Thursday, April 29, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 4.29.10

Post Tribal, Rupert and Colby are feeling doomed.  Russell is feeling betrayed, and Sandra played right into it.  "Oh, you didn't know either?"  Russell went to talk to Parvati and told her that he felt like she lied to him, and it pissed him off that she didn't share with him.  Parvati said that it was a secret, no harm done.  She admitted that she wanted to shake his belief that he is in control of the game.  Amanda told Rupert that the Heroes are solid, but they need to swing over someone.  He wants to talk to Sandra.

Russell, the next morning, went to talk to Candace, to see if she would jump ship and join them, because the Heroes ship is sinking.  He promised her that if she was the last Hero standing, he wouldn't let her go at #6.  Russell went to talk to his ladies and told them that he thought Candace might flip to them.  Interesting.

Reward Challenge

It's Survivor Shuffle Board.  They are playing for a trip to Robert Louis Stevenson's home, which is a museum, watch the Treasure Island movie, and get to sleep in a real bed.  Parvati wonder

Candace, Parvati & Jerri vs. Rupert, Russell, and Sandra vs. Colby, Danielle & Amanda.  Russell right off the bat got the best toss, but then Rupert (also red team) got even closer.  Danielle knocked Rupert's puck out of the way, but Russell's was still nice and close.  Colby had the last shot, and he WON it.  He got directly on the bull's eye.

Danielle is the only chance the Villains have at finding the clue to the idol.  Amanda has her mind set on getting the clue.  She was obsessed. And then, Danielle found the clue in the bowl of popcorn, and hid it under the bed, but Amanda saw it and snatched it from her.  There was a cat fight.  Colby just sat on the bed and enjoyed it.  Danielle called Amanda psychotic.  Colby agreed that it is Danielle's clue.  Amanda felt betrayed by Colby.  I say, Amanda was acting like a total baby.  I like her, but that was not ok.

Danielle brought the clue to her alliance, and explained the cat fight to them.  They went to find the idol, and Russell's Idol Radar worked again.  He found it.  And hid it from the rest of them.  He once again declared himself the King of Hidden Immunity Idols.

When the rain stopped Russell went to Candace and told her that he had the idol, and she wanted to see it to believe it.  He told her "Stick with me, and I could take you places."  She is beginning to trust him.

Sandra had a chat with Colby about her place in the game.  Colby is pretty sure that Danielle has the idol and will keep it.  He is gunning for Parvati or Russell.  Sandra told Russell then that Colby is uptight with no personality and wouldn't talk to her.  I think Sandra is dangerous.  He then told her that they have one of the Heroes on their side, so it wouldn't be good for her to flip, because it would be a tie.  Sandra then went and told Rupert that she is in to get rid of Russell, and then told him that Russell told her that someone from their side has flipped.

The heroes are gunning for Russell or Parvati.  I hope that Parvati wins immunity and then Russell plays his, and then a hero goes home.

Immunity Challenge

It's house of cards time - with tiles.  First person to 10' tall wins.

It's pretty much down to Russell and Jerri.  Russell ran out of cards and had to re-shuffle, but Jerri brought home the immunity by a hair.  It's her very first immunity ever.  Good for her.  I have no idea what is happening at Tribal.

Russell told Candace that they were voting for Amanda.  Why Amanda and not Colby or Rupert, I don't know.  Candace told Russell that they are planning on his name, but they were wondering why Sandra was looking so sure of herself.

Sandra told Rupert that Candace is flipping.  Candace denied flipping.  They all decided to vote for Parvati instead,  because they think that Danielle has the idol.  They said if it doesn't work, it's Candace's fault.  Sandra told Candace that they needed to stick with Parvati, and said that she is jumping ship because of her.  Candace still wants to vote Amanda.  Sandra was freaking out.  Candace seemed torn.  I have no idea what is going to happen.

Tribal Council

How about that, Coach is wearing a shirt.  And a baseball hat.  He still looks like a douche.  Rupert admitted that the Villains have no reason to switch.  Sandra said that she is feeling on the outside of her own group.  Russell said that Danielle is aggressive, and so is he.  Jerri is cool-headed.  Parvati is charming.  And Sandra asks, what about her?  He said "Sandra, she's just here with us."  Wow.  The Heroes are all totally sure that Danielle has the idol.  Parvati is feeling vulnerable, because she gave her protection away.  To Sandra.  Who plans to switch.

And... Russell played the idol for himself.

When votes are going to Parvati, Russell swore quietly to himself.  Amanda is going home. Villains remain in control.  It's the first time Amanda has even been voted out.  Parvati told Russel that he wasted the immunity idol, and he admitted to being nervous.  Was that an eye-roll she gave his play?

Next week, trouble in paradise... Russell looks to be threatening members of his alliance.  This could get interesting.

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