a net to get six bags of puzzle pieces, and the remaining players will solve the puzzle for immunity.  Jerri, Danielle, and Russell are sitting out the challenge.

Rupert, Colby, and Candace are running and JT and Amanda are solving.  For the Villains, Parvati, Courtney, and Coach are running, and Rob and Sandra are solving.  They are neck and neck, and Courtney lost a ton of time, being reticent to drop onto the big net, and she really did not help.  The Heroes got to solving the puzzle first, but the Villains were not far behind.  Amazingly, Rob and Sandra had troubles with the puzzle, and JT and Amanda rocked it out, and they won.  Rob looked pissed.  Beyond belief.

Russell is gunning for Courtney.  I think that's a wise decision.  HOWEVER - sitting on the beach with Rob, Sandra, and Courtney, Rob asked him what he was thinking, and Russell pointed at the girls and said "One of these."  Wow.  Rob was stunned at his audacity.  Sandra didn't like the idea, but Courtney seemed to appreciate his honesty. 

Rob asked Coach what he was thinking of, and Coach brought up the elephant in the room, that Courtney had no value in challenges, and also thinks that Parvati is a problem.  Rob wants Russell out.  Rob tried to sway Coach to Russell, and they shook hands on it.  Uh oh.  The Russell Group thought about maybe going for Rob - which I think is a terrible idea, because he's singlehandedly helped them win almost all the challenges.  Coach has his man-crush on Rob, and he is not happy about the idea of voting against Rob.  Coach looked about to cry. That's what happens when you give your word to everybody!  Rob told Jerri that he understood if she votes for him.  Jerri told Coach that she's not a good villain because she hates these hard decisions...

Tribal Council

Coach called Tyson the guy who bridged the gap between the different factions of the Tribe.  Russell said that he just wanted the strongest tribe, and said he could have blindsided anyone last tribal.  That's true.  Russell told Rob that he didn't think that he had the guts to do the Idol play that he did last week.  Russell told Rob that if you are gunning for him, you aren't getting what you want.  Big words from a little man.  Coach said that if they keep the tribe strong (and vote out Courtney), they could still win every single challenge, but by getting rid of their stronger competitors, it isn't going to make them stronger.  Wow. Did Coach actually say something that made sense?

Unless something goes funky here, and Courtney goes home, some one is going home who I want to stay. 

Votes go to Rob, Russell, Rob, Russell, Rob, Russell, Courtney, and Rob.  Oh, Boston Rob.  He didn't deserve to go home.  Coach tried to give him a hug goodbye, and Rob shook him off, saying "You're a little man." He had no problem giving Jerri a big hug, though.

I have to say, Coach voting for Courtney was the way for him to stick to his guns.  I think this was a terrible mistake, ego vs. ego, and Courtney who has sat out nearly every challenge is still there.  For the first time, I thought "Why aren't people listening to Coach?"  Never thought I would write that on my blog!

What do you think?  Next week looks like total implosion on the Villain Tribe.  Big surprise.


Anonymous said...

I think that Russell is showing again that he has the Outwit part totally down, however as much as I hate to admit, it's also a social game, and I fear he didn't learn his lesson from last season. trust me, I WISH people in the jury voted based on gameplay. We all know that the majority vote with their emotions, something you would think Russell would remember. (Although this raises a question: Whilr Russell was playing THIS season, did he know the results of LAST season?)

Astrid said...

This was filmed before he found out he lost. So, he couldn't learn from that.

Ed said...

Coach voting for Courtney was the easy, weak, I don’t want to burn any bridges, way out. The honorable thing to do would have been to pick either Russell or Rob and stick with the alliance. I mean, wasn't it just two weeks ago that "King Russell" knighted Coach, after telling him about the idol? It's easy to talk about honor, but actions speak louder than words and Coach just shouted from the top of the world that he is, in fact, a "little man."

Also, I think Jerry's hesitation to follow Russell stems from her crush on Coach and his hesitation to follow Russell. She is 100% right in one aspect, though; Coach cannot seem to see the bigger game.

The Villains are done. Dee oh en eee. They’ll be lucky to win another reward, and that plays right into Russell’s game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pouring out water and burning socks again.

Ed said...

*They'll be lucky to win another challenge, reward or immunity.