Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol: 4.7.10

The producers have told Seacrest that there are "shocking" results tonight.

Idol Gives Back is coming soon, and there's an online program - "Help Me Give Back," and an auction with things donated by the judges and Seacrest.

Group Sing Time - Oh, how I hate the really super bad lip syncing.  Does anyone like the lip syncing?  It needs to stop.  NOW.  It's terrible.  Worse than terrible.  These kids are more than capable of singing live.  Probably together. Mostly in key.  I just feel badly for them.  They are better than this drivel.  And then, the Ford Commercial.  These used to be fun.  What happened?  Oh, look.  Idols in kaleidoscopes.  That was blahhhhhhhhghhh.... onward to the results, please?

Siobahn is in the center of the stage.

Oh no, it's the Top 9 dreaded 3 groups.

Who will be sitting in the middle of the stage tonight?

Crystal is in the same group as Siobahn.  Katie is in the same group.  Hmmm.

Maybe he's not doing the Dreaded 3 Groups.  Crystal is safe.  So is Siobahn and Katie.  That was just a whole slew of filler, there, Seacrest.  But about right. 

Fast forwarding through Jason Dirulo.

And I don't feel like I've missed anything.

And Archie?  Buh-bye.

Ok, here comes the two groups.

Lee is sent to the far side of the stage.  Michael is on the close side of the stage.  Casey is joining Lee.  Aaron is joining Michael.  Tim is joining Lee and Casey.  Andrew is in the group with Michael and Aaron. 

Unless something is really off, Andrew, Michael, and Aaron are the bottom 3.

Ellen agrees with me, and we are both right.

Not shocking so far.

I wish Tim was there instead of Michael or Andrew, but...

Out of their misery right off is Aaron, who rightfully should have been going home... blah.

Fast forwarding through Rhianna.

It's between Michael and Andrew.  Andrew is safe, and Forgettable Big Mike is singing for his life.  Ok, that's pretty close to shocking.

I don't think they'll save him, though.  He's singing This Woman's Work.  Good choice for song, but I think the save will be reserved for Siobahn or Crystal.  I don't know what it was about Michael, but he never moved me to vote for him.  As I've mentioned, I kept forgetting about him by the time it came to voting. 

Simon said that the frustrating thing is that they wish he had performed like he did just now last night. 

And HOLY CRAP, they saved him.  That shocked me.  Totally.

May Michael be more memorable in the future.  And may Crystal and Siobahn never face going home because he stayed...

What do you think?  Do you think they made the right decision?


JenFen said...

I 100% agree with you that as long as his staying doesn't mean Crystal or Shibon goes home before they should then yes, they made the right decision but personally I would have used the save for someone I thought could win it all, and as much as I like Big Mike, I don't see that in him.

And for the record, I disagreed with them saving Matt last year for the exact same reason and it all worked out(ie no one could have used the save MORE later on down the line).

Only time will tell

Jeanne said...

I figured they would use it since it was Mike. I agree with you Astrid, Mike is ok but I usually forget about him by the end of the night.

I miss your recaps of Amazing Race and Project Runway! Especially since some good stuff has been going on on both shows...